Archaeological News+

I am taking the lazy way this morning as I get ready to pack and leave. #1. An ancient burial containing chariots, gold artifacts and possible human sacrifices has been discovered by archaeologists in the country of Georgia, in the south Caucasus.  The burial site, which would've been intended for a chief, dates back … Continue reading Archaeological News+

Those ‘a-ha’ Moments

I am not traveling yet and have some time so I thought I would talk about one of those 'a-ha' moments Enns is trying to collect. I do not know how these scholars read the Bible at those times nor do I know in which language they read it in but for arguments sake, … Continue reading Those ‘a-ha’ Moments

Much To Talk About- 48

#1. Time off--  I will be taking a few days off as I have to go out of town for personal reasons.  I need the break anyways. #2. The Lawsuit, The Drama-- Joe is desperate to cast things that way so he can appear the victim rather than the perpetrator–of slander and defamation–which he … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 48

Archaeology, etc.

Time to take a break from the heavy topics and see what is happening around the world in archaeology. Archaeology is one field which secularists use to construct their historical and literary context. As we shall see it is a field vulnerable to speculation, manipulation and eisegesis. Much can be read into the evidence because … Continue reading Archaeology, etc.

Is There Such A Thing Called Liberal Christians?

That is what some people call themselves when they do not or cannot believe what the Bible says and pursue alternatives to the biblical record.  For me I do not go for the labels 'liberal' or 'conservative' because I side with God. You are either a believer or you are not. God wrote the Bible, … Continue reading Is There Such A Thing Called Liberal Christians?