Removing History 2

Christians should not be surprised that BLM, liberals and similar groups of people are tearing down statues and other reminders of history. These acts have along history and Hitler was not the first to hold a book burning

One of the first targets of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi organization were books. This began in 1933, shortly after Hitler seized power in Germany. He ordered leaders of the regime to confiscate and destroy any literature deemed subversive to the National Socialist agenda.

Statutes and portraits may not be books but as some comments made under the articles, describing the destruction of those works of art, have wondered this may be only be the start of the purge of history and books and libraries may be next.

The purge of items of art that can’t defend themselves can easily be seen as removing anything that is deemed subversive to the liberal and leftists agenda. It is a cowardly move not a courageous one.

But as noted earlier Hitler was not the first to have a book burning and it seems he won’t be the last as less than 10 corporations own almost all media outlets including publishing houses {Read the Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian, the latest edition we only have the 3rd but know more editions exist}.

Book censoring can be seen as a form of book burning. Hitler may have gotten the idea to burn books from a 19th century book burning, also taking place in Germany.

The May 1933 book burning in Nazi Germany had a precedent in nineteenth century Germany. In 1817, German student associations (Burschenschaften) chose the 300th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses to hold a festival at the Wartburg, a castle in Thuringia where Luther had sought sanctuary after his excommunication. The students, demonstrating for a unified country—Germany was then a patchwork of states—burned anti-national and reactionary texts and literature which the students viewed as “Un-German.”

The modern example may have been set by Hitler but it has also been used by more recent groups, Muslims, who seem to hate anything that disagrees with their religion

When al-Qaida Islamists invaded Mali, and then Timbuktu in 2012, among their targets were priceless manuscripts—books that needed to be burned. But the damage could’ve been much worse if not for men like Abdel Kader Haidara, who risked their lives to protect the medieval works. He and others succeeded in smuggling out 350,000 manuscripts, proving not only how much the books were valued, but also the lengths to which ordinary people were willing to go to save them. It was a remarkable victory in the long history of books threatened by would-be arsonists—and a relatively rare one at that.

We got the idea for writing this article through reading  the coffee table book China : A History in Art by Bradley Smith & Wan-go Weng. Or we should say God used that book to give us the idea. On page 60 we read the following:

Following the rigid precepts of the legalists,Prime Minister LI Ssu induced the emperor to issue the most unpopular edict in Chinese history. He decreed the burning of most of the great books of the past.

Violating the decree meant possible execution. Here is the extent of the attitude towards using books of the past to criticize the then present:

Those who dare to talk to each other about the Book of Odes, The Book of History should be executed and their bodies exposed in the market place. Anyone referring to the past to criticize the present should, together with all the members of his family, be put to death…

That is the extreme that so many people go to when they do not follow God’s justice. We see another form of this extreme attitude when people are terminated from their places of employment for minor violations, some happening 10 to 20 years ago.

Termination should be the last resort after proper discipline and punishment have been used up. When punishing someone, the goal is to bring them to repentance not causing them to cease to exist.

People have complained about these tactics today and there is historical precedence for that as well:

In Livy’s History of Rome, finished in the 1st century A.D., he describes past rulers who ordered books containing the predictions of oracles and details about celebrations like the Bacchanalia be outlawed and burned to prevent disorder and the spread of foreign customs; philosophers Giordano Bruno and Jan Hus both took positions counter to the Catholic church, the former for his work on Copernican cosmology, the latter for attacking church practices like indulgences. Scholar Hans J. Hillerbrand writes that the executioner charged with killing heretics like Bruno and Hus was often the same person who put flame to their books.

It is a never ending battle as those who consider other people’s opposition as subversive never end. As believers in Christ, we do not agree with the removal of statues, portraits and corporate icons, for lack of a better term,simply because one does not like the activities associated with them.

We feel those actions are cowardly as well. If you cannot learn history correctly and use it as it should be used, as lessons for what not to do in your lifetime, then you should not be calling yourself educated, or leading people to a better way of living.

God uses history to teach us many things. The Old Testament is in the modern Bible because there are many lessons and instructions we need to learn from and apply to our lives. There are also examples God leaves us to as warnings for what happens to those who disobey those instructions. Jude says:

And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after [a]strange flesh, are exhibited as an [b]example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire.

There are other examples, many of which the unbeliever ignore and wrongly use to call God a homicidal maniac or genocidal monster. Those people have no clue what justice is nor what actions should or should not be punished.

Christians need to listen to those examples and warn the rest of the population about the destruction that will come. Even if  no one listens, the Christian needs to spread the word. remember Noah preached for 120 years and got no converts.

That does not mean his message or methods were weak. It means that the people he was speaking to loved evil more than good. There was a news article in the Christian Post this morning titled “Hundreds of churches, thousands of Christians protest racism, call for reforms at ‘March on Atlanta

We wonder if they knew what they were doing as racism is only a term used to describe hatred of other people. The church should know that there is no such thing as racism, God said it first and science has confirmed that fact.

Instead of waiting for unbelievers to start the protests against the problem and then the church jumps aboard the bandwagon, usually to show people how current they are, the church should be the one talking about different problems and leading the way to solve them.

The unbelievers are not going to go to Jesus and give God the glory when the secular government handles their problems in a weak human manner. If the church wants to make an impact for God and turn people’s  to Jesus then they need to follow God’s leading LONG BEFORE the unbelievers start doing the very same thing they are protesting against.

The Church and the Christian act first even when the message is not popular. As long as the message is of God and implemented his way then it will be right. Sadly too many ‘Christians’ invoke God’s name and ‘message’ when it is not of him.

The Church nor the Christian is not to lead in violating scriptures as the Bible repeatedly says obey the government even if you do not like what they do. You cannot love your neighbour when you are attacking some of your neighbours for crimes they have not committed.

Those neighbours include government officials, police officers, the poor, the innocent no matter what color their skin is. “Lean not to thy own understanding…” trust God as he knows what will win souls for him and heal the nation.


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