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28 Jan

What I want from God I’ve already received it and that’s his forgiveness. What I am asking of our members is something I may or may not get and that is your prayers. And I’m asking for your forgiveness,” Simmons said as his congregation said “amen” and gave him a standing ovation.

“I’m hurting because I have hurt you. I’m talking to Jacob Chapel. Can’t speak for people on the outside because I’m not Tallahassee’s pastor. I’m not Florida’s pastor. I’m not the world’s pastor. I’m Jacob Chapel’s pastor. It hurts me that you have to defend my actions because when you love somebody you want to fight for ’em. You want to defend them, but let me be very clear, you cannot defend sin,” he said.

“And I preach to you each and every Sunday, you don’t get defensive or try to justify sin. This ain’t about nobody else but me. The world doesn’t operate like we operate and so you will be attacked for loving me. They may be some folk here today in this room, who came to see what was going to happen,” he continued while pointing out that “my baby brother is here … I have to keep him from shooting people. Cause he ain’t always saved yet. Gotta talk him down, ‘what you want me to do?’ … I don’t want you to do nothing.”

He said he will not be deterred from God’s work regardless of what the public or dissenting members of his congregation might think of his decision to remain at the helm of his church.

He says the right words but does he have the right attitude, that is the question.Since we do not have any audio it is hard to tell. But men, when you are called to be God’s steward you must take that call seriously and get your life in order so that it is far more difficult for you to fall than for others. Being leaders of the church means that a pastor must be the leader in fighting and overcoming temptation.
They cannot use temptation as an excuse to sin or to sweep aside their sinful actions. God’s stewards must be honest, ethical, have integrity and character for they have a huge responsibility in leading God’s people. They must also have honest feelings when caught committing sin. Their repentance must be real as must their humbling attitude. There is no badge of honor for Pastors who sin, or for anyone for that matter. God hates sin and while he forgives, his grace is not an excuse for us to ignore his instructions or not take temptation seriously.
Clearly that pastor’s mistake was ignoring the passage on avoiding those situations like others may assume evil has taken place. He should have met that woman in a public place or at his church where others where around so that he could keep his reputation clean. Taking the right precautions help us avoid making sinful mistakes. Think first and make sure you are not opening the door for evil to use a situation that will harm your spiritual life, reputation or the church.
Being Christian is not easy and we have restrictions on our behavior. We cannot act like an unbeliever nor do we have the ‘freedom’ to act like them. We must live our lives as God wants. If we don’t then we damage not our impact for Christ but the church’s as well.We must conquer temptation and sinful desires so do not be afraid to ask God for help if you think you are not strong enough in your faith to withstand the temptation that will come.
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