One Good, One Bad

26 Jan

The following quotes come from the late Dale Rumble’s book Prepared For His Glory. We have only done a cursory investigation into Mr. Rumble’s church and what we have found is not good. They seem to skip the overseer part of the church body and hold to having elders only lead the congregation. They are some other questionable things but right now we just do not have the time to investigate.

pg 47– revelation may be contrary to our interpretation of scripture but the Lord will never speak contrary to his word.

While this is true and we have said similar things like the Holy Spirit will not call people to sin against God or violate his instructions. God will be consistent and not violate his word. BUT what we are concerned with is the late Mr. Rumble’s idea of the word revelation. We haven’t found his definition yet so while these words are good we still have to be careful.

pg. 48– Finally there is an environment for revelation and it is not seminary or bible college…

This is not good for God uses many different seminaries and bible schools to teach the truth to his people. In reading his book, and we did not finish it or even get halfway through it,we found that it was the typical verbage of one who was not truly trained in scriptures and who had issues with traditional Christianity and academic institutions. {Which is probably why he started his own church}.

Then while there are bad professors and academic leaders in Christian institutions, their presence does not mean we toss out the idea of formally training our people in such environments. We weed out the bad teachers and leaders but we do not shut down the institutions. God uses those as well and there are plenty of good professors who teach the truth and contribute greatly to the body of Christ. They should not be stripped of their employment because one misguided soul doesn’t like those places of learning.

As we read Mr. Rumble’s book, we felt that he would have benefited greatly from even one or two years of spiritual training as he was often misguided in his use of scripture. The removal of his lack of coherence would have made his message far better but for some reason people like to shun seminaries and bible schools where they will get the help they need in properly understanding what scripture says and how to use the Bible correctly (obvious we are being very general here as not all of those institutions do that)

When attending a seminary or bible school one must really depend upon the leading of the Spirit in order to get the truth. Even my undergraduate school was not always on target with the truth even though it was one of the top schools in the country. We do not throw out an opportunity that God wants us to take advantage because everything is not perfect in those schools. One follows God first.

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