Dead Sea Scroll Puzzle (?) Some interesting news. But some words of advice. Never ask an archaeologist what something means, as you can see, they rarely know. The general aim of encryption in Qumran is not entirely clear," Ratzon and Ben-Dov wrote. "It generally seems that encryption was a means of conveying prestige to the initiated but not a … Continue reading Dead Sea Scroll Puzzle (?)

When You Do Christianity Right

Sorry for the delay in posting. This is an annotated version of the sermon we gave yesterday Our God-led inspiration for this sermon came from an article that talked about how Christianity is the most persecuted religious faith in the world. There is a reason for that status. Only true Christianity is of God and … Continue reading When You Do Christianity Right

Topics That Deserve Comment

As a Christian website, we do not turn a blind eye when other believers do things that cause an eyebrow or two to be raised. It is not that we are perfect. Instead, these people usually have gone too far in their words or behavior to not say something. We strive to make our comments … Continue reading Topics That Deserve Comment

Why We Study History 4

In this article we will not get as academic as the previous one. We will use common knowledge  only to mke a point about why the location of Tall- El-Hamman is not the biblical Sodom. Long-term readers will know that we have dealt on this subject before. They will also know that we used to … Continue reading Why We Study History 4