Archaeology Gone Wrong

13 May

While not a part of our series, this story demonstrates how bad archaeology can be:

While we do not dispute the image or the authenticity of the tablet it is the conclusions that get us riled up

The Schøyen Collection says on its website that the ziggurat in Babylon was originally built around the time of Hammurabi 1792–1750 B.C. “The restoration and enlargement began under Nabopolassar, and was finished after 43 years of work under Nebuchadnezzar II, 604-562 B.C.”

This is completely wrong and very misleading as is the following two quotes:

It goes on to explain the text mentioning Nebuchadnezzar mobilizing workforces from all over the then known world to complete the Tower of Babel, people speaking a confusion of all the known languages at the time, raises a question


“Neither the Babylonian gods nor Yahweh needed to come down from Heaven to interfere and cause language confusion. And most importantly, the Jews taken into captivity in 586 B.C. after destruction of Jerusalem were there in Babylon and observed the building of the Tower and the confusion. So, when the Genesis text was composed by the Jews during the Babylonian exile and after return to their homeland in 539 B.C., this down to Earth chaotic building story had to be put in a theological context, and hence the present text in Genesis 11:1–9. Also note the link to Acts 2 where the Holy Spirit reverses the language confusion and makes everyone understand each other.”

Archaeology can be a good tool but in the hands of those who do not believe God nor have the spirit of truth helping them it is a destructive tool. It distorts history, falsely accuses the Bible of being wrong and rewrites the past misleading. Honesty is often absent from the excavations and archaeological theories and conclusions which is one reason why believers need to be wary when  archaeological ‘experts’ speak

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