Just Archaeology- 8

#1. Maybe It Was Disease-- http://www.archaeology.org/news/2667-141029-chimu-skeleton-sacrifice Peruvian archaeologist Gabriel Prieto and John Verano of Tulane University have expanded the excavation of a site where the sacrificed remains of 42 children and 76 young llamas were found in 2011. “This is unusual, and not what we’ve seen before, especially on the coast of Peru,” Religion sells even … Continue reading Just Archaeology- 8

Slavery & The Christian

I do not pretend to be an expert on all the slavery issues facing Christians today but at least this post will be a place to start as one researches the issue. A good book that talks about slavery in one of its chapters is the one titled, The Politically Incorrect Guide To the Bible, … Continue reading Slavery & The Christian

Heresy- 3

After skipping ahead many pages this post will continue to look at Dr. Alister McGrath's book heresy. Again, I am just looking at the content of the quotes and am not applying their intent to Dr. McGrath's actual position on the subject. #1. ...there are no real grounds for supposing  that heresy was the outcome … Continue reading Heresy- 3

Much To Talk About- 75

I had planned to do a third post today because I needed to catch up from missing on Monday and there is a column that is important to draw people's attention to. #1. He Gets It-- http://www.christianpost.com/news/i-love-jesus-too-much-to-call-myself-a-gay-christian-128719/ There's a new kind of Gay Christian. Most of us are aware of the Justin Lees and the … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 75