Is Unity Obtainable 2

We are and have been reading part two of the unity series found at the following link The words of Ephesians 4:3 are inescapable. It says, "Making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace." We cannot live out Ephesians 4:3 apart from God's grace that we have … Continue reading Is Unity Obtainable 2


Youth Ministry 2

There was an article in the Christian Post this morning that is very disturbing to read. That is because it advocates making church youth vulnerable to the enemy while making them follow unbiblical teaching. The Biggest Discipleship Lie in Youth Ministry The article in question demonstrates how too much priority is placed on evangelism … Continue reading Youth Ministry 2

Is Unity Obtainable?

We are going to look at two articles in this session. They both speak on the idea of unity. The first is the first part of a two-part series Unite is a verb. When we unite, we can unite in the name of a cause or whatever our passion is. We see people unite … Continue reading Is Unity Obtainable?

A Unique Discovery 2

Mentioned in the previous post, here is an article on that discovery: An ancient 1,500-year-old "magical papyrus" discovered near a pyramid in Egypt addresses the Bible's God as the God of an Egyptian deity, and refers to the test of faith Abraham faced when asked to sacrifice his son. Written in Coptic at a … Continue reading A Unique Discovery 2

A Unique Discovery

You may have heard about it already but here it is again: Fragments of the Bible have been discovered for the first time ever hidden behind an eighth century Quran, or Islamic holy text, a French scholar has revealed. "And what's even more fascinating is it's on top of passages from the Old Testament. … Continue reading A Unique Discovery

News stories you should be praying about

There are serious issues Christians and churches are facing. They may not affect you now, but that does not matter. We need to pray regardless even if the issue does not touch our lives.We will only be giving snippets here so please click on the links to get the full story. Also, these requests should … Continue reading News stories you should be praying about

The Biblical Framework Of Race

It seems some pastors want to have their names in the news. So they speak about controversial topics and make sure the news media hears about it. That seems to be the case for the pastor who is the subject of the following article: Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, … Continue reading The Biblical Framework Of Race

Youth Ministry

We have indirectly talked about youth ministries in the past. But we doubt we have directly focused articles on that ministry. We are sure we were hard on youth pastors and we probably will be again. Why? Because most of  them are not properly trained nor have the correct attitude. These two issues are a … Continue reading Youth Ministry