Lies & Deceptions

{If you are looking for a post we wrote the other day, it is gone. This is a re-write of that post} That is what you will get when unbelievers 'quote' your words. They are not interested in the truth and they have no objective moral standard to guide them. Thus they will quote your … Continue reading Lies & Deceptions


“We Will Follow the Science”

Those are the words written by World Athletics in an article over at the Christian Post. The title of the article is "World Athletics considering stricter rules for biological men competing as women" That phrase is written in the following paragraph: "As we have always said all regulations are subject to review at any time," … Continue reading “We Will Follow the Science”

The Rise of Drag Queens, II

When people do not accept sin as God defines it, instead of addressing their sins, they attack the messenger. As if these attacks will change the message God has sent to the world. It won't, and while unbelievers cannot bully God, they do their best to attack, bully, and insult the messenger sent to provide … Continue reading The Rise of Drag Queens, II

You Do Not Need to be a Scientist

There is the idea that for anyone to discuss evolution one must have scientific degrees after their name. That concept comes from the unbelievers who think they get to set the rules for any debate on origins and life. The comments we are going to discuss come from this post- Evolution Played No Part in … Continue reading You Do Not Need to be a Scientist

The Rise of Drag Queens

Granted, the title is to get your attention but it does describe the current situation. For centuries, those who wanted to be in drag did not seek public attention or approval. Most people did not bother the drag queens because they kept to their little out-of-the-way venues and did not intrude on other people's rights … Continue reading The Rise of Drag Queens

Misc. Topics, Misc. Comments

We have been busy the past few days and have not had time to get to this website. To catch up, here are a few comments on different topics, some are points to ponder #1. Wyoming becomes 19th state to ban boys from competing in girls' sports We are glad more and more states are … Continue reading Misc. Topics, Misc. Comments

Right & Wrong, Not Rights

So many unbelievers are clamoring for their rights. They want to be able to practice whatever they prefer to do thus they keep saying 'we have the right...' Many nations in the world do provide certain rights to their citizens. Those declarations are not always fair and they are not always implemented fairly. At best … Continue reading Right & Wrong, Not Rights

The Absurdity of it All

Germany recently made accommodations for a 'transgendered person and the logic used in its argument is beyond absurd. We got wind of this by reading this article at the Christian Post- The world is losing its mind. Here's what Germany did The author of that article pointed out the absurdity in the following two quoted … Continue reading The Absurdity of it All

We Want To Thank…

The BG website. They are providing our Who Created Evolution post with a wider audience. That audience may ridicule and mock us but that is okay, seeds are being planted. What we got in return was this one remark: This has to be the dumbest question ever asked by a young earth creationist This must … Continue reading We Want To Thank…

It Is Not Crazy…

To believe that God created the universe and its contents as he said in Genesis 1, The alternatives are more far-fetched than the reality. According to Vince Vitale who co-authored the book Jesus Among Secular Gods with Ravi Zacharias, there are only 3 options available for the origin of this universe, etc. #1. God created … Continue reading It Is Not Crazy…