A Bit of Trivia

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, one of the earliest uses of fingerprinting for purposes of identification dates to ancient Babylon, about 4,300 years ago, when merchants used fingerprints on clay tablets to finalize business transactions. The first use of fingerprints for forensic purposes in police investigations dates to 1892, when Juan Vucetich, an Argentine … Continue reading A Bit of Trivia


Answering a Theologian

There was an interesting article in the Christian Post this morning. It was called "Is the pandemic God’s judgment? America has 10 reasons to think so, argues theologian". It is a favorite pastime of many people claiming to be Christian to label one disease, one natural disaster or other tragic events as a judgment from … Continue reading Answering a Theologian

New Website!!!

We have moved all items for sale over to our new sister website. You can see it by clicking on this link https://theoarch.wordpress.com/   We have added in our Korean English curriculum so if you know of anyone who teaches English to Koreans and need some more material let them know about our website please. Our … Continue reading New Website!!!

Archaeological Pet Peeves

#1.  https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/ One of the first pet peeves we have has to deal with the Biblical Archaeology Society. if you haven't heard. Hershal Shanks has retired and enjoying his later years without the pressure of publishing the magazine or heading up the organization. What bothers us is that he selected an atheist to take over. … Continue reading Archaeological Pet Peeves

Top 10 Discoveries of 2019

For biblical archaeology that is. The list and contents that we will post here come from the Christianity Today article found at this link https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2019/december/biblical-archaeologys-top-10-discoveries-of-2019.html The credit is all theirs and we are just posting the content to make sure more people read about what archaeologists have uncovered in the past year 10) Philistines had … Continue reading Top 10 Discoveries of 2019