What if it all is a lie?

As you approach the New Year and you are having doubts about Jesus, God, and the Bible, there is good news. There is far too much physical evidence for the reality of the Trinity and the Bible for there to be any other answer than they are real and the Bible is true.

In spite of the empty claims made by the atheist, Jesus is who he says he is, God is who he says he is and the Holy Spirit is as real as they are. The Bible is also written by God through humans and there were no elites writing scriptures to manipulate or control anyone.

We have spent over 20 years researching and documenting this topic and there is no possible way that God does not exist or did not create everything we see. This evidence is not coming from preachers like evolution only has ‘evidence’ coming from scientists.

It all comes from third parties who spend time researching, searching, and analyzing what they find. Sometimes they are Christians who find artifacts, etc., but the majority of discoveries come from non-believers.

The so-called evolutionary evidence is usually read into the artifacts discovered, whereas the evidence for Jesus, God, and the Bible is taken out of the evidence discovered. There is no comparison.

Also, all the evidence supporting the Bible is verifiable while the so-called evidence for evolution is impossible to verify and does not exclude other sources from producing the same results.

In this New Year, keep your eyes on Christ so that you do not fall. Your faith is not in vain.

2 thoughts on “What if it all is a lie?

  1. When the world was flat, the sun rose on the Eastern edge of the world and set on the Western edge of the World. God resided in Heaven above the world and Satan lived in Hell under the world. Where did they go when the world became a round ball?

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