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  1. Insulting someone only ruins the credibility of the person doing the insulting. Under the subjective definition of oppression any rule, regulation or law would be deemed oppressive because it limits the freedom of one group of people or another.

    Those who categorize my views as oppressive are only opening the door to anarchy where anyone can do what they want, when they want. I already live in a society where that takes place and what one sees is not pretty nor is it a functioning construction society.

    A woman’s body is not an excuse to eliminate laws, rules or deprive store owners or other members of society their rights. Sacrifices must be made if society is going to be coherent, constructive and safe for all. Sin, right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality must be objectively defined and the boundaries clearly laid out so that all in a given society know what the rules are and can live by them.

    You do not change those boundaries just because someone disagrees with them. You will notice that God defines those boundaries in the Bible and you do not see him changing them when someone in every era does not agree with them. It is the people that have to humble themselves, see that they are wrong, then repent of their errors and correct them so that their lives and thinking are in line with biblical teaching.

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