Why We Need Biblically Educated Laymen

19 Jan

This article follows our Why We Need Biblically Educated Women which we placed here and in our magazine. By biblically educated we mean laymen and women who are trained in the truth and know how to correctly use the Bible.

#1. Their faith is important:

It is the same first point as in the women’s article as no pastor wants to see any of their laymen fall for false doctrine and be led away from the truth to destruction.

#2. They need to lead their families correctly:

The family depends upon the husband and father not only to provide for their physical needs but for their spiritual needs as well. Biblically correct patriarchs who lead their families well not only preserves and protects them but also strengthens the church by providing sound members who know how to look to God and his provision.

#3. They can help keep church leadership on the straight & narrow path (as well as the truth):

Biblically educated laymen can be great support for the church staff, not only praying for them but helping to keep them from straying from the truth. They can biblically draw the church’s leadership to potential errors or mis-steps by providing wise counsel and other words of wisdom.

#4. They can help keep justice, fairness etc., in the church:

If someone in the church or leadership is not handling problems correctly, their influence can bring the proceedings back to God’s way so that correct results, repentance, restoration is achieved and the church is kept free from dissension

#5. They can be the spiritual doctors and nurses church leadership, missionaries and evangelists need:

This is very important as many times when pastors, evangelists or missionaries err or if they are battered spiritually, they have no place to turn to for help. Too often they are ruined by their congregations or fellow christians, as the church has been known to kill its wounded. Biblically educated laymen can provide the necessary support and spiritual guidance to keep these church workers spiritually healthy or return them to spiritual health.

These spiritual doctors and nurses may not get the press or the fame but their role in keeping the church prominent workers in God’s kingdom is vital. It is also as spiritual as the work those church workers perform.  Without these spiritual doctors and nurses the church would be hurting for members as there would be no spiritually healthy church workers to minister to the congregation or bring in new members.

All parts of the body are important to have a healthy, functioning church that is pleasing to God.

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