Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This was a man who was very popular during our undergrad days. We heard a lot about him and read his book The Cost of Discipleship. The book is great but one has to be careful of elevating different men to high status within the Christian world. What brings Mr. Bonhoeffer to mind today is … Continue reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In All Aspects of Life

We are reading a nice book called  Where Has Integrity Gone and the author, Simon Schrook, laments about how the world had turned dishonest. We did experience a world that was vastly different than it is now. Like the author, we experienced where a handshake meant something more than hello. We could leave doors unlocked … Continue reading In All Aspects of Life


We read this story this morning Juneteenth becomes 12th federal holiday and wondered if it was necessary. It is not that we are against freeing slaves it is just that slavery still exists and has not been wiped out. Should we be commemorating an action done by 1 nation 160 years ago when the world … Continue reading Juneteenth

Misc. Comments

We will address different articles and make short comments on them, with one being an actual comment that will be used for teaching purposes. #1.Tulsa pastors honor 'holy ground' 100 years after massacre Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. One thing we know, pastors should not speak for God. Everywhere we have read in … Continue reading Misc. Comments