Secular Science & The Believer 2

01 Sep


When it comes to determining where a believer gets their information the believer must remember that the secular world was not the place or the people they are to go to. Jesus made it quite clear that we are to follow the HS to the truth and the HS will lead us to use different fields of study we must be careful that we do not get sidetracked and start adopting erroneous data.

The word science is defined by Noah Webster as

  1. In a general sense, knowledge, or certain knowledge;

Webster, N. (2006). Noah Webster’s first edition of An American dictionary of the English language. Anaheim, CA: Foundation for American Christian Education.

But we must be cautious here and not mistakenly think that the knowledge that science obtains is perfect knowledge and all it proclaims is true.  The word knowledge is very general and that means that science will receive a lot of false information.

We cannot assume science, especially the secular variety, is pursuing the data that God wants us to have. The believer must remember that science is led by the majority of scientists who do not believe. This means that their work, their conclusions and observations are influenced by evil. This fact tells us that the field of science is under deception and blind. The light does not shine in its boundaries.

Even when some scientists claim to be Christian because they let darkness lead them away from the truth and darken the light they are to shine on that field of research. Some of what follows may be basic knowledge that everyone already knows but there might be some who have not heard of the following information yet.

I. Secular Science 2-

Science in general is designed to look for natural answers. This means that any supernatural involvement in this world is excluded from its research. What this tells the believer is that secular science is not looking at all the data available to it and that it draws its conclusions based upon faulty research and data.

Secular science can discover things that God did, for example gravity. They can see how gravity works and how it influences the world, its orbit and so on. But it does not mean that they can come to the truth about the source of gravity or who made it.

The secular scientist will look for a natural source not a divine one. They do not want supernatural answers which tells the believer that the secular scientist is not looking for or wanting the truth.

When it comes to our origins, secular science is the interloper, the usurper because they have entered the field of theology and the supernatural and have tried to change what actually took place in our history to fit their own desires—natural answers.

But when an event is supernatural in origin then secular science is out of its depth and cannot provide any answers to anyone. The best explanation is not the truth and when a field of research excludes the truth there is no way that it can come to the truth.

Secular science goes down the wrong path looking for the wrong answers in the wrong places. This is why the believer cannot accept the theories, ideas and conclusions of those who do not believe. They do not follow the HS to the truth. They follow evil to whatever answer feels good to them.

II. Geology-

We are not going to spend much time here discussing the different rocks and how they point to one origin over another, suffice it to say that the secular geologist has not proven that the rocks formed as they theorize.

One theory has it that the planets formed by different rocks colliding together in the expanding universe, combining to form bigger rocks. No experiment has ever shown this to be true.

Other theories state that the rocks we see took millions of years to form yet again, no experiment has proven this idea correct. It is one thing to state a theory but it is another thing to prove that theory correct and all the years of education and experience a geologist has at looking at rocks does not mean they know how the rocks formed. There is no guarantee that the geologist, even with all of their education and experience, has found the truth let alone tell others the truth.

They have never observed the process they proclaim formed the rocks in action. They just look at already existing rocks and make a declaration that their ideas was how it was done. The words of point one applies to this field of research as well as all the fields we will place here in this article.

III. Genetics-

This is a fascinating field of research one that lets people see firsthand the complexity involved in God’s creative act. Many people complain that the bible is not a science textbook  and use that complaint to adopt secular ideas about our origins. But they are greatly mistaken in their conclusion. While the Bible is not a science textbook, that lack does not disqualify Genesis 1 or God from recording and acting as we read in that account.

If God put every little detail into the Bible secularists want to see in there, then the Bible would be so thick that no one would read it and I doubt they would be able to lift the book. God left some things for us to investigate for ourselves so that we will learn about him and glorify him for his power, his detailed work and so on.

He did not leave us that work to attribute his creative act to some non-existent natural process. The secular world does not understand why some genes turn off and others turn on but that is because they reject the true answer and seek one that fits their natural methods objective.

Genes turn on and off in certain ways because God’s handiwork was corrupted by Adam’s sin. We know why genes work the way they do and why people get diseases when others do not. It is not the result of natural selection but sin. The unbelieving scientist rejects this answer because they do not believe in sin or evil as the Bible describes it. They think that there is a natural reason for this phenomenon and again they are not looking in the right places for the right answers.

Most often the secular scientist will simply say ‘we do not know why this takes place.’ which tells the believer that the secular scientific field of genetics does not have the answers and that they should be fleeing secular science not supporting it or accepting its wrong conclusions or theories.

God has allowed us an opportunity to find the truth of what he did at creation yet so many people claiming to be Christian have wasted that opportunity by going with secular ideas or trying to Christianize them. We need to look for the truth not the best explanation Christianized or secular.

IV Archaeology-

Many in this field, like Dr. Wm. Dever, claim that archaeology is the authority for discussing much of our human history. They feel that if archaeology doesn’t find it then it never happened or if archaeology says something different than the Bible then it is the Bible that is in error and that the biblical authors did not know what they were talking about.

Many go as far to say that God lied to his writers, telling them one thing when he did another. Those people are in error for archaeology is far too limited of a field of research to be an authority on anything, including our material past.

There is just far too much information missing from the archaeological remains for archaeology to do anything but confirm that nothing is new under the sun. Archaeology cannot produce enough information or artifacts to say that the Bible is wrong.

Yes they may come up with mss. or ancient remains that may predate the Bible but those remains do not contradict what the Bible is saying. That contradiction comes from the assumptions, conjecture, speculation, hypothesis and theories of the archaeologist or biblical scholar, most who do not believe God or are not looking for the truth.

They look for their idea of how they want the past to be not how it actually was.

One thing the believer must remember about this field is that the archaeologist is lucky if they get to excavate up to 5% of any given archaeological site. This means that over 95% of the information they need is missing, gone for good. That recovery percentage is not enough for archaeology to make determinations on anything or make that field an authority on the bible or our past.


What we said in our conclusion in the first part applies here as well. If we leave our information resource to the secular world and use them to influence our views on the Bible then we are letting those in need of the light influence that light.

The light that Jesus said we were to the dark world is no longer the light of truth and of Jesus but now compromised and the light of darkness. Culture, secular science and other secular entities are not the light unto the Christian world.

Those entities do not have the HS leading them to the truth nor do they have the truth to begin with. It is up to the believer to tell the truth to those who have vast amounts of education and experience in their different fields.

This means we have to do our homework and learn from God what he wants us to know and how to communicate it to those who do not believe or to young believers struggling to find God and the truth.

Ignorance is not the fruit of the spirit nor is being ignorant of the facts what God wants us to be. he wants us to know what we are talking about so that we can convince others of the truth and refute false teaching. False teaching comes from secular science, all of its research fields, and we must be ready to combat it with the truth, not alter the truth to accept false teaching.

The church has to stand with God even when people of education and experience make counter claims to the biblical record and say it is not speaking the truth. There is a reason why God said to not listen to the unbelieving world. It is because they do not have the truth and we will lose our faith if we do not follow God’s instructions.

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