Finding Justice

When it comes to justice, everyone has their own opinion and ideas of what constitutes this aspect of life. Using the recent criminal case involving Bill Cosby it should be easy to see this point.

A recent article was published over at yahoo which made Phylicia Rashad not the lone outspoken supporter of Mr. Cosby. The article is titled: Carroll Baker says ‘it’s a sin’ Bill Cosby was jailed: ‘I don’t think it was his fault’

The article provides a different perspective on his case the alleged justice he received. There were many fine points made by Ms. Baker that we agree with and one example is the following:

Why would you go into a secluded place with a man? To play pinochle?” she exclaimed. “I’m sure they were all entranced with him.

The Bible tells us in Deut. that we have to make sure we have more than one witness to declare an event criminal and the accused guilty. God has written for all to follow:

On the evidence of twowitnesses or three witnesses, he who is to die shall be put to death; he shall not be put to death on the evidence of one witness. (17:6)


“A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed. (19: 15)

In this day of the so-called New Testament era, many people ignore the Old Testament. It is easy to understand why people get confused about justice and form their own opinions on the topic.

Yet, the Old Testament provides many statements and instructions that help us to define an aspect of life and make understanding what it is easier. Justice is just one of those aspects.

Now some people may claim that Mr. Cosby had over 60 witnesses testifying to his guilt. That may be so but that is not the whole story when it comes to justice. One part of the story had people, whether Christian or not, simply believing the women without facts or evidence presented.

That does not bring justice. It may help a conspiracy get their objective reached but it avoids justice. Remember there were many witnesses at Jesus’ trial and not one of them brought any evidence to support their claims. {No, we are not equating the two people}.

Conspiracies can use two or three witnesses as well as fabricated evidence to imprison someone. This means we still have work to do and must follow God’s leading to get through the confusing maze their argument, and those 60 women, created with their deceit.

Through the efforts of Project Innocence and similar Christian organizations, many women cry rape when none took place. Men are and were imprisoned for a crime they did not commit based solely on a woman’s word.

Getting them out of prison is justice and these women with their false accusations make it very hard for real rape victims to be heard. Then people will point to the earlier fact that there were 60 women making their accusations.

The sheer number of women saying the same thing must make their testimony and accusations true. Not so, as we again point to Jesus’ trial. The sheer number accusing Jesus of a crime did not make him guilty or a sinner.

In Mr. Cosby’s case, the reason 60 women’s accusations do not make them true is that they were not speaking to just one crime. The other 59 were NOT witnesses to any one of the alleged crimes Mr. Cosby was supposedly guilty of committing.

They are 60 witnesses to 60 different supposed crimes and none of these women had any evidence nor other witnesses to back up their stories. There were no police reports filed, no garments saved, no one seeing the event taking place, and so on.

These women had no second or third witness to back up their claims. Mr. Cosby got railroaded because the secular world does not follow God’s rules. They create their own and that results in innocent people getting hurt or imprisoned for crimes they never committed.

There is a reason why hearsay is not allowed in courtroom testimony. It is not real evidence and all those women simply presented hear-say testimonies, not truthful accountings.

True justice cannot follow unbelieving rules. Unbelievers do not have the truth and many times they are not interested in playing fair. The Christian cannot afford to follow the unbeliever and say that 60 women make the crime true.

That would be disobeying God and be too lazy to truly investigate the alleged crime. It also tells the unbelieving world that Christ and the church do not have a better way for them to follow.

As for convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, Baker called the Oscar-winning producer “a maniac” and said he deserves to be behind bars. However, she takes issue with women coming forward about sexual misconduct claims years later.

We are not going to discuss Mr. Weinstein’s case or situation here. It is the last line that was a part of Mr. Cosby’s case that is important. The women accusing him waited 10, 20, 30 years to make their accusations. Some looked like they were just jumping on the bandwagon to get money and attention.

That is why a Christian cannot be lazy when it comes to justice. The testimonies are given for any number of reasons. This takes work. Once you realize the amount of work in getting justice, you can begin to understand why God created different offices in the church.

You should also understand why he did not call every person to those different offices. There is just too much work in them all for one person to manage multiple responsibilities and do the thorough job God wants to be done.

Getting to justice takes time and it needs someone who can handle the duties and opposition to justice. This office in the church is not for the faint of heart, the weak-minded, or the easily scared.

Like teaching, not everyone should strive to occupy this position. There is just too much at stake and the easily corrupted will end up taking justice back to the situation we have now.

We need justice in this world and the only way we will get it is if Christians start to stand up and set the example. Even in their own churches. Those holding this office cannot worry about losing attendance or members. God will supply those.

They need to be concerned that true justice is always meted out even in trivial and lesser important circumstances. Administering true justice is an effective evangelism tool.

Think about that for a moment. God does not always use preaching to draw men and women to him. Sometimes it comes through the hard work of doing every aspect of life correctly. Justice is just one of those aspects that will help build the church.

Finding and administering true justice takes courage. God will provide that if you are willing to fulfill the duties of that office correctly. He will also supply the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you need to execute those duties.

Never leave God out of the picture.


7 thoughts on “Finding Justice

  1. 60 women. Sixty women, 60 women. You can’t just discount that, because no one saw him drug and rape these women.

    You also cannot blame the victim..the 60 victims. They were victims of sexual assault, perpetrated by a powerful man who knew he was unlikely to be challenged or held accountable.

    And there was that civil trial where he admitted to drugging a woman and having sex with her because she wanted it. And he made a deal that he couldn’t be prosecuted with this admission. Hmmmm, sounds like self admitted guilt to me.

    1. One, yes we can discount them as rules are rules and women lie. Two, no one is blaming the victims and they may not all be victims. We are saying they need real evidence, not their word. Three, admitting does not mean it wasn’t consensual.

      You do not have all the facts nor were you there so you cannot say one way or the other.

  2. You also were not there yet judge them to be liars. He has admitted he drugged a woman and had sex with her…is that ok in your world? Is this your go to to sexual play? If there is no consent, it is assault.

    If I walk up to you on the street, kick you hard between the legs, leaving you writhing on the pavement, and no one sees it, have you been assaulter? Apparently not. And if the cops come to my door and ask, is it ok if I say “hey, he wanted it, I could tell by the way he was acting with me”

    1. Sorry, but we are not going to change one word. if you do not like it, too bad. That is the way it is supposed to be. As for your example, I would have the testimony of the doctors who would have cared for me once I went there RIGHT AFTER I was kicked.

      Waiting any length of time would undermine my claim and NOT be evidence.

  3. There was one more comment by Sage but since it was getting into the absurd and trying to find excuses to pervert justice, we did not approve it.

    This world is not going to be perfect and no one is going to be happy with justice as it does not happen as people think. It goes as God thinks and that may not seem fair or right to humans but then the latter are not perfect and do not find true justice without God’s help.

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