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20 Jan

The following link has several stories starting with Beth Moore

so we will start with her and comment on some of the rest.

#1. Beth Moore

Beth Moore issued a warning to a gathering of 18 to 25-year-olds about what she believes will be a temptation their generation will face.

Speaking to the 55,000 students and young adults gathered at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Moore said, “You will watch a generation of Christians – OF CHRISTIANS – set the Bible aside in an attempt to become more like Jesus. And stunningly it will sound completely plausible. This will be perhaps the cleverest of the devil’s schemes in your generation. Sacrificing TRUTH for LOVE’s sake. And you will rise or fall based upon whether you will sacrifice one for the other. Will you have the courage to live in the tension of both TRUTH & LOVE

While we like her words we would like a more specific definition from her on how she defines those two words. Love does not keep people locked in their sins and truth does not support altering one’ gender because the person does not accept the gender they were born as. So for now we like what she says but need more information. We also need more information on her as well as we know little about her.

#2. Paula White-

Last week the Presidential Inauguration Committee announced that Paula White, Senior Pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, would take part in the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Donald Trump. Several prominent Christian leaders and writers took issue with White’s invitation because they are concerned about her theology receiving mainstream attention.

It is Trump’s inauguration so it is his call. People may not agree with it but they do not have the right to force a change. What we know of Ms. White we do not like her inclusion either but the best we can do is point out the truth to Mr. Trump and let him decide.

#3. Transgender

National Geographic recently unveiled the cover of the January 2017 issue, which will feature nine-year-old Avery Jackson on the cover. The issue focuses on the “Gender Revolution” and Avery graces the cover because she is a transgender girl. The cover includes a quote from Avery: “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

If you are born a boy you are not pretending.  If you change your gender to a girl then you are pretending to be a girl. The same for those girls who want to be a boy. They are girls and they are not pretending but if they alter themselves to a male appearance then they are pretending to be a boy. There can be no gender revolution for God did not provide methods to alter one’s gender and make one’s gender a choice. You are whom you are born as.

LGBT Rights

Some evangelicals and other Christian leaders are refusing to compromise on issues of LGBT rights and religious freedom.

Christianity Today reports that leaders from nearly 90 evangelicals seminaries, publications, ministries, and churches, as well as Catholic and Orthodox leaders, have signed a statement making clear their firm stance regarding LGBT rights.

The Christian leaders said in the statement that they do not support any measures which would provide legal protection to members of the LGBT community.

We would agree as long as the opposition does not make it legal to keep LGBT people from housing, food, employment and other basics of life. We do not think it is right to punish those who speak against LGBT preferences or call them sin nor do we think it is right to force churches and religious organization to include practicing LGBT people in their leadership, etc.

You cannot force people to violate their rights just because the LGBT community is excluded. Spoiling people is not the right thing to do.


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