One More Thing

Everything we have taught here does not come from ‘special revelation’ nor does it come from any ‘secrets of the Bible’ ideology. It comes from hard work, lots of study, learning lessons from God, and being open to the truth.

If one is open to learning from God then they can learn the exact same things, go through the exact same lessons, and so on. One of the lessons to learn is that one bible verse does not contradict another.

They all work together and teach what God wants his creation to know and follow. Another key lesson to learn is not to put human definitions and meanings into God’s word. You need to learn what God means by those terms and how it is applied.

Putting human definitions into God’s word distorts what God is saying and leads the church to the wrong actions.

We have received different comments about the article on Forgiveness. It seems that there are those who do not understand biblical forgiveness and still want to impose their own human ideas on this concept.

They forget that Jesus gave unconditional forgiveness to the thief on the cross and many others. As we said Jesus set the example and people should study what Jesus did before leaping to conclusions.

One is not to use sin to get a solution to a perceived issue either. Jesus didn’t. Nor are they to use their own personal bias, emotions, preferences, and points of view. When we wrote about that man accused of sinful behavior, we did not say he was innocent nor did we defend him.

We said that forgiveness helps clear the eyes of investigators so that they could see what the truth is. We are not to go into investigations with blinded vision influenced by the lies some people tell.

As far as that church leader’s issue, so far it was a whistleblower who made the claims and we have not seen any evidence yet so we are not defending or accusing the man or taking the whistleblower’s word for it.

Some people commenting under the article have wondered why this whistleblower waited till 7 years after the man’s death to make his or her claims. It makes us wonder as well. Just because someone is accused of a horrific crime does not make them guilty nor does it mean that Christians have to take sides.

The Christian is to take God’s side in all these issues and go for the truth. They are also not to follow the counsel of the ungodly. One has to be careful about what is ‘supporting evidence’ Evidence is very vulnerable and is often manipulated because certain people want a specific result.

We remember when a Law enforcement DNA scientist faked DNA results to get convictions. The NY Times wrote an article on this problem as well. Christians have to be more honest than that and make sure they have God guiding them to the truth.

Then even if the person is proven to be guilty, we are still not to judge nor condemn that man or Mr. Zacharias and others who have been accused, etc. That is God’s domain only. We are to obey scripture as Billy Graham showed everyone how to do that when he visited Jim Bakker in prison.

It is just too bad that Mr. Bakker started to stray again. Read the story here. Providing forgiveness is not an easy thing to do and it takes Jesus-centered people to do it right. Finally, always stick to the truth.

The Bible tells us that unbelievers cannot do anything against the truth. It is not easy as anti-biblical sentiment is strong these days and you may not find much support from other Christians. They are afraid of what the world might say and do, so they compromise.

Compromise is not a biblical teaching either. But to NOT compromise, you need to make sure you have the truth and can apply it in the right biblical manner. Some people claim to have the truth but often the person they accuse is the one that has it and is never listened to.

This is why kangaroo courts and vigilante actions have taken place over the centuries. Too many innocent people have been harmed simply because an individual or group of people only want a certain result and they won’t rest until they get it.

That is sin and wrong. We know that form of justice has been active for centuries as that is what BLM, Antifa, democrats and cancel culture have been practicing in recent years. It bears repeating- when the worst offenders do not get justice, then no one has it.

BLM, etc., will need to be given true justice for their activities when someone finally gets the balls and starts arresting them for their crimes. But first, forgive them for it is the evil behind them that is causing these problems.

Do not read anything into these words because if you do, you are not reacting to what has been said but to what you want it to have said.