Misguided Thinking

We are going to examine a post made by a person who has given us a lot of likes over the past few months. We are not going to identify this person nor link to the post, they can do that in the comment section if they want.

We are not out to embarrass the person or anything like that. We just want to focus on some of the comments that were made in the post that shows how some Christians become misguided in their thinking.

#1. When Paul wrote these words to Timothy, he was instructing the young pastor with regulations to keep worship in an orderly fashion. The people of Ephesus that Timothy pastored had formerly worshipped false gods. The women of that day were mostly idle busybodies who went from house to house gossiping and drinking.

That author is talking about 1 Timothy 2:11 and we all know what it says. The above words are standard descriptions that we have heard for over 40 years. How this description got started and accepted is not known but it is wrong.

Those words describe a scene that probably never took place and there is no way to confirm that they did. The original writer of that description and explanation for Paul’s words seems to have forgotten the fact that God lays out rules for his church.

Paul is not telling ancient women to settle down and be quiet, he is telling God’s church God’s rules of operation. Without rules, the Church would be a scene of anarchy with no one knowing what they are to do and everyone fighting to have their way be the standard for the church.

What Paul has done is tell every believer and unbeliever, this is what God expects. There are no arguments because God’s rules are objective and meant to help his followers be holy.

Check the OT when God gave Moses the rules for his temple. God did not change with the NT church. He has rules for his followers to follow.

#2. This was a cultural matter because of the previous lifestyles of most of the congregation. We can apply the principles of these scriptures, without adopting the cultural attitudes of that day.

This is another over 40-year old explanation and it is false as well. Technically, we can say the words found in the Bible are culturally influenced but not by Israel’s ancient culture. The words of God are influenced by God’s culture and he has a set way for his followers to live.

Paul’s words have nothing to do with how his contemporary’s lived previously. They have everything to do with the church learning God’s way and pleasing him.

Of course, the human cultural argument is misleading and misguided because there were and are thousands of different cultures in human history. Without the teaching of the Bible and God’s instructions, no one would know which human culture to use to guide the church.

The answer is none of them as God has told us what he wants in his church. The church is not to follow any human culture, especially the modern ones taking place right now.

#3. and not use it as a weapon against females obeying the anointing God puts on them.

No one is using the bible as a weapon against women. Without proper instruction and guidance, how will women know what is or isn’t the right thing to do? They would be left to their own devices and we would get a very messy situation as each woman would be doing her own thing.

That circumstance would lead to lots of confusion, which is not of God. God has left instructions so that the people would not be confused as to how to act, dress, and so on.

As for the anointing of God on women, Christian ladies need to realize that God does not give them anointings that will lead them to disobey God and his instructions. That is why God told everyone to test the spirits and not just assume their anointing is from him.

#4. As long as a woman feeling led to contribute to a church meeting respects the authority of the pastorate, she can scripturally teach. Also, a married woman would need to agree with her husband about her teaching role to prevent strife and discord in the home.

What bothers us about many Christians is that they make these declarative statements without any real authority from God. This is their will not God’s and this is also not correct. It is telling people that it is okay to disobey God.

Also, it assumes that feeling is from God and the female is not instructed to test the spirit giving her that feeling. The latter section seems to be written in reverse as it should read, the husband should be in agreeance with his wife but that is not biblical teaching either way.

The husband is the head of the wife and the wife must submit to her husband.

#5. As long as a woman feeling led to contribute to a church meeting respects the authority of the pastorate, she can scripturally teach. Also, a married woman would need to agree with her husband about her teaching role to prevent strife and discord in the home.

When these two conditions are met, the Bible gives us four reasons women can be leaders in the church.

These are not biblical conditions that allow anyone to preach, teach or be a leader in the church. But that is what we get when untrained people think they know what God is saying and think they can interpret his words their way.

The books of Timoty and Titusd give us God’s conditions for church leadership, etc., and you will notice that the OT and the NT criteria are almost the same.

The misuse of scripture is a clear sign that the person writing those words, needs to go under true biblical authority and learn the scriptures and how to apply them correctly.

The examples that person gave to support their point are the same tired old samples every pro-women church leader/pastor have given over the decades. yet, not one of those examples states nor provides any evidence that those women violated God’s instructions given through Paul.

Plus, those examples are just snippets and do not provide full context of the women’s lives. the 4 reasons given after those words quoted immediately above are not true reasons and basically are heresy.

#6. In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul gives instructions for disciplined worship. In verse 39 he admonishes the people as brothers and sisters signifying that both can prophesy and speak in tongues in a service if the process is not disruptive.

The misguided thinking continues as prophesizing and speaking in tongues are not restricted to those people in church leadership, etc. Paul is just saying that both men and women will receive spiritual gifts and how to use them.

It is interesting to note that the author of those words seems to accept God”s in structions at thispoint yet refuses to accept God’s instructions for who can be in church leadership, etc.

Maybe because the latter instructions keep her and her female friends from doing what they want and the former allows them to do what they want in the church.

#7. When Paul began his letter to the Ephesians, he addressed them as God’s holy people (Ephesians 1:1). He didn’t distinguish between men and women. Throughout this letter, he referred to those who believe in Christ as chosen, adopted, and sealed. This is the same group of people that Paul’s instructions about women were directed to. The Apostle saw them as equal in the body of Christ.

While this is true and Paul did do that, those words have nothing to do with who can be a church leader, etc. Women are to be as holy as the men are but that fact does not eliminate God’s rules for women or who can preach, teach or lead a church.

There is an equality in the church but having different roles does not make men and women unequal. it means that God has setr the rules and he wantsmen to do certain activities and women to do other activities. This verse does not grant any woman the right to preach, etc.

#8. Misrepresenting scripture to prevent females from presiding over a meeting or teaching in the congregation violates the command to rightly divide the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We are not to lean to our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6) or rule by religious tradition.

The only people misrepresenting scriptures are those tryiing to force the churchinto accepting women as church leaders, pastors and teachers over men. It is misguided to think that only a few of God’s rules found n the Bible while the rest do not.

Again, those people wanting women to take on those roles are the ones violating the instructions about  the word of truth and leaning to their own understanding.

While they dismiss and condemn ancient culture for supposedly influencing the Bible and its instructions, they are using modern cultural to influence the Biblical text and change God’s rules.

They are the ones who are too arrogant to humble themselves and obey God’s word.Those that are trying to keep the church obeying God are not the problem and are not attacking, suppressing oroppressing women.

Jesus said ‘why do you call me Lord, yet do not do the things I say’. Those trying to get the church to obey God are not addressed in that scripture. The oens addressed are the ones trying to get their own way and ignore God’s instructions.

We left out a big chunk of that autor’s words near the endof their article. It is simply filled with more misguided thoughts about scripture and what jesus did. Those words are further evidence that the author needs better teaching.

The misguided thoughts presented here only show that people need more help in correctly understanding the Bible and what it teaches. Then they need to learn how to separate modern culture from God’s culture.

After they do that, they need to make a decision to follow Christ or modern culture. The narrow way does not have many travellers because the road is not the same as the broad way.

It is alot harder to walk the narrow road as one cannot have misguided thoughts and one does need more humility than those on the broad road.


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