An Update

30 Apr

A few weeks ago I wrote about my trouble with getting someone at Biblical Archaeology society to respond to my contact e-mails because my order had not arrived.  Well I finally posted a comment under one of their articles on their website, the one on how to spend 25,000 dollars. I wrote– you should give it to me  and then went on to describe the situation and their 2 month silence.

Well it wasn’t long after I did that that I got an e-mail from a person named Robin saying they had read my post and asked me what was going on. I told him or her (not sure which gender) what was what and they said they would check. Well to make a long story short, I got daily e-mails from Robin updating me on what was going on and it turned out my order never made it past Chicago.

They are sending me a new order, hopefully it will get here during the month of May and as a bonus they are giving me a book I wanted for free. Even though it took two months to get their attention at least they are being upstanding about what went wrong.

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