An Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about my trouble with getting someone at Biblical Archaeology society to respond to my contact e-mails because my order had not arrived.  Well I finally posted a comment under one of their articles on their website, the one on how to spend 25,000 dollars. I wrote-- you should give … Continue reading An Update


A Photo Essay– South Korean Churches

I started blogging 3 years ago and though it was the middle of May when I presented my first post, I celebrate the anniversary on the 1st of the month.  I hope to do several of these photo essays to celebrate this milestone and will have more churches this weekend to put up here. This … Continue reading A Photo Essay– South Korean Churches

Preaching The Bible- Eating Meat Or Vegetarianism

. The beginning verses of this chapter provide us with so many changes to the new post-flood world and here is what they some of them say: And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. 2 The fear of you and the terror of you … Continue reading Preaching The Bible- Eating Meat Or Vegetarianism

Preaching The Bible- The Flood Passage

I do not need to regale you with another account of how the flood applies to today's world, so much has been written on this topic that it is pointless to expound on what everyone already knows almost everything about, even though debates remain on several issues mentioned in Genesis 6-9.  To start, I am … Continue reading Preaching The Bible- The Flood Passage

A Comment That Bothers Me

Under the Inspiration of the Bible 4 is a comment which I will quote here made by a guy who claims to be a Christian. It is a classic example of someone leaping to conclusions and assumption then using their own interpretation to make comments that answer their own interpretive results and not the words … Continue reading A Comment That Bothers Me


Throughout Bill Bryson's book, A Brief History of Everything, you can find all sorts of great tidbits of information that undermine the evolutionists and their argument. I just finished it and was led to 6 specific quotes that show how weak and unscientific the theory of evolution really is. The anti-creationist demands proof from the … Continue reading 5,000

Inspiration of the Bible- 4

This will be the last quotation of J C Ryle for this series. I find his words hit the nail on the head on this issue cutting through the waste of rhetoric that permeates the discussion. #1. Some object that there are occasional statements in the Bible which contradict the facts of history. Are these … Continue reading Inspiration of the Bible- 4

Inspiration of the Bible- 3

Time to continue the series quoting J C Ryle. He says it so much better than I. #1. The plain truth is that inspiration is a miracle, and, like all miracles, there is much about it which we cannot fully understand (pg. 24) #2. Nor must we confound it with the gifts and graces bestowed … Continue reading Inspiration of the Bible- 3

Women Authority & The Bible- 2

I decided to do a second post on this topic because there were some specific quotes that I wanted to address separately from the others. I am going to start with one that was taken from the list I compiled the other day, it is in 4 parts. #1. Through the exegetical and hermeneutical considerations … Continue reading Women Authority & The Bible- 2

Women Authority & the Bible

In reading the book of the same title, i became aware of a couple of points. First, the work was a very one-sided affair as most of those who provided a response to the main thesis agreed with the person they were responding to.  Opposing critical and constructive thought was absent from this book's pages … Continue reading Women Authority & the Bible