We Are NOT Embarrassed

I was notified of a couple of posts the other day concerning the honesty of a couple biblical explorers who did not find what they had hoped to find when they did their archaeological dig in the Holy land. The author of the posts was actually giving them their due for being 'honest'. You can read … Continue reading We Are NOT Embarrassed


What About God?

This is a question Dr. McGrath posted over at his website and it was accompanied by a video detailing some christian students transition from believing creation to accepting and believing evolution. You can view the video here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ The question, if asked by an open-minded and serious person, is a good one. If they aren't … Continue reading What About God?

Two Questions

I listened to a video posted by Dr. Mcgrath over at his website, found here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2012/08/evolution-what-about-god.html Except for Ken Ham the 'christians' depicted in the video are mislead and misinformed. They have been turned from their faith and have accepted the lie of evolution. The really sad part is that their turning comes at the … Continue reading Two Questions

God’s Rules

Over at Roger Pearse's website he has posted an article on what is bad scholarship, http://www.roger-pearse.com/weblog/2012/08/29/what-is-bad-scholarship/ and he lists his idea of the criteria that has to be met for someone's work to be considered good scholarship. Some of his points are quite good but they do not take into account what God wants and … Continue reading God’s Rules

Archaeological News

Haven't done much archaeology lately as there really hasn't been much going on. This post will take from the ASOR blogs weekly roundups so people can get an overview of what has been happening during many of this season's digs. http://asorblog.org/?p=2895 http://asorblog.org/?p=2867 http://asorblog.org/?p=2810 http://asorblog.org/?p=2768  

Logical and Rational Thinking

Many people who do not accept the Genesis account of the global flood always make the remark that there is no evidence to support it.  They claim that any geological evidence discovered supports another form of developement for the landscape we enjoy today. Their thinking does not seem logical or rational as it relies upon … Continue reading Logical and Rational Thinking

The Writing of the Gospels

I was glancing through the Tabor blog, when I read the following article: http://jamestabor.com/2012/08/25/the-strange-ending-of-the-gospel-of-mark-and-why-it-makes-all-the-difference/ Secular scholars, and sadly many 'christian' ones, would have you believe several things about the writing of the gospels. First, they want you to believe that they know which Gospel was written first. They do not know. There is nothing anywhere … Continue reading The Writing of the Gospels

The Failure of Zero Tolerance

We hear these words over and over in today's society as more and more organizations are adopting this type of policy to deal with different behaviors by students or employees. people are getting tired of bad or criminal behavior and instead of taking the hard, correct route in dealing with such, they have opted for … Continue reading The Failure of Zero Tolerance

The Important Lessons of Creation

The secular world would have the Christian world believe that the age of the earth and universe is an important piece of information. It isn't. Their focus on the earth's age is simply a distraction from the real lessons God wants us to learn. The following is a list of lessons that trump the secular world's … Continue reading The Important Lessons of Creation