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We Interrupt…

our regularly scheduled archaeology series to make a comment or to on the Heritage Christian School controversy.

You have probably read the articles or heard about t on the news but here are two links to two stories on the issue:

It is also difficult to judge these disciplinary actions as so much information is left out of the news stories. People who jump on the different bandwagons attacking either party do so without knowing all the details.  Another factor is that those criticizing either party think their ideas on what scripture says is more important than those involved in the situation and they think their ideas are more important than God’s actual meaning of the bible verses they quote. This creates a bigger problem for both the school and the student involved in the mess. (And for the families involved as well.)

One thing that is demonstrated by those who take the student’s side is that they think that walking across the stage at graduation is more important than the rules that were broken.  They also think that act is more important than the student learning to keep her word. Whether you think Heritage’s punishment was over the top or not, there are more important issues here than a student walking cross a stage and one is, why should sin and rule breaking be rewarded?

The other problem that comes into play here is that this controversy is built on the fact that so many people who are not involved with Heritage or any students at the school are disagreeing with the way Heritage handles its own rules and discipline. To them we say– MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! Your disagreeing has no role in this problem and only muddies the water ruining the chance for true justice to take place. People are too quick these days,with the advent of the internet, to voice their opinions on matters that do not concern them. We have yet to find a scripture verse teaching followers of Christ to do that.

These nosy people forget that the love they want the school to show this student is telling them to give that same love to the school they disagree with. Hypocrisy never won any argument nor showed Christ’s love. If you want the school to change then practice your beliefs correctly and make sure they are in line with God and his intent for his word.Your interpretation does not matter. You got to have followed the HS to the truth , accepted it and implemented it in your life before you can speak one word.

In Korea, we used to tell those native English speakers who whined and complained about the Korea educational system to go out start their own school, make their own rules, recruit their own students and s on then implement their ideas to show that they are actually better than the Korean way.  No one ever took us up on that suggestion. We also make the same suggestion to those sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong in this situation. Go start your own Christian school, recruit your own students, make your own rules and show that your ideas are better than Heritage’s. If you don’t do that then SHUT UP.

You, not Heritage, are the ones not showing true Christianity especially by putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. Grace, love and Christianity do not reward sin or wrongdoing nor do they place walking across a stage in a more important role than repenting of one’s sin, realizing that they were wrong and that breaking their word is an important matter. She signed a statement and knew what she was signing, she has no excuse here and nor do those busybodies who think they know more than God and try to tell Heritage what to do. Heritage has the right and freedom to act as they think they should and they have committed no crime here– so back off. Your opinion is not greater than theirs.

If you want to see Christian based actions then apply it to your lives first. Remove your beams before trying to remove the splinters in Heritage’s vision.


Archaeology And… The Flood

This is a favorite topic of many believers but they re not fully aware of the problems that come when using archaeology to prove the flood took place. One of the first problems encounter is that they want to use the field of archaeology to help find the ark but that is an unrealistic objective.  One of the reasons for that is those explorers are looking for a needle in a haystack miracle. That miracle they want to have take place is for the ark to survive countless different weather and other natural events for approx. 5,000 years.

Archaeology is not in the miracle business and while God is, he didn’t promise that he would preserve the ark for modern people to use as evidence for the flood. A second problem that comes along when using archaeology to prove the flood is that even if the ark was discovered, how would anyone tie it to Noah? Noah may have built the first ark but there is nothing from  a 2nd, 3rd or even 100th from being built. In the last 10 years we have had 2 replicas built so who is to say that any number of ancient people did not do the same thing.

A third problem is that archaeology has no clue where Ararat is. It knows where the modern mountain that bears that name is but there is nothing anywhere that states that mountain is the Ararat referred to in the biblical pages. It is an assumption of the highest and misleading order. To pinpoint the real Ararat archaeology would need real specific information and none is forthcoming or hiding anywhere in the museums housing archaeological remains.Then if we do uncover some ancient mentioning of Ararat how do we verify that is the same location as the one the Bible is referring to? It could be but we have no hope of verifying it.

The the biggest problem for archaeology is that no one knows what the evidence for a global flood looks like.It was assumed that the flood layer would be uniform but that is unrealistic for no one can identify the evidence. They can draw conclusions, like the glaciers point to the fact that all the water did not disappear, or that the sunken villages and the hidden shorelines are a good clue but after 5,000 years and so on but with 5,000 years of weather, natural disasters wars, construction and so on, it is unrealistic to expect uniformity in the evidence.

These problems combine to point out the fact that archaeology is far too limited and missing far too much information to be an authority on the reality of the flood. It cannot make that determination and its members should not try. The flood involved forces that archaeology cannot study which makes that field not a good source for placing one’s faith. It is better to simply believe God instead of letting archaeology ruin your salvation and eternal home.


Archaeology and…


This is going to be a new series for this website. We are only publishing the introduction today and do not know how frequently we will place the following parts up on the board. It will be a 5 part series dealing with different biblical topics and how archaeology treats them The first part will b on the garden of Eden, the second on the flood, the third n the Exodus and with Patterns of Evidence people working on a new 1 hour series on the Exodus and Moses this should be a timely piece.

Then we are going to talk about Jonah for the fourth installment and finally we will look at the Bethlehem star. Although that subject is more for astronomy the same type of thinking applies.

We will have other series following this one and their regularity will depend upon our schedule. One key thing about archaeology and by extension science is that if the archaeology or science takes you away from the Bible or says that the Bible is wrong then there is something wrong with the archaeology or the science.

Neither field knows more than God and neither field is omniscient. Jesus said in John 5:46-7 that if you do not believe Moses how will you believe his words? Accepting and believing Genesis is important to one’s salvation. We cannot afford to dismiss its information.


Mid-Vacation Comments- 2

We are taking a break…really but we still see the newspapers and the website pages and responses do come to mind which we would rather post than postpone till we come back.

#1.Words We Now Hate-

These are words that are over-used and misused by the western public and by church people. Two new words added to our list are ‘gifted’ used by church people too often and ‘shaming’ used by almost every western journalist known to mankind. the term ‘shaming’ is tag-teamed with many other words like ‘body’, ‘fat’, and many others including now ‘lunch’;_ylc=X3oDMTFiN25laTRvBF9TAzIwMjM1MzgwNzUEaXRjAzEEc2VjA3NyY2hfcWEEc2xrA3NyY2h3ZWI-?p=lunch+shaming&fr=yfp-t&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

We do not know why so many people feel the need to be lazy when it comes to their English use but it gets annoying after a while.  Surely people can use better terms to describe what is taking place and in the case of ‘lunch shaming’ how about simply saying that the educators are wrong, mishandled the situation, bullies or some other descriptive term that fits the situation and accurately describes what is really going on.

As for the word ‘gifted’ why can’t church people simply say ‘some one gave us a trip? Or someone gave us some money? How hard is it to speak English well? Fads destroy a language and communication and people should not fall into the trap of taking the easy way for the easy way may lead to more problems instead of away from them. Clear communication is important especially in the church.

#2. Hair Today

You may ask ‘aren’t there more important issues to discuss than someone’s hair length?’  Yes and no. Disobedience in the small things of life are still disobedience and letting those go means we may be encouraging people to disobey in the larger aspects of life. Obedience is important in all areas of life. We are not sure how many times we have heard people say that white lies are okay but in reality and biblically, they are not. They are still lies and sin.

The Bible talks, in the OT, about women not having hair like a man’s and men not having hair like a woman’s. That verse still applies to today. men and women are to have different hair styles and while many people will disagree with us on this, God’s rules are not meant to be broken. There are exceptions of course but people should stop thinking they are free to do what they want once they become a Christian or a church leader. They are not given total freedom but have God’s rules to learn and obey.

When we enter God’s kingdom, we now have God’s rules to obey not the world’s or our own for we do not serve the world or ourselves anymore, we serve God. and his rules are important to our eternal destination. Even the cutting of one’s hair. You may find this nitpicky but we are set apart from the world and we need to start acting like it.

#3. The Bible Doesn’t Teach This-

If we look at the example given us in the book of Jonah, all people from the king on down to the lowest person had to individually repent. Representatives were not used. Then we must ask, why does Mrs. Lotz think she can ask forgiveness for sins committed by others? What Mrs. Lotz does not understand is that the people she is confessing for are still practicing those sins and nothing has been done to relieve America of the problems it faces.

People need to make their own calling and election sure, they cannot do that for anyone else and they cannot confess the sins of others. Christianity is not a cult. We do not baptize for the dead, we do not pray for the dead and we cannot ask forgiveness for anyone else’s sins but our own. Each person must repent of their own sins and ask for forgiveness from God. Christians need to get biblical teaching correct and apply it correctly to their lives or they are just wasting everybody’s time.

Jesus did not waste everyone’s time with ‘looking like a Savior’ and Christians need to stop ‘looking like a Christian’ and start being like Christ.

P.S. National Days of Prayer are not taught in the Bible also.


Believers & Churches Are TOO Immature

This is the conclusion we have come to over the years. As we leave for our vacation, it seems that topics keep coming to mind so we will post this little tidbit to close things out.

They are more bent on being part of a fad or some other distorted behavior than they are in getting things right. One fad that comes to mind and annoys us greatly is the badly used term ‘gifted’. It is not correct English and it is just annoying whenever we hear it. Another pet peeve that sends us a clue is the use of drums and worship teams in every service. While the Bible does not disallow their use, we have a problem when women are leading men and when the leaders are having their own private worship on stage and everyone else does not know what to do. There is no leading to worship or guiding the people just a person closing their eyes on stage and spiritually whacking off, for a lack of a better term.

Spiritually mature churches would take the time to teach their people how to do worship and services correctly, leaning not to their own understanding but bringing to the people what God wants them to know and how to apply that knowledge correctly. Worship, like church, is not a game and people in the church rarely understand what they are doing or why they are doing it.

We wonder if it is too late for the church in general to grow up and be real believers, someone God would be proud of to have as his child or better yet, be able to use for greater spiritual duties and objectives. Far too many believers do not want to grow up spiritually and that leaves God with a problem as evil has millions of people who are adults and who make mincemeat out of unprepared spiritually unfit believers. How can God win when believers refuse to learn, grow up spiritually and prepare for real spiritual duty?

When the church remains immature children it is no wonder God is not making an impact in this world. The people he has chosen to use are not doing their part and are getting defeated too easily by well prepared forces of evil. God doesn’t want us to pass the buck back to him when we face a spiritual problem or crisis, he wants us to learn how to handle them correctly so that we can grow spiritually.

We are letting God down, he is not letting us down.Churches need to grow up and mature if they want to make a dent in evil’s strongholds.


Getting Definitions Correct

Of course, after writing the lat post we come across a topic that needs some attention so we will make one more post before our break. The topic is found at the following link:

And the problem is not just found in reacting to how women dress or how women dress, both are the problem and when women do dress in a manner that exposes their bodies, they cannot really complain when others look at them in any undesirable manner. This is so when the attitude applied to the reactions are subjective, misguided and wrong.

One of the real problem s in this issue is the fact that terms like ‘sexual harassment’, ‘abuse’ and other provocative expressions are not clearly and objectively defined. When people get to apply their own subjective ideas to these terms then more problems arise causing a lot of pain, heartache and injustice to all involved.

We need to get to real definitions and not let anyone and everyone alter them to fit their pleasure. Part of this problem comes in when those in charge of litigation, judicial affairs and so on, allow for the subjective definitions to take precedence over the real objective meanings of the terms.People in charge need to be strong and brave and not give in to the will of individuals who cannot accept or apply those real definitions correctly.

We do not like the fact that Mr. O’Reilly and others have received in justice because some women cannot accept the fact that they need to dress modestly. We do not like the fact that people are fired first when other options are available that would bring true justice to the issue and solve the problem with fewer people being sent to the unemployment lines. Trying to please a group of people or defend an honor does not serve justice but personal objectives and that is wrong.

Dressing modestly in public is not just a woman’s issue. It is also the responsibility of the man to set the example and dress accordingly. The man should not be exposing boy parts best observed in private between a husband and his wife but since women are making this an issue and the victims are the men around them, then they need to realize that they have responsibility to learn the correct definitions of terms and correctly apply them to any given situation.

They also should take a look at how they are dressed and their motivation for dressing in that manner and see if they are not going too far. Then make the correct changes. Women, like men, are not to lead the other gender to sin. Women need to realize that they do NOT need to follow the worldly advice of looking sexy to get a man’s attention. They need to realize that if they want the attention of a man with quality then they need to dress a lot better and not attract the attention f a man who does not care about them and has less savory ideas in mind.

The Bible tells us to dress modestly, so that is the key. This does not mean, as one woman put in that article, putting on a burka. It does mean to cover up as one does not sin nor lead others to sin when the dress for work or play. Women who use the burka example are part of the problem as they are being unrealistic in their dress code demands and refuse to accept the correct definitions for the term ‘sexual harassment’ and want to apply their own ideas to the term.

These people want to rule others per se and do not want to humble themselves and accept the real definitions of specific terms. People have a hard time accepting justice especially when the terms of justice are not meeting their demands nor are as harsh as they would like.But then justice is not to please people or victims but has a different purpose in mind, one that brings order and repentance to society.As well as obeying God when people commit mistakes or crimes.

Women are not innocent in this issue and they must bear a lot of the responsibility when men do things they do not like. Sexual harassment is not always termination of employment worthy and believers need to do the hard work and make sure justice is applied to this issue even when women do not like how justice comes out.Making complaints is not to serve the purpose of getting revenge, something women do a lot and it is an attitude that needs to be erased for that is abusing the justice system for one’s personal vendetta. It is just as wrong as any crime.

Justice is fair and a two-way street and those accused need to have justice especially when they have done nothing wrong but look at a woman’s exposed body.


Believers 10

What was different she (Dorothy Chappell) explained is the broader context. We teach science from within a Christian worldview starting with the assumption that all truth is God’s truth. We believe there is a biblical truth- what we call special revelation– and there is natural truth or general revelation. Generally there is no conflict between the two. We do believe that God created the universe and that Adam and Eve  were the first humans, Chappell said, but we are agnostic as to how God did it– pg. 153

We will dissect this quote using specific terms

#1. Christian World View— not sure what hat is but if it does not contain the truth then it is not Christian. A believer cannot compromise their beliefs and once a person accepts alternative information, especially from secular sources, then they no longer have a Christian world view. They have a compromised view of the world.A Christian world view has to line up with the Bible or it is not of God.

#2. All Truth— It would be nice to know how she defines that category as scientific truth may not be truth at all. The same goes for natural truth.Processes may be considered natural truth but they are not true at all. The truth is found in the Bible not in nature for the Bible explains much of hat we see in nature. For example some people call homosexuality natural because individual animals are observed engaging in homosexual behavior. Their observation is false because those acts are the result of the corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin. Nature does not provide us with much truth, it provides us with more evidence proving the Bible true.

#3. Special Revelation— We know people like to label the Bible as special revelation but it is simply God revealing to us what was done in the past, our instructions from him how to live correctly and what God did in human history. The Bible provides us with the truth while human historical works rarely do. The latter are influenced by so many mitigating factors that one would be hard pressed to find the truth within their pages.

The same for science.If science disagrees with the Bible, it is not scientific truth or new revelation. It just means that the science is wrong and he scientists have made the error.Evolution has never existed so it cannot be part of God’s truth.

#4. Agnostic About How God Did It— No Believer should be taking this point of view. One, it demonstrates an acceptance of lies from secular science, and two, God already told us how he did it. We re not in the dark about his methodology.  Any acceptance of alternative ideas as to how God created everything means there is a compromise and people claiming to be Christian do not believe God and his words. This is not acceptable especially when you area church or Christian academic institution. Christians are to believe and proclaim what God said and what he said he did regardless of the opposition from the unchurched and unbelieving world.

Christians cannot afford to compromise for once they do they are advertising that they do not believe God anymore. You cannot have an impact on this world if you do not believe God.


{****This ends our Believers series}

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