Fair and Just

Recently, we sent a contact comment to the owner of the BG website about a man who is not a Christian being caught with child porn. We did it tongue in cheek and you can guess what type of response we got. Another attack post by that owner.

He is right in one thing, we do not like his black collar series but not for the reasons he thinks. We do not like it for many reasons and two of them are, it is not being fair or just. That owner ignores all the unbelievers and atheists who are caught, tried, and convicted for the same crimes.

FOX news just had another story today on another unbeliever caught with child porn on his computer. This time it is a Mayor of a city. Yet, not a peep out of that owner. All he is doing is spreading hatred among his readers and stoking the flames of hatred in those who already have a problem with the Church and Christ.

Here are the definitions for both the term fair and the term just:

#1 fair- treating someone in a way that is right or reasonable, or treating a group of peopleequally and not allowingpersonalopinions to influenceyourjudgment:(source)

#2. just- acting or being in conformity with what is morally upright or good (source)

Christians have to do both to be able to make an impact for Christ. But this is not the end of the hypocrisy and injustice carried out by the owners of the BG and MM websites, as well as other unbelieving websites.

The same FOX News that held that previous story also had this story:

Graphic drag show for babies featuring nearly naked men, bondage, outrages Twitter

“CABABABARAVE,” a  UK cabaret company that puts on drag shows for babies and their parents was blasted on social media after clips of graphic performances from the events went viral.

Men dressed in thongs and bondage gear are seen twerking, doing the splits and dancing provocatively in video clips shared on Twitter and by the company’s Instagram account.

Promotional material for Caba Baba Rave describes their shows as “an exciting new event for parents and their babies! A little slice of afternoon delight that provides show-stopping cabaret interspersed with captivating baby sensory moments.. ending in a RAVE.”

The company said it was formed by two mothers who “were constantly looking to be entertained whilst holding a baby in one hand and a pint in the other.” (source)

There have been other similar stories about drag shows in schools, and so on. Yet not one peep from either owner about how bad, immoral, or wrong these actions are. Instead, they would rather target Christians as that is the group of people, as well as Christ, that they hate.

This is another reason God told us to never follow in the counsel of the ungodly. They do not have fairness or just behavior in their thinking. Look at all the CRT, equity, BLM  re-education going on today. None of those and anything similar is of God nor are they just and fair.

Those training and subsequent behavior are more like Robin Hood. Taking from one person and giving it to another. To be honest, while Robin Hood is championed because he gave what he stole to the poor, he is still a thief, a criminal, and needed to be tried for his crimes.

In the biblical world, Robin Hood is an unrepentant sinner in need of a savior. He is not someone to be honored or praised but told to repent of his sins. Yet, the unbeliever holds him up as a model of just and fair behavior. If he was distributing his own wealth, that would be one thing but he wasn’t.

The unbelieving world makes up its own rules, one that allows them to feel good while doing something wrong. They won’t follow Christ’s rules and ways because that would mean they would lose wealth, power and control.

When Zachias repented of his sins and came to Christ, he was not forced to say what he said or do what he planned to do. Those words and actions came of his own volition. He also did not use taxpayer money to restore what he took from others. He used his own money.

Being just and fair is not easy. One does not get wealthy by practicing those principles. It also means not going out of your way to viciously and erroneously attack those who disagree with you.

Another reason we do not like the black collar series over at that website is that it is unneeded. It does nothing constructive for society nor does it help redeem those men who failed in their Christian lives, if they were Christians at all.

All it does, as we said earlier, is influence others to hate Christ, pastors, and the church, and turning people to hate is wrong. It is not fair to those men highlighted and the series does not have people being just or fair towards them. In fact, it helps stoke the misguided guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality that many unbelievers endorse.

It is also redundant as the local papers will carry the same stories and his series is just wasting everyone’s time. When the Christian sees those stories they need to ask God how to reach those men so that Christ can redeem them.

Jesus went after the 1 lost sheep and these men in that series are that 1 lost sheep. They are not to be condemned nor judged but reached out to like Jesus reached out to Zachias. While we will not always see redemption, it is still our duty to be honest in our efforts and try.

We never stop trying til Christ comes or says it is a lost cause.

{we would link to the article we talked about but it is so filled with lies and eisegetical comments that it is nothing but trash}

P.S. The owner of the BG website posted a response to this article as well. It is not worth reading or responding to as it is nothing but junk. Just a diatribe of self-justification and nonsense.

He has no right to accuse anyone of hatred as he spreads it further than anyone he accuses.