A Deserving Winner & Some Thoughts

Remembering and honoring those who served, fought and continued to serve and still have something positive to society in general





Watch in order from top to bottom to get the full effect of what he did

What I have observed over the years is that there is a large segment of any society who desire the love, dedication, and commitment that soldier has for his wife. They all want it, yet they are unwilling to do the work needed to receive those positive characteristics. There are a few who do, but many of the few who do attempt doing the work, do so with ulterior motives . They seek some sort of reward for their behavior. These people do not understand that to receive such rewards their behavior must be done out of honesty and love

As I was listening to that soldier and doing a little research on his story, I began to think about how so many of us live in corrupt societies where evil and sin seem so overwhelming. Everywhere we turn we see evidence of corruption, lawbreaking and so on. Then I was reminded of Jesus’ words that doing good overcomes evil. The overwhelming power of sin and evil is no match for the simplicity of doing what is right, as long as those actions are armed with honesty and love, If you are not sure what love is here are links to two articles on the topic

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The title is Why I do not celebrate gay pride and it is well reasoned content with 3 very good points. One excerpt is pasted below

From their perspective, I can understand how unchristian my position seems, how bigoted, how biased, how primitive.

After all, they would be quick to point out, there are gay parents who are more devoted to their kids than some straight parents.

There are transgender men and women who are kind, gentle, caring souls.

There are people all across the LGBT spectrum who help the poor, who care for the oppressed, who love the loveless, who are outstanding bosses or employees or friends or neighbors.

Why shouldn’t all of us celebrate gay (or, LGBT) pride?

For me, there are three major reasons, and none of them have anything to do with hatred or fear.

First, I do not accept the categories of LGBT as fixed and definite categories, worthy of special recognition.

Take a few moments to capture the points Dr. Brown is making by reading his full article at that website