He Must Be Lonely

We have stopped reading and writing about BG but that doesn’t stop him from attacking us. We figure that since he is a Class a narcissist he craves attention from everyone.

He must miss the attention we gave him when we used his site for material so he dreams up ways to get us to mention him again. This time it is not the video he was worried about, it was our credentials. His insults and attacks are made in the following sentences:

says a man who has an archeology/theology/bullshit blog

but the Bible is, and David Tee is, right?

a distortion is anything that disagrees with Tee’s peculiar interpretation of the Protestant Christian Bible

unbelievers are non-Evangelicals who can’t be trusted

You will notice that he does not provide one credible rebuttal. Nor does he put forth any real evidence that we are wrong. He just wants attention like a spoiled child does.

We won’t provide a link to his website as there are enough of them on this site already. However, he needs to come up with better arguments in his opposition to the truth.

Atheists like to claim that Christians are making extraordinary claims thus the burden of proof is on us to provide the evidence. However, it is the atheist and other unbelievers who make extraordinary claims and refuse to put up any evidence to support their argument.

They think their declarations are enough. They are not. Atheists like BG need to put up or shut up. Nothing less than verifiable, credible physical evidence will do and that evidence cannot come from any experiment for evolution or the big bang theory.

None exist. Science has yet to use any specimens that are at the beginning middle or near the end of life development. In fact, there has been no life development except for the gestation period when females get pregnant.

They can’t as none ever existed and they would be dead and unusable if they did have any. Atheists can’t see this truth because they are deceived and have received a powerful delusion from God.

We did watch the video to the end and many segments were about the evidence we have known about for years. it is a good video to watch if you need help maintaining your faith or doing your apologetic work