Can All Those Scientists Be Wrong?

Before we get to answering this question, we want to point out one major hypocritical position atheists and unbelievers take. They will defend science with the following quote or something similar:

Scientists begin with what we know, the collective body of knowledge we call science. This body of knowledge changes often, as scientists continue to make new discoveries and test currently held scientific ideas (source)

To those groups, rewriting and rewriting science are okay. It adds credibility to the research field. But when it comes to the Bible, they take the following position:

I deal with many anti-Christians who want to dismiss the Bible because, they say, it’s been changed so many times that it’s unreliable. (source)

Well, the true Bible has not been changed. It is just that many people throughout history have taken it upon themselves or by God’s leading to revise the language so people understand it better.

To the unbeliever this is unacceptable yet with science this rewriting is acceptable. This hypocritical position destroys any credibility an unbeliever or atheist thinks they have.

They cannot have it both ways. Either rewriting constantly is a good thing or it is a bad thing to do. They will have to choose which is which. To the Christian, rewriting and rewriting of science only tells us that science and scientists do not have the truth nor can they find it.

When it comes to the Bible, the truth does not change and the many attempts to change the wording of Scriptures are an attempt to hide the truth. These attempts to change the wording of the Bible only lead to confusion which is not of God.

The believer thinks that is wrong as well. It is the same with science. The many rewritings of what is accepted by scientists lead to confusion which is also wrong. Who can say what is scientifically true when scientists keep changing what they consider to be true every decade or every few years?

The best guide we can give you is that if it disagrees with the Bible, then it is wrong. God is never wrong and scientists do not know more than he does. This leads us into the answer to the topic question above.

Can all those scientists be wrong? Of course, they can. What the unbelieving world does not accept is that there is an ultimate right, and ultimate wrong and that truth never changes.

They also do not accept the fact that as unbelievers, they are deceived and blinded by evil. It does not matter how many scientists you stack up on one side of the argument against the Bible, the Bible is never wrong.

The scientists will always be wrong, including those Christian ones who say that the Bible is in error or made errors. It also does not matter how many degrees they have collectively behind their names or collective years ‘doing science.

Those scientists who do not accept the Bible are the ones in error and yes, they can all be wrong. Finding the truth is not a popularity contest nor is it decided by a rule of the majority. The truth is the truth no matter how many or how few people accept it.

The secular scientists and those claiming to be Christian yet go against the Bible do not have the Spirit of Truth leading them to the only truth there is. They do not have a hope of finding it without that aid.

And yes, there is only one truth. There is not your truth, our truth, his truth, her truth or their truth. There is only God’s truth and that is it. As we have said many times before on this website,:

Secular scientists are going down the wrong paths, looking in the wrong places and producing the wrong answers.

Again, yes, all of those scientists can be and are wrong. God is never wrong. In that article of BG’s that we linked to above, there are more points that need refuting but that may be done at another time. The important thing for the believer is that God and the Bible are never wrong.

We may not always have the right answer at the spur of the moment but it will come. Just ask God to help you and continue to study the right information to get to the truth and those answers.

The questions to ask yourselves  when you are in a little doubt is ‘How can those people who are deceived and blind find the truth or be right? and How can God be wrong when he is neither deceived nor blinded by evil?

Think about those questions and ask God to help you find the true answer.