Are you mad at God

With the news continuously updating the world on the progression of the Coronavirus-19 are you becoming angry at God? Is the reason because the virus exists or that a loved one has contracted the diseases and is suffering right now or has died from its destructive work? Do you wish God removed suffering from this … Continue reading Are you mad at God

Why the CV-19 Virus is so risky

In my research on the CV-19 virus I have found that even though the infection and death rate of other contagious diseases are higher than this one, the reason for the panic is that this is a new strain of a virus. Being new, it means that no one has any immunity to the disease … Continue reading Why the CV-19 Virus is so risky

What is the Future of Biblical Archaeology

Its a good question In his article Distinguished Lecture in Archaeology: Communication and the future of American Archaeology Jeremy A. Sabloff posed a similar question but framed it in the words ‘Will American archaeology survive in the twenty-first century?’ His answer to his own question was of course it will. He was not so sure … Continue reading What is the Future of Biblical Archaeology

Archaeology is Blind to the Past

Without a time machine Science cannot truly see into the past. The relics it relies upon to create a picture of the world’s history are mere artifacts that are vulnerable to modern human speculation (Williams & Hartnett, 2005) This doesn’t only hold true for astronomy but for the other sciences as well, including archaeology. Most … Continue reading Archaeology is Blind to the Past

Archaeology terms, definitions & comments 2

There are numerous terms that archaeologists use and some of them get overused too much. In today's article we will look at a couple of those terms and then the definition of the term archaeologist   #1. temple- a building used for the worship of a god or gods in some religions (Cambridge dict.) This … Continue reading Archaeology terms, definitions & comments 2