An Interview With Yigael Yadin

I mentioned a book I owned, Scholars on Record by Hershel Shanks, and one chapter is a reprint of his interview with the Israeli archaeologist. I am going to copy and paste different answers Mr. Yadin gave as they contain some good insights to biblical archaeology. I will probably only quote one question asked by … Continue reading An Interview With Yigael Yadin


Archaeology: A Tool Of Convenience

When someone doesn't want to believe a story or event in the Bible they often turn to the defensive statement, "archaeology hasn't proven that true' or something similar.  Most people tend to use the field of archaeology as a great escape from the truth often citing how archaeologists have not discovered any physical evidence to … Continue reading Archaeology: A Tool Of Convenience

What I Find Interesting– A Postscript

I alluded to James McGrath at the end of the previous post and I should point out some reasons why I did so. Here is a post found at his website which provides excellent reasons why you do not listen to him and why he is being deceived: I don’t think that any view … Continue reading What I Find Interesting– A Postscript

What I Find Interesting…

is that a bunch of fallible, sinful, mistake-prone people can tell the holy, infallible, sinless, error-proof Jesus how to use the OT.  An example of this is found over at Peter Enns' website What’s interesting here is that Jesus says “the scripture cannot be annulled” but he seems bend the particular scripture in question, … Continue reading What I Find Interesting…

Where Did Life Come From?

I am still reading the book Genes, Giants, Monsters & Men by Joseph P. Farrell and if you can get past his left-field theories you can find some very interesting information in its pages. There are some statistics on DNA that is worth repeating here but that will wait for another time. On page 130 … Continue reading Where Did Life Come From?

The Hidden Elite

That is the main theme behind the book Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men by Joseph P. Farrell. It is an interesting book, well written and it contains some wonderful information about the ancient people. The moment he brought up his 'hidden elite and their agenda' the whole premise lost credibility. It is difficult to know … Continue reading The Hidden Elite

Much To Talk About- 8

This time it isn't just blogs but also books as some authors asked questions that need answering. #1. Joel Watts- If one is to be less than hypocritical in the gay-marriage debate, then said one should refer to Thomas Aquinas and natural law as the only avenue to argue against gay marriage. It is … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 8

Getting Perspective

Like millions of other children I watched the Brady bunch t.v. show growing up. It was a cute show that gave so many people a different perspective on family life. I am not going to make a case that it contained Christian principles and draw numerous analogies between that show and biblical teachings. Many of … Continue reading Getting Perspective