Minding One’s Own Business

This is getting far more difficult to do these days. far too many people post their personal business on the internet basically every minute of the day. It can be very difficult to not comment when people put personal stuff in the public sphere.

We first became aware of this phenomenon when we were in Korea. One of the male responders under the different Korea Times articles used to love telling Koreans how to raise their children.

When we told him that he would not like it if Koreans did the same thing to him, he got angry and typed in all caps about how no one tells him how to raise his children.

Atheists have this same problem and while we are not going to quote from his rant, BG has stepped over the line and stuck his nose in where it does not belong. The link is in his initials.

It is the same old story with atheists. They apply their subjective thinking to any aspect of life and think they know better than anyone else, including  God. Of course, they distort the issues, especially when it comes to corporal punishment.

There is nothing wrong with spanking a child or even using a switch. As long as the punishment fits the crime and does not cross the boundary between discipline and a beating.

Atheists rarely see the difference and have interfered in parental rights far too often. They think their way is the only way usurping God’s authority in this matter.

Unfortunately, the secular authorities usually agree with those atheists who are up in arms against proper discipline and the world is a worse place than it should have been.

On the other hand, many believers misunderstand God’s word and go too far in their application of biblical teaching when it comes to discipline.

The go-to verse for using spanking, a switch, a belt, or a rod does not say that those forms of punishment are to be used. The verse simply says that those who fail to discipline or use discipline will spoil their child.

We have no problem with Christians using spanking, a rod or a switch, etc., when they discipline but we do have a problem when they go beyond God’s instructions on how to discipline.

The application of punishment needs to be fair, just and does not provoke children to wrath. it is also to lead the child or offender to repentance. It is not supposed to harden their hearts to the point they cannot be redeemed.

Jesus used corporal punishment against the money changers. His discipline fit the crime those men were committing. They didn’t do it again that we know of.

Discipling children is one area many people have a hard time keeping their noses out of. They think their ways of discipline is better than someone else’s and they let them know about it.

But as you read God’s instruction to parents, he left a lot of disciplining up to the individual parents, then told them how they are to do it. Then God lets them enact his instructions. Unlike the atheists who try and do enact laws to force people to follow their ways of disciplining children

One of those instructions is to do unto others like you want to be treated. When parents discipline their children, they should think about if they would like the manner of discipline they are about to administer done to them.

Or if the same attitude they are using is favorable to them when they get disciplined. If not, then they should ask God for help to administer the right punishment to make sure the child repents and does not repeat the offense.

The others in that verse include children as well as strangers and other adults. There is no room in Christian discipline for the atheist to stick their nose in and tell the believer they are wrong or that they are abusing the child.

The atheists’ subjective opinion does not matter nor is it better than God’s way. The concept of abuse is also subjective and in both topics, the atheist is not right nor has a monopoly on how those issues should be addressed or labeled.

The atheist is the one who is deceived and blind, not the Christian. it is up to the Christian to set the example and show the unbeliever how discipline should be done. If the atheist disagrees, too bad.

They are free to discipline their children as they see fit but they have no right to tell the believer how it should be done. Nor do they have the right to stick their nose in where it does not belong and remove the child from a believer’s home.

They would not like that done to them thus they should not do it to people they hate or disagree with. Sticking one’s nose in where it does not belong only causes more trouble and makes everything worse, not better.

Following God’s way correctly will make things better, not worse. God knows what is best not the deceived atheist. This is just one area where people should mind their own business.

Those without sin can cast stones but those who are with sin, whether they admit there is such a thing or not, should not interfere. Their ways are not better than God’s and they do not know more than God.

9 thoughts on “Minding One’s Own Business

    1. Bill Cosby doesn’t claim to be a Christian. He has had some authority as a cultural icon. But it’s not logical to defend him, certainly not drugging women, then sneaking drugs into food or drinks ?? Not a Christian deed in the least !! Really, Tee Hee !! Shame on you !

      1. He doesn’t have to be a Christian for a Christian to defend him and make sure he gets true justice. If Mr. Cosby does not get justice, then justice doees not exist and no one has it.

        Were you in the room with him and his lady friends? If not, then you cannot say that the two did not have a discussion about Mr. Cosby’s sexual preference method and that they did not agree to do it with him. The women provided NO evidence that they did not go along with the method. Also, these encounters did not seem to be a one time only experience.

        There is more to the story than you admit and you are taking the easy way out. You deserve the shame not me.

  1. I know Bruce Gerencser. I attended his church in Texas in the 90s. He’s a con-artist with lots of secrets.

    Thank you for exposing this false prophet.

  2. I dare not say more lest he come after me. His rainbow suspenders tell you all you need to know.

    Some day, this false prophet will stand before God and then the truth will be known.

  3. I will tell you this much,…. the name of Christ.

    I am not going to publish that information. It would need a lot of verifiable evidence to do that- theologyarchaeology

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