Persecution Brings New Meaning to Scriptures

Not every passage of scripture found in the Bible but a few key ones that many believers often ignore or misuse in order to enjoy this world as it is. These passages are all well known and teach us how we should view this world we live in. What sparked our attention, was not only … Continue reading Persecution Brings New Meaning to Scriptures

It is Not Just Preachers & Pastors

When we were in our teens our youth group had a church member speak to us one Friday night and even after all these years we remember his main point- "Be a student. Don't read just one book on a subject but read two" Of course, he was also meaning to read more than two. … Continue reading It is Not Just Preachers & Pastors

Was Jesus’ Home Discovered?

You may have already heard about this discovery - Jesus' possible home-  and if you have been a long term reader of this website, you know what we think of this claim already. A stone and mortar building under a convent in Nazareth, Israel, may have been Jesus’ home while under Joseph’s tutelage, according to … Continue reading Was Jesus’ Home Discovered?

Our Books Are Now At Amazon

It took a while to get done as Amazon rejected our other publisher’s attempts to list our books on this marketplace. Now you can enjoy our books through Amazon’s website. They are only available on Kindle right now. We will be working on adding a paperback version later this week but no promises. The last … Continue reading Our Books Are Now At Amazon