Why Have Rules?

30 Aug

If your courts are going to say that they do not matter?

The United Methodist Church’s highest court will be deciding whether or not the denomination’s first openly gay bishop will be allowed to serve.

While we understand that some rules may not be correctly written or established honestly and they do need some alteration, this is not one of them. When someone does not like the rules, then it is up to them to investigate their own feelings first and see if they are standing on proper ground before they make their opposition to the rules known to others.

Protesting simply because someone thinks the rules are unfair or infringe upon their personal desires is not enough reason to violate established rules. There must be some legitimate standing before the rules can be contested. We would also include in there the idea that what is being culturally acceptable for a limited time as not being legitimate standing or reason enough to alter the rules.

Rules are to reflect what is actually right and what is actually wrong and not be fluid to adapt to cultural desires. If rules are culturally adaptable then we have a basis for anarchy because culture changes and is in need of guidance on issues of right and wrong no matter what is popular at the moment. Culture does not determine the standard of right and wrong.

“As a clergy person in good standing, she was unanimously elected bishop by the delegates of the Western Jurisdiction, who believed she was being called by God to be an episcopal leader of our denomination,” said Robledo.

This bothers us as well as how can a person be a ‘clergy person’ in good standing when they are unrepentant sinners and violating God’s rules on a daily, even hourly basis?  This election says more about the condition of the church leadership than it does anything else. It tells us that those bishops do not care about the rules the God they claim to serve has instituted for his church and when the leadership ignores God’s rules then you have nothing to guide the church at all.

God does not matter but culture and what it accepts at the moment does.

“She will vigorously and faithfully lead our Church forward as we seek to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.”

How can an unrepentant sinner do that? How can someone who practices sin lead people to a holy life that God wants in his followers? How can she help transform the world when she is leading people back to where they already are–living in sin and in need of a savior? People who ignore God’s rules become blind, even church leaders and that quoted person is prime evidence for that statement.

“The delegates acted out of the belief that God is calling the Church to fully live its commitment to inclusion of all. Their vote was an act of love and obedience to a God who calls all disciples of Christ to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. That includes LGBT persons in every aspect of church life.”

God does not call his church to include sin or call evil good. The vote was not an act of obedience but of deception as they do not understand what the term love really means or how it applies to one’s neighbor. it is not love when you keep people in their sins and tell them they are okay. It is not love when you bring sin ad corruption into the church. It is also not fair to those in the church who have given up their sins and follow what God has commanded when you let in those who do not do that. There are more people in this issue than just the members of the LGBTQ community.

According to the UMC Book of Discipline, however, homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching” and “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” cannot become ordained

We see here that there is no escape clause in this rule to allow for exceptions in cases of being a clergy in good standing or receiving a unanimous vote from one’s peers or the church at large. Making exceptions in this case means that the church leadership do not consider the rules as important or that they matter at all. it is their own desires that count or misunderstanding of scripture that is more important than being governed correctly.

If anyone ultimately leaves the Church, it should be those factions who reject the Church’s teachings. Dying liberal USA Mainline Protestantism is captive to the past and does not have a promising demographic future. The long-term future is bright for Orthodox global United Methodism.”

God said in Deut., and I paraphrase, if you want to live follow my commands. That declaration applies even if the true church is down to 5 members or even one member. The majority opinion does not determine what is the truth and we only have to look as far as Noah and the flood to see the truth of that statement.

Regarding the Judicial Council’s consideration of the petition next spring, Tooley told CP that the case is an unprecedented one for the denomination’s highest court.

“There is almost no precedent for this kind of judicial issue that could have impact on United Methodism’s global future,” continued Tooley.

The key word is in bold. Precedent should not matter in determining the validity of the rules or if they matter. What should be used is if the rules are right or wrong. we say this because precedents can get it and be wrong. The judges could have erred and so on. We need to base our rules on what is right not what previous fallible and subjective humans have determined.

God is right and he has set the rules thus we need to base our rules upon God and his will. He is not subjective nor fallible and he sets the definitions for right and wrong. Culture cannot do that for it too is subjective and in need of a savior. It also needs guidelines in order to tell the people how to live correctly. Culture on its own leads to sin and destruction–just ask the pre-flood world and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Rules matter and we need to be careful how we live by them or alter them for our ignoring of the rules or saying that they do not matter proclaims a message to the unchurched world. If Christians do not follow God’s rules then why would the unbeliever change and join the church? They already do not follow God’s rules.


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