The Cure is Not From Science

This short article is based on the few words we found in the title "Believe in science:" EU kicks off COVID-19 vaccine campaign" No matter what is said about the vaccine, science did not create it. And it won't be science that keeps people from getting the disease. We have encountered that type of thinking … Continue reading The Cure is Not From Science


Church Attendance

Many pastors sweat and worry about who is or isn't attending church. Some may even base their success or failure as a pastor on how many people make their church their spiritual home. We are not going to guess at the reasons why church attendance is so important to many pastors and church members. there … Continue reading Church Attendance

The Preacher & the Sheep

Preaching has changed over the years, maybe that is due to the change in how people look at the office of preacher in the modern church. It is hard to say. We know of one church in the eastern United States who years ago was advertising for a new pastor and the keywords in the … Continue reading The Preacher & the Sheep

Preaching Covid

It is often hard to avoid preaching the current fad or trending thought, especially when the latter has to do with safety issues during this pandemic. The growing wave of people who join the chorus often gets the truth pushed aside and hidden from view. To illustrate our point the article, Europe's Christmas dilemma: risk … Continue reading Preaching Covid

Pastors & Controversial Issues 2

This is just an added part to the previous post sparked by the news article found at this link. There are hurting people involved in these different controversial issues and they do not need judging, condemnation, or rejection. We are to use compassion, wisdom, understanding, knowledge and the book of Proverbs has 21 verses talking … Continue reading Pastors & Controversial Issues 2

Pastors & Controversial issues

It is not easy being a pastor in the modern age but take heart nothing is new under the sun. That means that Jesus and his disciples also faced the same problems you are going through today. While some people like to redesign the ancient world's homosexual, LGBTQ, issues into something it wasn't, the same … Continue reading Pastors & Controversial issues

Our Books on Amazon 2

With the kind help of Amazon Kindle people, it looks like many of the issues we mentioned earlier have been resolved. Thanks to Amazon for responding to our post. Feel free to buy our books through that outlet but those prices are not the sale prices. If you want to save a few dollars, you … Continue reading Our Books on Amazon 2

Why Are There Liberals in the Pulpit

We got this idea, I believe by a quick scan of different headlines, and one blog title came up. We won't be discussing that blog found here, but the question in the title. To start we will address our own experience when we were on an internship over 40 years ago. The internship was part … Continue reading Why Are There Liberals in the Pulpit

Our Books on Amazon

While we have listed our books on Amazon Kindle, we are not very satisfied or happy with their system. Their treatment of authors is not that great and they make it difficult for authors to receive full royalty payments. This is done through several ways: #1. they limited the number of countries that receive direct … Continue reading Our Books on Amazon