What if it all is a lie?

As you approach the New Year and you are having doubts about Jesus, God, and the Bible, there is good news. There is far too much physical evidence for the reality of the Trinity and the Bible for there to be any other answer than they are real and the Bible is true. In spite … Continue reading What if it all is a lie?


Painting With a Broad brush

Maybe in the new year, we will find something else to write about and look for other websites to use. But currently, BG's website content provides a lot of material that needs to be used to teach believers what to watch out for when talking with atheists. His latest post says that we Christians are … Continue reading Painting With a Broad brush

What Harm is Being Done?

This topic comes in response to a news article about an ex-Mormon billionaire. It does not look like he changed faith and is a Christian. Given his support for LGBTQ organizations, he is still a sinner and not saved by grace. In this article, there is one comment he made that has us asking the … Continue reading What Harm is Being Done?

Atheists Say We Have Crazy Beliefs

One of the first things we are going to say is, if BG does not want to be disagreed with, he should stop putting his content out in public. He doesn't like it when we use his words as teaching moments and trashes us every time that we do. We wonder about him as he … Continue reading Atheists Say We Have Crazy Beliefs

Black Collar Crime

BG has this series over at his website. What purpose it serves is beyond any rational and logical thinking. It certainly is not going to change the behavior of those people he accuses nor will it stop anyone from committing the same acts. If he is trying to provide criticism against Christians and Christianity, he … Continue reading Black Collar Crime

Ravi Zacharias Update

We had wondered why his son's website was so silent. We do check there regularly to see if there is new information. Nothing had been posted for months. Today we checked and there was an explanation. But since we had stopped checking a while back, it had been there since Nov. We will quote the … Continue reading Ravi Zacharias Update

Establishment Clause & Christians

As we all know, many religious, especially Christian, activities are shut down due to the mythical separation of church and state. We say mythical because it is an imaginary clause that secularists use even though it is not really in the constitution. Though not explicitly stated in the First Amendment, the clause is often interpreted … Continue reading Establishment Clause & Christians

The Universe

**We posted this article at our sister website, theoarch.wordpress.com but felt it was important enough to post here as well -------------------------------------------- The secular world has strange ideas about our earth’s home. In the book Origins: Our Place in Hubble’s Universe seems to condense several of those strange ideas. One of those strange ideas is that … Continue reading The Universe