Ancient Games and Toys

I hope the link continues to work because it leads one to a site on ancient board games and toys. If you are interested in researching ancient toys and games here is a place to start;;_ylt=AmgxjcP1.ubDpk9XcaCw5qSevZx4?fr=yfp-t-622-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=ancient%20toys%20and%20games


No Historical Foundation

Can be found to support the Homosexual community's (HC) demand for entry into the institution of Marriage. In this article I will post the laws of some of the more ancient societies that have existed to show that same-sex marriage did not enjoy any acceptance in those nations. There will be a link then a … Continue reading No Historical Foundation

We Have God

A couple of points will be discussed in this article. The first comes from a reply to my Same Sex Marriage Revisited article of February 24th 5) The homosexuals ALSO have God. The same God that created you also created me, for his purpose. Weird to see a “religious” complaint about something God put in … Continue reading We Have God


It seems to be Robert Cargill week here at this website as he is providing some great material to respond to. Here is his latest outburst Come on folks. It’s time to stand up and be heard on this issue. Marriage equality for same-sex couples is now before the Supreme Court. Stand up and … Continue reading Pray

Where Are You …

When it comes to evolution. Robert Cargill has posted a graph of different religious beliefs and their acceptance of evolution. The graph may include religious groups but it leaves out one important one--Christian. If you say you believe God, Jesus and the Bible then you cannot accept or believe that evolution is correct. You would … Continue reading Where Are You …

Observations From The Blind

Saw this over at Bob Cargill's site Listening to people argue about religion is often like watching two drunks argue about which is the best sports team, with two glaring differences: drunks can bring actual evidence in the form of measurable statistics to back up their arguments, and drunks can prove their teams exist. … Continue reading Observations From The Blind

Special Needs

This page was created for a simple purpose—to draw attention to some needs and obstacles facing North Korean escapees. When they leave their country, their journey to the south is perilous and full of uncertainty. It is not that the South Korean government cannot help these people but with 50,000,000 people of its own there … Continue reading Special Needs

A High Standard

I was listening to an old Billy Graham televised sermon over at youtube  and he was talking about who is Jesus and n that sermon he was talking about how he could not say that he did not sin because his wife and friends would immediately jump up and say that was a lie. … Continue reading A High Standard