Is It Ignorance

This is going to be a very long article as it will deal with the article on what Oklahoma is trying to do and that means that specifics about the theory of evolution need to be dealt with. it also means dealing with the views of the supporters of evolution as well. The information addressed … Continue reading Is It Ignorance


Why No Big Press Releases…

...when biblical scholars die? This is a lament often heard from J. West over at his website as he is jealous of the attention afforded celebrities when they pass on. He usually complains long and hard about the 'depravity' of America because they idolize movie, t.v. and singing stars yet give little notice when his … Continue reading Why No Big Press Releases…

Same-Sex Marriage Revisited

The news came out the other day that the Obama administration was going to support the fight for the legalization of this type of union: The Obama administration has taken another important step in its advocacy of same-sex marriage, weighing in on an important case to be heard in the US Supreme Court next … Continue reading Same-Sex Marriage Revisited

Evolution’s Impossible Problems

In reading the following website¬† several problems came to mind that evolutionists cannot overcome. #1. They cannot verify one claim they make: Oh, they can go to fruit flies and see different changes but those do not verify their claims. Fruit flies have nothing to do with transitional species or the so-called missing links. … Continue reading Evolution’s Impossible Problems

The Invisible War

It is an Oscar nominated film touching upon a very sensitive subject for some, horrifying for others. You can read about it here and I do not know how long the yahoo link will work We started to do additional research, and were amazed to find how many men and women had been sexually … Continue reading The Invisible War


I am a bit under the weather so I will be brief and do not know how consistent I will be in posting the next few days but I wanted to address the latest article in BAR and you can find it here: In the little piece offered at that link we find these … Continue reading Sodom….again

The Original Language

There are linguists and others who are searching for the original language that gave birth to all the languages of the world. They spend countless hours comparing technical details of each known language to see how they fit together and if they fit together with neighboring tongues. This show depicts part of that search and … Continue reading The Original Language

Christ & Mithras

Believers today constantly hear about how the Christian faith is so similar to ancient pre-Christ religions. Then they get inundated with the similarities which are then used to accuse the NT writers of copying those false beliefs and making Christ like many other ancient religious leaders. They also like to accuse the believer that their … Continue reading Christ & Mithras

Is It Magic?

The word 'magic' is used a lot by secular people to describe¬†God's power and biblical events but does the term actually describe God's power? I will look through one definition, found at Miriam-Webster's dictionary and see if that term can be used to describe what God possess and uses. The definition is taken from this … Continue reading Is It Magic?