I Hate People

The title here is the title used by the owner of Meerkat Musing. he is always telling me how he wants the world to be, yet he cannot produce what is needed to get people to change.

His whole post is very concise and simple and it goes like this:

People are annoying, difficult and confusing. They create problems, sometimes by existing.

If we were to take him literally, we would say that he would support any extermination camps like the ones Hitler employed during his reign as dictator. But we don’t.

Instead, he is just vocalizing the frustration everyone feels, especially married couples, when things go off-kilter at times. While Christians could be lumped into his generalization, it is highly doubtful that Christians are the source of his main problems.

Most likely, he is looking in a mirror and reacting to people who are just like him. Wanting everyone else to change to their way of thinking and acting. Instead of changing his view of people and how he treats them, he wants to dictate to others how they should live.

We know this because he has told us many times how he wants the people of the world to act. He says those ideas after he rejects changing to Jesus’s ways. He does not want to humble himself and change.

He, like so many others, want to be the boss and force their faulty ideas and morals on the rest of the world. He is not alone in that way of thinking and you can come up with a lot more examples if you try.

The funny thing is, these people will reject the only true way to get people to change for the better. They reject Christ and his teachings because Jesus doesn’t think like them and does not teach people what they want others to do.

Jesus teaches everyone the right way to live and then leaves it up to free choice. No one twists anyone else’s arm to force them to follow Jesus. That is called freedom, something so many groups of people hate.

But if you want a better world, then instead of hating people and wanting them to change. One should examine Jesus’ teaching honestly and then let Jesus change them

That is the only way to learn how to love people even when they are annoying, difficult, confusing and create problems. Once you change, then maybe you will see a big change in others.