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Sexual Allegations 3

You may think we are spending too much time on this topic but there is just too much information to be covered in just 2 articles. Our source for this article will be the following link:

Let’s just get right to it.

Providing more details on the sexual misconduct case against Willow Creek Community Church founder Bill Hybels, former staffer Nancy Ortberg claimed that the woman who alleged a prolonged sexual affair with Hybels was suicidal

We have read the article and these supposed new details do not shed any more light on the problem. It may shed some light on the woman’s mental state but it does not help find the truth in the sexual allegation accusations or the guilt or innocence of Mr. Hybel. There may be many reasons for her suicidal state of mind, including the fact that her state of mind may have fabricated the whole affair.

Remember there are famous people who have stalkers who claim that a look by the star through a television screen was a silent communication of affection and desire to them. It is highly possible that the woman misunderstood what was transpiring between the two.

that the founder was allowed to continue counseling the woman even after the allegation was made.

This was probably a bad decision and poor judgment given the woman’s state of mind and the allegations made. Just because a pastor has a spiritual calling does not mean they always know what is best. They may know the woman but it would be best to recuse oneself and let another counselor step in and take over. Letting go has to be done by the pastor.

Ortberg, who served on the Board of the Willow Creek Association and on staff as teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church for nine years, decided to release the details two days after Hybels announced that he would retire, because she remains “deeply concerned about the process and church governance that brought us all to this point

She may be a former staff member but in reality, her concern has no place in the issue. All she is doing is making things worse by not presenting any real evidence and relying on generalities and non-issues to enflame the situation. She is distracting those involved not helping them.

Ortberg said she first heard the “disturbing story” in 2014 from Leanne Mellado, a former Willow Creek staffer, who said a good friend of hers had confided in her.

So Mrs. Ortberg heard a 3rd hand story and assumed that it was true, unembellished and without error? She does not conduct her own investigation to find out the facts but simply assumed the story was true because her female friend heard it from another female. This may sound harsh to you but it isn’t. Where are the facts? Where is the honesty? Where is the examnation of the accuser to see if she is mentally clear and that the story actually happened?

What we see here is an assumption based on nothing but the word of a female friend.

This story involved a fourteen-year sexual affair. After carrying this story on her own for over six months, Leanne made the Elders aware of these allegations, and I was sure a thorough and independent investigation would be done to find out the truth on behalf of the woman, the church, the Willow Creek Association, and Bill,” Ortberg said.

Now again, neither Mrs. Ortberg or Ms. Mellado did not conduct any investigation into the story but assumed it to be true. What they brought to the Elders was more like gossip not an actual violation of scripture or the law. They then passed the buck to the Elders ASSUMING the Elders would do as they wanted and come to the conclusion the two women wanted.

Yet they present no facts or evidence to back up their or the woman’s story. Then the fact that Ms. Mellado held on to the story for 6 months is also disturbing. Given the fact that she had professional duties, how does anyone know she recalled the story correctly and did not change any of the details? Where is the corroboration?

She then detailed the investigative process conducted by the elders of Willow Creek which her husband John Ortberg, senior pastor of the nearly 4,000-member Menlo Church in Menlo Park, California, previously dismissed as “poorly designed” and dangerous for the women involved.

Forgive us for sounding sexist here but how is it dangerous to women only? What about the fact that the situation may be dangeorus for men if an innocent man is punished for things he did not do? Sorry women, but you are not the only part of the issue that matters here. Then, Mr. Ortberg’s assessment is purely subjective and not without some bias.

What we are seeing here in this account is the fact that Mrs. Ortberg wants the Elders and other staff members to come to her pre-determined conclusion about the issue and act the way she wants them to act. We do not see any attempt at honesty on either side of the issue though we will give the benefit of the doubt to the elders at this time because we have not heard their side of the matter.

What we are seeing here is that Mr. Hybel is determined to be guilty simply because a woman complained and made accusations. That is not right in any honest court of law and it is not biblical either. While men are to protect their wives, they are not to sin in doing so and hurt innocent people. Neither are staff members of a church. They cannot let their bias take them away from God’s directions on how to handle spiritual matters.

In addition to everything we were learning, I and others on the Board of the Willow Creek Association grew deeply alarmed at Bill being allowed to continue in a counseling relationship with this woman who was suicidal, as well as the slipshod nature of the investigation and the overall lack of accountability in the Willow Creek culture,” she wrote.

The bold word provides the support for the immediately above words and for the following It is her opinion that the investigation was slipshod.  When people do not get the results they expect, they often criticize thse who came to a different conclusion. Was it slipshod? We do not know but since the woman recanted and said she lied, that does tend to cut short any investgation. Of course, another investigation could be conducted to see if she was pressured to recant and on it goes.

One thing that you should have noticed by now is that Mrs. Ortberg did not even consider Mr. Hybels side of the issue at all? She did not take into account that he may have been telling the truth. In her mind he was guilty and that is not biblical either. This is one of the main problems in these sexual allegation issues. Only the woman seems to be seen as telling the truth and the man is automatically lying & guilty.

On Tuesday, Hybels resigned months earlier than planned, while staunchly maintaining his innocence, explaining that the controversy has become a “distraction” to ministry work. He called some of the allegations “misleading” and others “entirely false.

We do not think he should have resigned early. But that is how we feel about that action. We do not see this as a sign of guilt or innocence though some may.

According to Ortberg, when Hybels was asked at a 2014 meeting with elders and Willow Creek Association Board members about two women who made allegations against him, “Bill characterized both of them as ‘having drinking problems,’ being ‘unstable’ and ‘stalking his family.’ I was the only person on either Board who knew the identities of both women, and I knew they were smart, kind, and diligent leaders,” Ortberg wrote.

The bold words do not provide any proof that the women may not have misinterpreted the words and actions. It also does not mean that those women may not have lied. Mrs. Ortberg may be turning a blind eye to the truth here but we cannot be sure. We are sure that her support of the women is not evidence or an indication of the motivation behind the two women and their accuations. Smart kind, diligent leaders err and are not immune to lying.

Ortberg, who is currently a founding partner of TeamWorx2, a business and leadership consulting firm, also recalled how she felt inappropriately touched by Hybels after a meeting with others in his hotel room on a mission trip to Tasmania.

Since she shed no real light on the issue and presented no real evidence to convince anyone to join her side, she falls back on an unsupported, subjective and individual act to make her case. Where is the evidence this happened and where does it show Mr. Hybel’s sexual intent? It is merely her word against his and something said out of desperation.

This is the problem with these sexual allegation issues. We have said it previously and we will say it again, these women have not presented any legitimate evidence or proof that the allegations are true. They rely merely on their word and have nothing to support what they have said. They are unwitnessed individual accounts.

We are not trying to be hard on women as these words apply to both men and women. You need real evidence to make a real case. Anything short of that only makes you look hate-filled, revengeful, vindictive, dishonest and many more negative characteristics. It also demonstrates that these people will not follow God’s instructions when these cases do not go their way.

You will also notice that Mrs.Ortberg did not use one scripture to back her up, although, and she may not admit it, she ignored many scriptures to ‘reveal’ these new details. God’s word applies to both sides of the issue and to all parties on those two sides.

We wonder why Mrs. Ortberg is saying anything to the press since she had nothing to reveal that proved the innocence or guilt of Mr. Hybel and nothing to show that the original complainant was telling the truth. You may think you have details but the media is not the place to reveal that information. If the information was credible, real evidence and so on, it should have been sent to the church and possibly law enforcement privately.

Going to the media is not a way to build credibility or make a case. It is also not a biblical way to act.


Sexual Allegations 2

The headline says it all

Former Willow Creek Leader Nancy Beach, Others Say Bill Hybels’ Resignation Is Not Enough

This is what undermines any credibility that the metoo movement and other sexual allegations accusers think they have. They are greedy and not content when they receive their desired result. They always want more. Here is what that former leader said:

Nancy Beach, Willow Creek Community Church’s first female teaching pastor said the resignation of the church’s founder, Bill Hybels, over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct is not enough to rectify the damage caused by his alleged actions as others in the church community called for more contrition and accountability.

How much is enough? Since the damage to the victim and the demand for contrition and accountability are all subjective where is the line drawn so these people will be satisfied with the action taken? The damage is subjective as it registers with different victims in different ways. Some know how to deal with the issue, others exaggerate it and still more apply drama to the problem.

Then the people like Ms. Beach thinks that justice is there to serve them and they get to dictate what is or isn’t just. They seem to think that they alone can determine when justice has been done. They seem to forget about God and that he is the one who created justice and it is his opinion only that matters when justice has been done. But these advocates tend to place themselves higher than God and demand more.

They are not for justice but their own idea of it which seems to include revenge, a lack of forgiveness and more punishment than is needed. These people use generic words like ‘damage’ to build the issue into more than it really is. Then since the word ‘alleged’ is used, they are demanding a penalty for crime that has not been committed. This is wrong. Until an actual crime has been committed and proven so through proper evidence and legal means, no punishment can be meted out.

This fact seems lost on those who want their pound of flesh

Hybels adamantly denied a number of the sexual misconduct allegations against him, which include a consensual affair with a married woman, who retracted her claims. The Tribune report also alleged a pattern of behavior against Hybels that includes suggestive comments, extended hugs, an unwanted kiss, and invitations to some of the women to hotel rooms. Investigations commissioned by the church, however, could not substantiate the allegations.

We understand the rejection of those unwanted touches. We do not like people touching us either, including church people. They weren’t invited to touch us and they have no right to do it. BUT that attitude does not give us the right to demand that the unwanted toucher lose their jobs, be made to pay penalties and so on. Because it happens to women does not alter that lack of right.

Part of the problem comes in when too many pastors and church leaders think that showing love to their congregation means touching them. This is not so. There is no call for men pastors to be hugging women who are not their wives or daughters. There are more constructive, more spiritual ways to show love. If you want to appeal to Jesus to defend those unwanted embraces, then please point to chapter and verse in the Bible showing everyone where Jesus actually did it or taught his disciples to do it.

The last we looked there are none.

There can be no healing until the truth is all brought into the light. I know you don’t want to hear this..

This is a loaded statement because the words are stating that healing depends on the okay of people not involved in the situation. It is also saying that the speaker will only accept a truth that they like. It is not that we do not want to hear it, it is the fact that those accusing Mr. Hybels are not willing to listen to the truth or accept the justice meted out. Whether either are wrong or not has not been established. It is merely Ms. Beach’s opinion that it hasn’t.

We do not like the idea that Ms. Beach thinks she is in charge of when healing takes place.

but there’s more to come. And we must not ignore the voices of these women or they will be abused all over again. Bill Hybels is not the victim here!” Beach declared.

Instead of making these types of statements, do an honest investigation and produce that real evidence. The opponents to Ms. Beach must be able to substantiate those pieces of evidence and make sure a crime was committed. They will not be abused all over again. That is part of the drama that comes when misguided people start distorting the issue to fit their ideas and ignore God’s.  They do not help the healing but keep the wounds open and festering.

Last night I heard no confession of deceit or admission of guilt for sexual misconduct. For the church and its leaders to move on there must be full ownership of what was sinful and flawed in the process

The last we looked, Mr. Hybels and the Willow Creek Church are not under the authority of Ms. Beach. She seems to place herself in a position she has no right to be. Whether she hears what she wants to hear or not does not matter.

The goal for me was never connected to Bill resigning. The goal is to usher in the truth, to reveal an abuse of power that spans over 30 years, with women who are scarred and in some cases, terrified to come forward,” she said

How does she know this? Where is her supporting documentation that this is taking place? Then why are not those women going to their husbands or fathers for help? Where is the evidence that this is taking place? It is not that women are not scared, just prove the accusation and statement with real evidence not innuendo.

He admitted to being sometimes naïve in his relations with others and noted some of his actions were misinterpreted.

This does happen. Pastors and church leaders can be very naive and do things they should not do. But the other side is also correct. Too many people misunderstand the action and apply their own ideas to what took place. Then they or others seek to penalize the supposed offender for something they have not done. They are being penalized for the mistaken thinking on the part of those who received the unwanted action.

In that brief analysis of Ms. Beach’s words, there is a common theme that resides throughout her statements. God and his ways are excluded. What matters to Ms. Beach is what Ms. Beach wants to see not what God wants to see. She does not address the issue with God’s help but does so on her own strength and ability. She is not applying any scripture to the issue to guide her words or demand for justice.

Christians cannot exclude God from any process for he alone knows the truth and he alone can reveal it, without the aid of a confession. He also knows what true justice is. What bothers people like Ms. Beach is that God’s justice may be different from their idea of it. Yes God has told us to be just but where do we learn what true justice is?

Certainly not from the secular world or other subjective human thought or theory. We learn what true justice is from God. When people like Ms. Beach do not include God in the process then do not expect true justice to take place. Men and women do not have separate forms of justice. There is not one rule or penalty for men and another for women.

As you read Rev. 20, you will see that all people, men, women and children, are judged the same. If we want to be a light unto a dark world, then we need to put down our own ideas of justice and learn from God what true justice is and how to practice it correctly. People like MS. Beach are not following God nor wanting true justice.

If you want to be heard and have credibility, then you cannot rely on personal subjective feelings or ideas. You need to use God’s objective standards under God’s guidance. One human’s idea of justice is not greater than another’s. They are all still subjective and human sourced.They do not have the support of the hly, incorruptible, honest God who created all things.



Willow Creek Church

If you read our previous post, you would have seen where we said we are not a fan of or a supporter of Mr. Hybels. We are also not a fan of Willow Creek Church either. It was not appropriate to deal with that topic within the context of the subject matter. We do not like what we see taking place. Whether the investigation was mishandled or not is none of our business and not what we are talking about.

Church investigations usually fall into two categories- not enough is done, little honesty is applied or they go overboard to show the unchurched world how spiritual the church can be. Neither serve God or the people involved well. But again, that is not the focus of this post. We will be taking our points from two sources:

We will deal with the obvious first in the first source:

#1. Heather Larson, the new lead pastor of Willow Creek,

There is no scriptural basis for this to take place. Not one woman in God’s kingdom violated God’s rules when mentioned about their roles in the church or other spiritual activities. God did not write his rules for church leadership because he had nothing better to do. He also did not write them so his followers could violate them. God’s rules are not meant to be broken.

#2.including an elder, Betty Schmidt, within a few months. Schmidt, who was an elder at Willow Creek for 30 years

The rules on elders are the same as the rules on pastors,approx. Women are not to be elders in the church or leaders of men. Read #1 again to get the reasoning for this rule. Also, when you look at how God appointed leaders to his temple in the OT you will see that women were excluded, like they are in the New, from church leadership.

God has a different role for women. God also does not call people to disobey his word.

The rest of the points come from the second souorce.

#3. We believe the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure

This idea flies in the face of biblical teaching where God said be ye in the world not of it. A church cannot be culturally relevant because it belongs to a different culture. It has different rules to follow and a different master to serve. It is also to be a light unto a dark world. The church cannot be that light if it is doing the exact same things as the unbelieving world does.

#4. We believe life-change happens best in community

This is not necessarily so. As we read the book of Acts, we do not see the teaching of having a community to facilitate spiritual evangelism. We see people doing things that the secular world did not do, as well as staying with the truth. But not this idea of modern community.

#5. We believe churches should be led by men and women with God-given leadership gifts.

See points #1 & 2 above. Women do have a ministry but church leadership is not one of them. God has outlined very clearly the role of women in the church and secular culture and opinion do not trump God.

#6. All who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are united with Him as members of His body, the one true church.

This is not true. The Bible is very clear that many who claim to be a follower of Christ will be rejected by Christ because he did not know them. Also to be a Christian one has to give up their sins and obey Jesus’ commands. Many people claiming to be of Christ do not do that.

These are just some of the specific examples pointing out why we are not a fan of or a supporter of Mr. Hybels and Willow Creek. Space does not allow us to get into some more specific details. We are not sure where they stand on creation, the flood and other important details of the Bible that must be accepted to be part of the kingdom of God.

Of course, since they have many pastors, elders and teachers, etc., on staff we are sure not all hold to erroneous doctrines like the ones cited above. We will give them the benefit of the doubt until evidence says otherwise.

The key is once you change the message of the Bible you are no longer representing the author of the Bible. You are representing your version of Him and that is a mistake. You are not calling people to the God of the Bible but your idea of who God is. Then you cannot expect unbelievers to repent and change their ways and start following God correctly when the church does not do it

Anyone can be part of a church, they can even start their own church but not every every church or Christian is part of the true church or representing God correctly.


Sexual Allegations

Whether it is found in the secular world, the metoo movement, or the church world we are not happy that certain accusers like to avoid following the rules of legal justice. The idea of using sexual allegations to mar the reputation or destroy the life of a famous people is not right. In recent months and possibly years unsubstantiated sexual allegations from 20 to 30 or more years ago are being used to get revenge on people.

In America and most western countries the accuser needs to have evidence to support their claim. So far not one woman has produced real evidence for the alleged episode. We have followed those stories because they have entered the spiritual world as well and now have entrapped Mr. Hybels.  We are not a fan or a supporter of Mr. Hybels but we do not like injustice no matter where it is done.

Saying something took place 20 or 30 years ago is not evidence. The Bible tells us

A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed. Deut. 19:15

Now some may say that, for example, Mr. Cosby has over 50 witnesses against him. Thus their allegations must be true. That is not so. What Mr. Cosby has is 50 individual witnesses for each individual account. There is no one backing up the stories of those women on each alleged incident. Telling a husband is not evidence or adding a witness because the women may be lying to her husband and protecting herself and he did not witness the event in question. The same goes for telling other people about the supposed event.

Getting revenge for a supposed bad sexual encounter is not biblical either. Revenge is God’s and the legal system was not set up so women have a sledgehammer to use to get back at those men who may have hurt them in some way. Or for the fact that the men did not perform sexually to the satisfaction of the woman or did not keep a promise. The legal system was set up so that everyone, rich or poor, could receive justice.

Then we have the problem where men and women of authority automatically believe the woman’s story just because she is a woman. This is not the right attitude to take because women are not immune from lying. They are also not immune from becoming false witnesses

Do not deliver me over to the desire of my adversaries, For false witnesses have risen against me, And such as breathe out violence. Ps. 27:12

There is nothing in that verse or similar ones that exclude women from being a false witness.

If you ever have witnessed a trial or been involved in one as a witness you know that in  America and other western countries, people are asked to swear to tell the truth. The legal system is supposed to work by being told the truth. That is why there are perjury laws. Lying to court officials is a crime. Even God has lets us know that only the truth matters

Then the king said to him, “How many times must I adjure you to speak to me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord? 1 Kings 22:16

I was very glad to find some of your children walking in truth, just as we have received commandment to do from the Father. 2 John 4

Without more witnesses in these sexual allegation cases how can anyone, including court officials, know what is the truth. Basically all these women have is their word against the man’s word. We do not care aboout the principle of ‘a woman’s honor’. Obviously that outdated notion is being used to harm possibly innocent men and pervert justice. It is also not a biblical teaching, since so many women have been recorded as sinning greatly against God in the Bible and in history.

Christians are not to take a woman’s account lightly and brush it off. Their stories need an honest investigation in order to find the truth of a matter. BUT nor should their words be blindly accepted and believed, especially if there is no physical evidence to support her account. If you recall the story of the Jewish man whose daughter-in-law disguised herself as a prostitute, etc., even she did not make an accusation without real physical evidence to support her story.

Sorry ladies but being traumatized, scared and afraid are not excuses to be believed and to support the failure to gather physical evidence.There has to be real evidence to make sure a crime has actually been committed. One person’s word is not good enough. 30 people’s words are not good enough unless they were actually witnesses to the same event in question.

We cannot allow for the perversion of justice because God explicitly told us to be just– Mich 6:8. It does not matter who is making the accusation justice must be preserved at all costs if we want to be in obedience to God. It also des not matter if the alleged crime is secular or spiritual. If pastors or church leaders are accused or commit a crime then justice must exhonerate or convict them. Not a single allegation from decades past.

What we have seen in this metoo and the attacks on men like Mr. Hybel is basically the Salem witch trials, communism and totalitarianism. It is not Chrstian, spiritual or of God. Those 3 examples should serve as sufficient evidence as to how far justice has fallen in the modern age. Those events and governing styles did not nor do not seek to be just. They seek excuses.

When you read the Bible and do a word study on the words justice, truth, witnesses etc., you will find that God has already laid out the procedure for how justice is to take place. Then when you read about the last judgment, you see God following his own rules

12 And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds Rev. 20

God uses real evidence to judge those who disobeyed him and rejected Jesus as their savior. We are not better than God.

Unfortunately, the world’s legal authorities and church leaders are not as holy and as incorruptible as God is. Injustice will occur and hurt many innocent people. Unless the church starts getting ocurageous and sets the right example. They have to set the right example first before raising their voices to the unchurched world and telling the blind, the deceived and the lost that they are in error.

The church has to obey God correctly if they want to make any impact on the lost world for God.


The Saddest Person

at the final judgment is probably not who you think it will be. God is often described by atheists and other non-believers as a sadistic, ego-maniac who lives to commit mass murder. But as believers already know, God does not fit that description. God does judge people for their sins, something that escapes the unbeliever when they view God. But that judgment is not done out of bloodlust or evil desires. It is done through holy righteous and loving thinking that is pure and not influenced by anything evil.

Here is what the Bible says about the last judgement:

Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose [g]presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them. 12 And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and [h]books were opened; and another [i]book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the [j]books, according to their deeds. 13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. 14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. 15 And if [k]anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.  (Revelation 20 NASB)

When people read this they think that God has a hard look on the people and beings he is judging. They may be thinking that God thinks like they do and is glad that the sinner is being sent to hell.Those same people may be extrapolating their human ideas to God. We would like to propose a different view here based on scripture and what we know of God.

The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 3:9 that God wants all men to be saved and this verse may help us to see that God may be the saddest person at the final judgment. Why would God be the saddest person? Because he is forced to send his creation to hell and destroy the earth and universe he created in the beginning. How do we come to this conclusion?

We just looked at people and life from God’s perspective. When we view God’s creation through his eyes we get a different picture of who God is and how he views sending humans to hell. Why would God be happy to send his created beings to a place of eternal torment? He took the time to make them like himself, he made them, gave them their knowledge, talents, abilities, desires and even  freedom to choose.

They are his beings and his alone. Why would he be happy to see them punished for eternity? To help you see this picture more clearly just think of being a parent. In the old days, when parents used to deliver their child’s punishment, they would say ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’.  Of course, the child does not agree with that assessment. But the child does not understand that a parent is hurt by the mere fact they have to inflict pain on the child they created.

Human parents only have to do it to 1-20 children. Now magnify that human feeling 20 billion times and more. We are not sure how many humans God will judge that day but his pain and sorrow will be greater than a human parent’s sadness and hurt. He has to send those who have rejected his son and his plan of salvation to eternal damnation. Then he has to send those who claimed to be Christian but were not truly believers to the same place.

It is hard to imagine that God will be happy when this judgment takes place. How can he be happy? He is sending his creation off to suffer forever.

Maybe this perspective of God will help change many Christians attitude about leaving earth. Too many believers want Jesus to come quickly because they cannot stand evil, they do not like crime and they want to be in paradise. They want to get on that first bus and get out of here.

It is a very selfish attitude

Those believers who think like that are not thinking about God feelings or desires. They are only thinking of their own. The believer needs to see the world from God’s perspective in order to change that selfish attitude. Right now there is just too much work to be done, too many souls to save and too many people to teach and make them strong disciples for Christ.

There are also too many hurting Christians who need help and healing.

This work cannot get done if God’s people are sitting in the pew wishing for the rapture to come and take them away from evil. They forget that they were once lost in sin, bound by evil and did much of the same things as those they wish to get away from. It is not God’s attitude or perspective they have. They also forget that those evil people are human and part of God’s creative work. They are people in need of a savior, in need of physical help, in need of spiritual freedom.

This applies to all from top government officials on down to the lowly garbage collector. God’s people needs to stop being selfish and start seeing the world from God’s perspective. Maybe then they will make the impact they need for God.

As it stands God will be the saddest person at the last judgment because he is sentencing too many people to eternal damnation




God’s Stewards Should Be Treated Better

We title this way not because we experienced much if not more of what these men experience but because pastors have been selected by God to watch over his people. This act alone should produce a better attitude towards those who give up pursuing other employment to serve as God’s steward.

So we post the following story and link to also honor those men who struggle with meeting their daily responsibilities. It should not happen. Church people tend to ignore the fact that the verse íf you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me’ does not exclude pastors or their wives. How you treat pastors shows how you treat Christ.

Honoring Small Church Pastors, Who Can’t Always Pay Their Bills on Time

It is a shame on the church, the denomination, the congegration to have their pastors suffer like this. God’s stewards should not have to hang their heads in shame when their reputations are marred by the lack of funds. The church should do everything they can to make sure that their pastor can hold his head up high and meet his financial responsibilities. He should be able to take care of his family properly, without worry.

How the church treats its pastor sends a very bad message to the unchurched world. Who would want to be part of an organization that sings that God has money yet turns around and withholds some of that money from God’s servant. If you are wondering why churches are not making an impact for Christ, one place to look is how the church is treating its pastor.

Now, this does not mean that the pastor is given a luxurious lifestyle. Nor does it mean the pastor is given whatever he wants. Biblical instruction apply to the salary and perks of the pastoral office. BUT those biblical instructions do not teach that the pastor is made to work under starvation wages or gven so little that they can’t take care of their families like God would want.

If you look at the Bible you see that God set the example and his priests did not suffer in his service. A glimpse at the family life of John the Baptist’s parents tells us that they did not suffer financially. But we are not going to read into any passages here. In the OT God gave instructions on the care of his priests and we do not see underpaying as part of those instructions.

Just because God is to be the inheritance of the priest does not mean the congregation has an excuse to underpay pastors. The Bible is not to be used to sin against God’s stewards. Pastors and their families have physical needs that need to be met. They would also like to save a little money in case of any problems or emergencies arise. And on it goes. Pastors and their wives are not slaves, they are not free worker to be abused by their congregations.

They are God’s steward and they deserve the respect that goes with that calling.

Obviously there are biblical exceptions here but that is a topic for another day. Suffice it to say that even when pastors act badly, they should not be deprived of a living salary till they are discharged from employment.

One thought that has come to mind as we write this.  It would be wonderful if the mega churches stopped spending a lot of their millions on frivolous things and put together a fund to help those pastors who do not receive enough of an income. The church in general should be setting the example of how to take care of one another instead of being an example of how to kill their wounded.

Pastors are God’s chosen people, and this is a men’s position only, they need to be treated like the Bible describes for they are not excluded from any verse found in the Bible. Loving your neighbor includes loving your pastor enough to financially support them correctly.


Some Things Cannot Be Corrected

Throughout the complaint, the plaintiffs insist that the sex on their birth certificates be “corrected.”

If you read the story, you will see that the arguments do not hold any weight. What makes them worse is that these arguments are not founded on real science but on the 1st ammendment. It is not that we are cherry picking our use of science in this issue. We have long stated that secular science does get some things right. God gave us the tool of science to understand what God did at creation when he spoke everything into existence.

God did not give us the tool of science to say he and the Bible were wrong. Those who do use science in that manner are usually deceived, misguided or misinformed. The arguments used by those lawyers and transgender people have no evidence to support them. Just look at the term ‘çorrected’.  That word implies that a mistake was made.

This is a major problem for the transgender because their gender identity goes by feeling, not by any hard evidence. There is evidence that a gender mistake was made at birth. To continue this line of thinking the transgender community would have to prove that there is a processs in existence that governs who is given which gender at birth. Then they would have to prove that there was a mistake made somewhere in that process. Tha is of course if they could figure out how that process truly works and define what a mistake is in that process.

So far no such proof has been offered by the transgender community. Nor can they show that gender assignment is arbitrarily done by some outside fallible source that is prone to make errors in their gender duties.  To be able to correct something, a mistake has to be actually found and clearly proven to be a mistake. That has not been done by the transgender community either.

They want to skip that evidence part because it gets in the way of their practicing their delusional beliefs. The only mistake that has been made is the supposed transgender believing there was a mistake made at birth.

The government’s position is therefore an infringement on their free speech rights guaranteed by the first Amendment, the lawsuit maintains.

The next mstake taking place is the idea that the 1st amendment  trumps factual record. So far no legal expert has been able to show that it does. Government records are governed by laws, not feelings. As far as our legal studies have shown us, the first amendment does not overrule official recording laws. There is no attempt to violate the free speech of transgender people by recording their actual gender.

This move is just the next step in deceiving themselves into thinking they are something other than the gender they were born as. They want government records to lie so they can continue acting like the fool and feel good about mutilating their bodies.

Lambda and the ACLU also argued that Ohio’s refusal amounts to an “ideological message” that gender is only based on the outward appearance of genitalia at birth and is something that never changes.

Another faulty argument by the transgender’s lawyer team. Oh and if you read up on the ACLu, they are only interested in rights not right and wrong or what is true. They do more to mess up this country than any other law firm. There is no ideological message being sent by Ohio by recording the actual birth gender on an official government document.

The document clearly states the truth of the birth. Their argument that the gender listed on the birth certificate is based on outward gentilia is preposperous because it ignores actual science and genetics. The outward genitilla is a result of the actual genes one has inside their bodies. It is also a result of the interior body parts that reside in specific genders.

A side not here- we are well aware of the issue of cisgenders. BUT cisgenders and other similar abnormalities are a result of the corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin. They demonstrate that gender issues are not immune to that corruption. It is not an indication of evolution in progress nor that some fallible msysterious process made an error.

Back to topic, in other words, outer genitilla does not determine the gender of a person. It goes deeper than that and includes genes, reproductive organs and much more. Gender identity is not based on feeling. It is based on actual fact.

In February, the group sued the state of Alabama for discrimination, contending that the state’s policy restricting access to driver’s licenses that “accurately reflect” gender identity for transgender people places them “at increased risk for violence and harassment.”

We should mention that when you tell the truth, no discrimination is taking place. By requiring that the truth be told on an official government document is not discriminating against someone. It is demonstrating the fact that the person complaining has a mental or other problem that requires professional counseling. The problem does not lie with the State but with those who reject their actual gender.

The only people putting themselves at risk for violence and harassment are the transgender themselves. They are publicly demonstrating that they reject reality, facts and the truth and continue to force people to accept their disturbed conclusions. No factual record is doing that to anyone. If anything those factual records are making the transgender face reality and that the responsibility for what happens to them is on their shoulers not the government’s.

There is more in that article but we will not address that here. What needs to be addressed is how this applies to the church in general. First, the church should not be siding or supporting the transgender agenda. Transgenderism is wrong, sin and not of God. While we treat the transgendered person according to biblical teaching, we do not support nor accept thir evil ways.

Second, the church should be supporting the government when they stand for the truth. They should not be helping transgenders undermine factual records. Third, the chrch should be helping the transgender face the truth about themselves and gender issues. The church should not be accepting any false arguments or teachings on this or any issue.

Fourth, the church should understand ‘rights’ and how they apply to all people and not just a few. It should also be aware that rights undermine morality, good and evil and right and wrong. Fifth, the chuch needs to use the whole Bible in its ministry and not cherry picked verses which leads Christians and churches to accept and adopt sinful behavior. Loving our neighbor does not mean we love and accept sin. Love does not keep people in their sins.

Finally, the church must stand correctly with God inspite of the backlash that may come from unbelievers. Unbelievers offer the church nothing but destruction. Their preferences do not help the church. The church is designed to help the unbeliever become free from their sins. The church follows God not the secular world.

The church needs to make a stand and be the light to the dark world. It cannotbe the light when thei rlight is darkened by their acceptance of sin.

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