Have Compassion

That is the ending message of MM’slatest post concerning our content. In the final 2 paragraphs of his article, he asks 1 important question, at least in his mind, and 1 request:

#1. Where is the compassion for these women from the pro-life crowd? and

#2. I would ask them to show compassion for these women and girls.

Those are odd question and request to make, considering that on the other end of MM’s compassion comes the senseless murder of innocent and defenseless children. We would have to ask, where is his compassion for those young babies?

Is it in his mind that those that are unborn are not worthy of life and are expendable? How can we make that determination when the unborn child cannot speak for him or herself? Then he accuses certain individuals of wanting young mothers to die, by making them carry their babies full-term.

No one has said that but MM puts those words in those certain individuals’ mouths because he likes to frame the narrative in a manner that suits him. He does this regardless of the content he does not like.

His arguments supporting his point of view are very odd. Here is one example:

Reproduced from another post, to once again point out the medically proven dangers of denying abortion, especially to under-age girls, as pregnancy and childbirth can be extremely dangerous to a woman’s health.(source)

To counter that argument, the medical industry has progressed far enough that the danger of a mother dying is minimal. Why should he demand an abortion when there are medical procedures that can avoid having both people die?

Thirty years ago, Dr. Irving Cushner, Professor of Obstetrics at the UCLA School of Medicine, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. When one of the Senators asked him how often abortions are necessary, whether to to save the life of the mother or to preserve her physical health, Dr. Cushner, who was strongly pro-abortion, answered, “In this country, about one percent.” (source)

That article is quite informative as a pie chart right underneath that quote shows that the life of a mother is less important than the social and economic reasons people have abortions. Pro-abortion people like to use exceptions to get their way into law.

In his article, MM referred to an article. Of course, he left out key facts that undermine his argument. He makes the statement that there are over 300,000 mothers dying. What he left out was this information:

Despite the number of deaths, global figures reflect progress. In 1990 an estimated 532,000 women died annually, so there has been a 44% drop in a generation.(source)

Improvements are being made and have been made for over 30 years now. This world is not perfect and it does go a little slow at times but the good news is that over 200,000 women or young mothers have been saved from death without using abortion as a cure.

MM also leaves out this tidbit of information:

The institute calculates that if all women had the level of care recommended by the WHO, maternal deaths would drop by more than 60%, to about 112,000 annually.(Ibid)

So it is not pregnancy that is causing the young women to die but the lack of proper care. The following quote supports that point:

Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood did more to promote and spread abortion on demand throughout the world than any other individual. Nearly fifty years ago, he commented, “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal disease such as cancer or leukemia, and if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save the life.”4 Certainly, with all of the advances in medicine since then, cases in which a woman’s pregnancy threatens her health are even rarer today. (source)

We know that not every woman receives the right care because 300,000+ mothers are dying because they were pregnant. But let’s tell the truth. It isn’t the pregnancy in most cases that is causing the death

The majority of deaths are from conditions that could have been prevented had women received the right medical care throughout their pregnancies and during birth. Severe bleeding and infections after childbirth are the biggest killers, but high blood pressure, obstructed labour and unsafe abortions all contribute.(source)

MM’s own source undermines his argument. Notice the bold words. It seems that MM’s cure is a cause of young mothers’ death. It is not the cure he represents it to be. Then there is this point which also undermine’s his argument:

There are a number of reasons, and they are rooted in poverty, inequality and sexism. The majority of women die in poorer, rural areas, where healthcare services are often inadequate or inaccessible, and where there is a severe shortage of trained medical staff. Women from such areas are less likely to give birth with a skilled health worker than wealthier women (Ibid)

It is not the age or the pregnancy but the level of care. In this situation, both men and women have to take their fair share of the blame and responsibility. So his arguments do not stand up to scrutiny. He is distorting the facts to make people feel guilty about being pro-life in all situations.

If MM had any real compassion, he would not advocate killing someone who cannot defend themselves. That is a coward’s strategy, not a brave man’s act. Instead, he would do everything in his power to bring the proper medical care to those women and help see them through those pregnancies safely.

We were challenged a little while ago to a debate. We do not see anything constructive in accepting the challenge. It may win a couple souls to Christ or convince a couple people to change their minds about Christ.

Both are good but when you compare those results to 300,000 women dying each year, there are more important things to do than a debate about God and the Christian faith. While they are not Christians we will include both BG and MM in this challenge.

For them, we challenge them to

#1. drop their whining and hatred against God

#2. start bringing proper medical care to those countries that lack it

#3. use their personal resources to get medicine, equipment, etc. to those women

For believers,

this is another need we need to meet. Sharing the gospel comes in physical action meeting physical needs. Time to stand up and get involved there are God’s creation in need and we need to help them.

Unlike BG and MM, we have God on our side and it is time we met those needs for the glory of God. We do not need picket lines at abortion clinics, we do not need more laws, and we do not need to kill any abortion providers.

We need to put our faith in action and get something done. There are people all over the world that need our help. This is just one area that demands a Christian response. Hopefully, we can lower the number of young mothers dying.

Our compassion? It is in helping both mother and unborn child survive. There is no compassion to kill one to save the other.