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10 Aug

#1. The Intolerance Continues

Twenty-six LGBT organizations are demanding that the Big 12 block the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-operated Brigham Young University from joining the athletic conference because of the institution’s biblical stance on same-sex marriage.

Because they do not get their spoiled way with everyone, the LGBTQ community looks to hurt others, That certainly isn’t nice let alone biblical and many of the LGBTQ community claim that God loves them and is with them. If the LGBTQ community actually practiced biblical teaching, they would turn the other cheek, return good for supposed evil and not bully those who disagree with them.

As it stands all the LGBTQ community is doing is demonstrating that while they want & demand love they will not give it to anyone else.

#2. Secular Scientists Do Not Understand

Rosenau, the programs and policy director at the U.S. National Center for Science Education, wrote in the op-ed that not only is the Ark Encounter deluging visitors with “misinformation,” but it is also subtly working to indoctrinate its visitors as well.

“Just as pernicious as the scientific errors and the religious proselytising is a subtler form of indoctrination,” Rosenau argued. “The relentless message to visitors is that our world is as fallen and wicked as Noah’s, and that the destruction of the flood — including the obliteration of all humans other than a virtuous few — was not just acceptable but praiseworthy.”

That there is a penalty for their disobedience. Just like there is a punishment for disobeying any nations’ laws God punishes sin whether the person thinks they have sinned or not or worthy of punishment or not. If the secular scientist doe snot want to be punished for their sins then maybe they should consider repenting and joining the ‘virtuous few’.

Then the secular scientist has to prove that they have the truth over God and his word and so far they have not done that.

#3.  Going Overboard…–

In an advertisement that aired during the Olympic Games on Monday, the athletics apparel company Nike lauded a female athlete who identifies as a man and serves on the U.S. men’s national team

We really do not need these ads and they serve no real purpose except to demonstrate how far from God America is going. Breaking the rules is not a good thing nor is it courageous when it is done for the wrong reasons and to promote sin.

#4. Pandora’s Box

An academic book that suggests the moral status of pedophilia is unclear, has some prominent social conservatives saying that we are now on a familiar, troubling path toward normalization of things once considered unthinkable.

Prominent defenders of traditional marriage highlighted on their social media pages Sunday a book called Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis by Stephen Kershnar, who is a professor and chair the philosophy department at State University of New York at Fredonia. The 168-page work, which was released last year and recently came to the attention of conservatives, examines the moral status of sexual relationships between adults and children, explores whether those who engage in that kind of sex “have a disease, act wrongly, or are vicious,” and engages the surrounding legal issues.

What is next, making polygamy legal?  We already have had 3 people marry each other to form a threesome in ‘marriage’ so what is the next sin to be legalized? Notice that God doe snot change his definition of sin nor which sins are included in that list. Only humans do that when they decide that darkness is more legitimate than light.

If this argument is accepted then the following will not be illegal

Over 40 people were arrested last week in what is being called Tennessee’s “most significant human trafficking operation to date.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced the arrests on Friday, which were a part of “Operation Someone Like Me.”

Where will the world end up if the trend continues in this direction? We know where and people can fully understand why God destroyed the pre-flood world with a flood.

#5. At Least He Is Captured

Brazilian police have arrested an American child rapist who claimed to be “Christ in the flesh” after he was discovered living as a fugitive in the country.

Victor Barnard, 53, was taken into custody on Friday at a home in Rio Grande Do Norte, where he had been staying in a gated community. The leader of Minnesota’s River Road Fellowship has been on the run from police for the past three years after officials began investigating sexual abuse allegations against young girls.

Barnard is facing 59 counts of sexual assault, stemming from a complaint filed with police that he had repeatedly abused two girls in his congregation over a period of almost ten years.

Leadership is not a game, it is not a toy, it is not to be abused yet so many think otherwise and the damage that they do is immense. But we can’t be paranoid and bar everyone from leadership. Leaders are not perfect and must be given room to grow, every mistake is not grounds for dismissal nor a disqualification from serving God. We need to be wise in selecting our leaders and not go to the extreme in protecting others. We also need to be just and fair and let the discipline fit the crie committed and forgiveness is always a factor in dealing with people who make mistakes.

We do not turn a blind eye but we also do not do witch hunts or over-protection. We follow God’s directions when leaders fail.

#6. Accusation Is Not Proof of Guilt

The Christian charity World Vision has lost two of its biggest donors after the organization’s Gaza Strip director was accused of diverting millions of dollars in cash to the Sunni Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Accusation is not a guilty verdict yet so many people from athletics to politics to religious affairs think that accusation equals being declared guilty via a court of law.  People need to wait for an actual, legitimate guilty verdict before acting and then their decisions may not be biblical when they do act.

Doing the biblical thing may not look good to the rest of the world but it must be done.


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