Are you mad at God

With the news continuously updating the world on the progression of the Coronavirus-19 are you becoming angry at God? Is the reason because the virus exists or that a loved one has contracted the diseases and is suffering right now or has died from its destructive work? Do you wish God removed suffering from this … Continue reading Are you mad at God


Why the CV-19 Virus is so risky

In my research on the CV-19 virus I have found that even though the infection and death rate of other contagious diseases are higher than this one, the reason for the panic is that this is a new strain of a virus. Being new, it means that no one has any immunity to the disease … Continue reading Why the CV-19 Virus is so risky

What is the Future of Biblical Archaeology

Its a good question In his article Distinguished Lecture in Archaeology: Communication and the future of American Archaeology Jeremy A. Sabloff posed a similar question but framed it in the words ‘Will American archaeology survive in the twenty-first century?’ His answer to his own question was of course it will. He was not so sure … Continue reading What is the Future of Biblical Archaeology

Archaeology is Blind to the Past

Without a time machine Science cannot truly see into the past. The relics it relies upon to create a picture of the world’s history are mere artifacts that are vulnerable to modern human speculation (Williams & Hartnett, 2005) This doesn’t only hold true for astronomy but for the other sciences as well, including archaeology. Most … Continue reading Archaeology is Blind to the Past

Archaeology terms, definitions & comments 2

There are numerous terms that archaeologists use and some of them get overused too much. In today's article we will look at a couple of those terms and then the definition of the term archaeologist   #1. temple- a building used for the worship of a god or gods in some religions (Cambridge dict.) This … Continue reading Archaeology terms, definitions & comments 2

Archaeology terms, definitions & comments

We have been publishing archaeological articles for years on this website yet it is doubtful that we have put up a glossary of terms. We are going to do so today and add a few comments under some of the terms for a better perspective on their use. There is no particular order to these … Continue reading Archaeology terms, definitions & comments

The Ipuwer Papyrus & the Christian

Many people do not care When it comes to history and archaeology there is a lack of caring about what the ancients did and when they wrote their masterful works. These people have a lot more on their minds than what ancient people put down on ‘paper’. Whether they admit to it or not, the … Continue reading The Ipuwer Papyrus & the Christian

The Hyksos Period

There are always mysteries  Archaeology may solve some problems the Christian world needs answered about the Bible but due to its limited nature that field of research cannot answer them all. One of those mysteries concerns the the identity of the Hyksos. According to most Egyptologists and other archaeologists, the Hyksos were invaders of Egypt … Continue reading The Hyksos Period

Bart Ehrman Has Written Again 2

Having done some more reading in Dr. Ehrman's book that we wrote about several days ago, we came across an argument that should be discussed in some detail. The argument comes between pages 189 and 193 and we will quote from those pages then respond to Dr. Ehrman's words. He bases his argument on the … Continue reading Bart Ehrman Has Written Again 2

Archaeology isn’t a Magic wand

The internet is full of websites that are authored by or allow former ministers and missionaries to join. If you go to these and read their stories you will find a number of different reasons why these Christian leaders lost their faith The same happens to scholars and archaeologists. many have lost their faith because … Continue reading Archaeology isn’t a Magic wand