Ravi Zacharias Update

We do not check his son’s website very often as it had been silent for quite some time. In fact, we forgot about it till we read this article, Former RZIM VP regrets not ‘pushing harder’ amid Ravi Zacharias scandal: ‘I failed in many ways‘ at the Christian Post

A former executive for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries recently shared in a live panel discussion that she regrets not “pushing harder” when sexual abuse allegations against the late apologist Ravi Zacharias first emerged

All we can say is that she is trying to look good to whoever listens to her or reads her words.  And to her we say, Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone. As we read, we remembered his son’s website, Defending Ravi, and went to check it out.

We were happy to see an update on its website. We read what he wrote and agree with just about everything he said.

Unfortunately, because Dad is no longer here, our official options to clear his name are extremely limited. It’s been easy for people to assume that we have certain options at our disposal. We do not. Dad was denied due process, yet our system prevents us from more aggressively fighting it because of his absence. The whole thing, starting several years back, has successfully, and cruelly, navigated a series of cracks in the system that dishonest people can, and have, used to their advantage.

But we maintain that we have not found the evidence claimed in the report, nor any items/communications in other formats/belongings that would hint at any of this being true.

Another reason for not posting more about some of the nonsense out there is that I have not wanted this blog to become one of destruction. People often ask me what I have to say about the latest thing said by one of the opportunists born out of this situation. There are plenty of ways I could go after them and the high horse of cards from where they erroneously judge my Dad. Some of them have straight up lied and rewritten their own story at RZIM to change the things I, and others, WITNESSED them to say/do over the years.

The post goes on to list different points that we have also found when we were able to examine the evidence that we had access to. What that means is that the investigation was shoddy,  and was done to look spiritual even though it was not biblical.

The point we could not totally agree with was this one:

There was at least one very significant testimony defending Dad, from someone who had a unique and important vantage point of Dad’s behavior. In fact, you could argue that in recent years he had more eyewitness account of Dad’s travel life than anyone else. That person said they never witnessed anything that gave a hint of things like this, and they were disappointed to see that their testimony was not included in the report. A fair report would have included all sides related to the subject matter, not just what fit the narrative they wanted.

We do remember the report stating that there were some assistants traveling with Mr. Zacharias who did not see any behavior that remotely pointed to or gave evidence to support the allegations against Mr. Zacharias.

However, it was a one, throw-away line or paragraph that the authors of the report hastily moved on from. They didn’t give those testimonies a full hearing, any objectivity or honest examination.

I’ve shown that M&M manipulated at least one fact, taking it out of context (driving directions) and reporting it as an inappropriate one (massage directions). If they did that, why should we assume they didn’t do that with anything else?

We agree here and know it was more than just one instance where the law firm distorted, manipulated, and took out of context the bits and pieces of evidence they say prove Mr. Zacharias’ guilt.

The evidence hasn’t changed and there is nothing new that shows Mr. Zacharias being guilty of any of the charges. He was a victim of a kangaroo court and vigilante justice Christians know better than to perform those acts.