We Are NOT Embarrassed

I was notified of a couple of posts the other day concerning the honesty of a couple biblical explorers who did not find what they had hoped to find when they did their archaeological dig in the Holy land. The author of the posts was actually giving them their due for being ‘honest’.

You can read the details here in the posts authored by minimalist, he has a quote from Wm. Dever in the first one and a blurb about Callaway in the second immediately following: http://atheistforums.org/thread-10260-post-327759.html#pid327759

The issue for this post is in the following quote  also found in the posts mentioned above:

“Apparently, theological embarrassment is more important to fundies than truth.”

The thing is, we are NOT embarrassed if an archaeological investigation reveals nothing of a person, city, town or whatever that is identified in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t instruct believers to follow the archaeological record for God knew and we all know now that the archaeological record is missing about 95% of the information and structures that once existed in the past.

This disparity is outlined quite well by Kenneth A. Kitchen in his book, The Bible In Its World. The first chapter deals exclusively with archaeology and the minute amounts of information it recovers. We do not recover very much and a lot of ideas are mere speculation of what might have been.

In R. K. Harrison’s book (and other works on the ancient Egyptians) we learn that the ancient Egyptians altered their history to look better for future generations. This is one reason why we do not find any mentioning of the Israelite sojourn in their land.

Not finding any ‘evidence’ for the biblical record is not an embarrassment  because of the reality. In one of the posts mentioned above, the lost city of Ai is discussed and how they could not find any remains at the selected site. Well, we know the reality. Ai was destroyed by Joshua, what remains would there be?

Then with the invasions of the Babylonians, the Assyrians, The Greeks, and the Romans, not to forget the Arabs, and given the timeline of approx. 3,000 years, I would say it would be unrealistic and impractical to expect to find anything remaining at the biblical location for Ai.

Modern science and archaeology still cannot find any trace of Roanoke and that existed a mere 400 years ago approx. and there were no invasions by multiple armies bent on destroying what they found. How do archaeologists expect to find Ai,especially since there are no ‘welcome to Ai’ signs lying in the dirt?

{To read up on Roanoke click here: http://historicmysteries.com/lost-colony-of-roanoke}

The other important issue is, believing the Bible is not a game where evidence plays a role. it is a decision between belief and unbelief. We either believe God and His word or we do not. The demand for evidence demonstrates unbelief, just as doubting Thomas exampled when the other disciples told him Jesus had risen from the dead.

The use of faith and trust that God told us the truth demonstrates belief and love for God. 1 Cor. 13 tells us that love believes all things so if we love God, we believe His words without demanding any proof.

That is the key. The unbelieving world wants evidence but even if we produced evidence, there is no guarantee that the unbeliever will accept it and repent. In fact, I have usually found the opposite action. In presenting what physical evidence we do have for the biblical record I have seen unbelievers dismiss it without consideration, demand more or simply deny it is evidence.

We believers do not play by secular people’s’ rules. We go by God’s and God has said faith is part of the equation. We will never get enough physical evidence to meet anybody’s demand because most has already been destroyed, either by natural means or man created ones. it doesn’t exist anymore thus a person is left with simple faith.

A choice has to be made to believe God or not regardless of what evidence there is for or against the biblical record. We cannot provide any evidence for heaven, the new Jerusalem or even the Garden of Eden as those locations need faith to believe they exist or existed. Thus the call or demand for evidence by unbelievers is merely a hoax as they want an excuse to not believe. They refuse to play by God’s rules .

The believer must stop playing by secular man’s rules and follow God’s. Faith will always be part of the equation which is why we are NOT embarrassed by the lack of physical evidence. God doesn’t require it for salvation or eternal life.


What About God?

This is a question Dr. McGrath posted over at his website and it was accompanied by a video detailing some christian students transition from believing creation to accepting and believing evolution. You can view the video here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/

The question, if asked by an open-minded and serious person, is a good one. If they aren’t then the true believer is just wasting  their time, except maybe to plant a seed.  But let’s look at this issue rationally and logically.

We won’t be addressing the secular version’s idea about God because he doesn’t exist in their theory. They simply have a simple life form magically appearing on earth and developing the diversity of plant, animal and human life we see today and it was done randomly.

We will look at the theistic evolutionists (TE)and progressive creationists’ (PC)idea of God together as there really isn’t much difference between the two theories. Both take secular science over God’s word and then try to marry biblical ideas they like to the theory. It is an attempt by alternative thinkers to creation to have their cake and eat it too.

Their idea of God is this Supreme Being who possess immense and awesome power who has always lived and always will live, who rules over all things, and much more YET opts to ‘create’ life via a one-celled life form and take millions of years, plus allowing death and sin to be present from the beginning. Then, this version of God decides to mislead and lie to his very own creation by saying He did one thing but actually did another.

God wants those very human creations to follow and worship Him but He seems to have little respect for them and is incapable of providing the truth to them.  What the TEs and PCs have done is made the sinless, infallible, all-powerful God into a fallible, sinful weak being, no greater than the creation He wants to have worship Him.

Who in their right mind would follow and worship such a God? Who would want to follow and worship a Being that sinned and lied? Maybe He is lying about salvation as well? Logically and rationally, the TE and PC idea of God makes no sense and they have removed all hope from people’s lives as they have demoted God to human levels. He isn’t even  God.

The creationist idea of God is as the Bible describes Him. Sinless, infallible, all-powerful and He puts it on display by creating a vast universe and all the diversity we see simply by speaking. Then He records what he actually did and tells His creation the truth, so we can have confidence in His words recorded everywhere else in the Bible. We can then trust His words on His plan of salvation and look to Christ for forgiveness of sins and have hope for our lives.

What we learn from God’s display of His power at creation is that we are protected, He is stronger than anyone else; He can avenge us when we are persecuted; He is in control of all things because His demonstration proves he is master of all.

We can go on about what we learn about God at creation which we cannot learn via the TE and PC versions of origins but this is not the time to be redundant. The Bible records for us already what we need to know about God.

What does this mean for the believer who have children in public schools and universities that teach evolution? It means that any alternative to the creation account destroys God and renders him less than or equal to sinful humans and that their children need to not listen to their teachers who teach such things.

Too many believing children are tempted by the lies of secular science. They are told that they are ‘doing science’ if they do it in disobedience to God. They are told that evolution has all the evidence and creation has none. Both statements are untrue. creation in fact has all the evidence and evolution has zero.

They are told that those who believe in creation are ignorant of science and do not know what they are talking about. That is untrue as well, as we have the truth with the Bible and the evolutionist only has assumption, conjecture, speculation and hypothesis. They have no truth, no facts, no verification.

I do not want to rehash all the different points I have made, not only here but also at www.dakotascba.com so I encourage you to search both sites to get more details on how to prepare your students for unbelieving teachers and professors. Science is not the authority we are called to follow or listen to. God and Jesus are and their words trump any scientist’s because the scientist is a fallible human being subject to the corruption and sin that entered into the world at Adam’s sin and they do lie.

Jesus was talking about heaven to His disciples one day and he makes the statement: ‘if it were not so, I would have told you.’ The same statement works for creation. If God did not create as He said in Genesis, and throughout the Bible, then Jesus would have told us. He would not have told men who rejected Him and dismissed His words.

Logically and rationally, creation as recorded in Genesis is the only option for origins for it gives us a powerful and mighty God who is above all things. Any other version removes God and gives us nothing.

Two Questions

I listened to a video posted by Dr. Mcgrath over at his website, found here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2012/08/evolution-what-about-god.html

Except for Ken Ham the ‘christians’ depicted in the video are mislead and misinformed. They have been turned from their faith and have accepted the lie of evolution.

The really sad part is that their turning comes at the hand of supposed christian pastors and professors in christian colleges and seminaries.

If supposed christian leaders do not believe God’s word, how can we expect children to believe it?  But that is not one of the two questions this post is about.

The questions come from seeing so many people claiming to be christian follow after the lies told by evolution supporters. The first one is

1. Where did God or Jesus give permission to follow after those who do not believe?

Darwin rejected God, saying his supposed conversion did not take, thus he would be one of the deceived Paul wrote about in 2 Timothy.  He would also be one of those who did not have the Spirit of Truth provided to believers to guide them to the truth, spoken about in John 14. He would not have the Holy Spirit to guide him as he was not a believer-John 16.

So why would any believer want to accept his words? Darwin would not be telling the truth because he does not have it. They do so, because they are lead to disobey God by those they are told to trust.

2. Where did both God and Jesus teach or give permission to follow science over their words?

Both of them called to people and said ‘Follow me’. Jesus went as far as to say in John 5:45-7 that if you do not believe what Moses wrote how will you accept my words? 

There is no permission to use secular science to study origins because God has already said how it was accomplished. Science is a tool to learn about what God did NOT how He did it or when.

We need to address health issues, so we need to learn how the bodies of humans, animals and plants work. We need to understand how growth or photosynthesis works, thus we can use true science to learn about those functions.

But at no time can true science be used for origins because origins is not a scientific issue nor within its scope. The delusion being taught all students is that they are ‘doing science’ when they pursue evolutionary thought.

They aren’t; for evolution is not scientific and no scientific experiment has been conducted that can be called evolutionary. The evolutionary scientist doesn’t even use the original conditions or ingredients to draw their conclusions. It is all a charade and far from real scientific work.

The people in the pews in the churches need to have their eyes put back on God and removed from the lies that comes from secular science and its adherents.

Christian schools need to stop disobeying God and remove the lie of evolution from their curriculum. We are to teach the truth instead of saying that God lied and mislead His followers.

The secular world, the evolutionist, of all varieties, does not have the truth and we are not to follow them. We are to shed light on the secular world and show them their errors, even in science, but we cannot do that if we accept their teachings because thir science and scientists say so.

God’s Rules

Over at Roger Pearse’s website he has posted an article on what is bad scholarship, http://www.roger-pearse.com/weblog/2012/08/29/what-is-bad-scholarship/

and he lists his idea of the criteria that has to be met for someone’s work to be considered good scholarship. Some of his points are quite good but they do not take into account what God wants and has taught.

For the believer, we do not need to follow secular man’s rules when they go against God and His wishes. Being an archaeologist, a biblical scholar or theologian does not make that person an authority others have to obey or even listen to, especially when they teach things not of God.

God has His own criteria for proclaiming His word and will to all. #1. Do not lie. This is something God does not like and liars go to hell just like rapists do. Believers are to tell the truth no matter what, though being tactful is a wise move.

Jesus speaks of the truth quite a bit and He even said ‘if heaven were not as I spoke then I would tell you.’ In other words, Jesus did not lie nor misrepresent  to us so believers must do the work and get to the truth and tell that to others; regardless of the fact if it meets secular human scholarly human rules.

#2. God said,’He who is not with me is against me’, that means for the believer they must make sure their words line up with God’s and that they do not accept anyone else’s words if they go against what God has said in the Bible.

It doesn’t matter if they are ‘experts’, scientists, or scholars, etc.,  if their words go against God’s then those people are wrong NOT God, NOT the Bible, NOT the disciples and most certainly NOT Jesus.

Jesus said we shall know the truth thus we seek the truth not an opinion nor an interpretation. Interpretation, even by experts, is not necessarily the truth but someone’s best guess. We are not called to find the best interpretation or even to follow it, we are called to follow Jesus and He spoke the truth. So must we after we follow the Holy Spirit to it.

#3. Proverbs continually tells us to get wisdom and understanding. These two elements of thought are very important when trying to discern between good and bad scholarship and truth and error. They also help us grasp what others are trying to say and allows us to see if those words are correct or not, or the product of mature or immature believers.

Without wisdom and understanding it is easy to assume the wrong idea, leap to false conclusions and speculate way too much. These two elements of God’s rules, help us to stay on right path and leads us to correct ourselves and others when we or they stray.

#4. John 16:12-16 makes this very clear. Those words are not just for the disciples or the ancient world but they are for believers today. If they weren’t then how would we ever get to fulfill Jesus’ words or understand them. How could we preach the gospel if we did not have access to the truth?

John 14: 15-17 tells us that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and Jesus has sent Him to us to help us. The passage also says that the unbeliever cannot receive Him  because they do not see nor knows Him. That tells us that the unbelieving world are not the people we listen to. They do not have the truth.

Finally, John 5:45-47 tells us that believing the words of Moses (including Genesis 1) is criteria for believing Jesus’ words. If we do not believe God’s word in Genesis, how can we believe God’s word in John 3:16? Doubt and unbelief already exist in a person’s life and it doesn’t go away if a person rejects one part of the Bible but accepts another.

What this means is, that God’s criteria includes belief in Genesis as well as the good parts of the NT. Believers are to follow God’s rules not man’s, even in academia.

Archaeological News

Haven’t done much archaeology lately as there really hasn’t been much going on. This post will take from the ASOR blogs weekly roundups so people can get an overview of what has been happening during many of this season’s digs.