More food for thought

Many Christians are focused on the idea that no one is righteous. They point to the verse in Romans that says: as it is written: ‚ÄúThere is no righteous person, not even one; (3:10) However, that verse does not say that one cannot become righteous. Noah was found to be righteous: These are the records … Continue reading More food for thought


Ravi Zacharias Update

We do not check his son's website very often as it had been silent for quite some time. In fact, we forgot about it till we read this article, Former RZIM VP regrets not 'pushing harder' amid Ravi Zacharias scandal: 'I failed in many ways' at the Christian Post A former executive for Ravi Zacharias … Continue reading Ravi Zacharias Update

Some Sad News

Brother Andrew, the Dutch missionary known for his harrowing (and frequently miraculous) tales of illegally smuggling bibles into closed communist countries with his VW Beetle, has passed away at 94, according to his ministry page. (source) We read his book back when it was new. It was a great account of his activities One of … Continue reading Some Sad News

Food for Thought

Christians really should not use science to prove our origins. The reason for saying this is the fact that is that one, science is designed to look for natural answers, and two, it is designed to look for the best explanation. Using a tool that is not designed to investigate supernatural acts is foolhardy and … Continue reading Food for Thought

One More Thing

Everything we have taught here does not come from 'special revelation' nor does it come from any 'secrets of the Bible' ideology. It comes from hard work, lots of study, learning lessons from God, and being open to the truth. If one is open to learning from God then they can learn the exact same … Continue reading One More Thing

Faulty Assumptions

The Bible says to go for the truth. It never says to make assumptions or interpretations. Yet, both of the latter takes place all the time. For example, someone thought we were writing about ourselves in yesterday's article on forgiveness. The thought had not crossed our mind until we were about halfway through that this … Continue reading Faulty Assumptions

The Art of Forgiveness

This is probably one of the hardest acts a Christian can do. Almost as hard as an atheist deciding to use faith to believe in Jesus Christ and accept the Bible as true. The reason for that is it is hard to let offenses go. People have their reasons for not wanting to forgive. Sometimes … Continue reading The Art of Forgiveness

How Christian of You

That is one of the comments we got when another website quoted our post verbatim. It seems that to be a Christian in unbelievers' eyes, we must rubber stamp everything they say. According to their responses to that article, we are certainly not allowed critique what they say and call out their error-filled thinking. His … Continue reading How Christian of You