Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This was a man who was very popular during our undergrad days. We heard a lot about him and read his book The Cost of Discipleship. The book is great but one has to be careful of elevating different men to high status within the Christian world. What brings Mr. Bonhoeffer to mind today is … Continue reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer

An Observation Or Two

We have been reading the book Genome by Matt Ridley again. We liked it the first time because it provided a lot of information about genes and how they work. This time around, while we still get the same information our point of view is a little different. First, we have become convinced that the … Continue reading An Observation Or Two

Archaeological Reality

The video we are linking to is quite interesting and provides a lot of food for thought. But this video is not the main topic for this post. There is a comment we found underneath it that provides some insight into the reality of Archaeology and its research We will quote the comment in its … Continue reading Archaeological Reality

They See the Evidence

yet they do not believe or accept the Bible. Here is a video, a bit long, by Graham Hancock on ancient societies and catastrophes. Click here to get to the video. If you have read our e-book on Noah's flood you would know that we have used the information uncovered by Mr. Hancock to help … Continue reading They See the Evidence

Old Comments, Old Arguments

We were reminded of a website that made us the focal point of two of their posts. Both posts were written four years ago but the arguments mentioned in the comments are still valid today when one seeks the truth over scientific discovery and theory. First, we will look at the comments underneath the post … Continue reading Old Comments, Old Arguments