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10 Feb

#1. A Very Good Article

Nova Scotia Shipwreck Suggests that the Romans were Actually First to Visit North America

Not sure if you can connect to the article or not so I gave you the title here to solve any inconvenience. I have known for years about Roman shipwrecks in the western hemisphere so this is not news but it is interesting. While I do not agree that the Romans were the first to discover North or South America, The Minoans or Phoenicians or some other group probably beat them to it, these shipwrecks do show that the ancients were not some timid group who were afraid of the water and who sailed close to the Med. Sea’s shores.

It is a very well-written article and worth the time to read.

#2. Keeping Them In Their Sin

Andrew Cuomo, a homosexual rights advocate who has lived with his girlfriend Sandra Lee since 2005, called the practice known as conversion therapy “hateful” and decried efforts to change youth from “being who they are.”

When I read words like this I see that the unchurched world is doing everything in its power to keep certain people in their sins, While I am not a fan of ‘conversion therapy’ simply because I am not sure of all the details of how it works the government should be wiser than this. Homosexuality is ‘not who they are’. It is a choice to become something other than what God made them.

Homosexuality is a perversion not a natural sexual preference and it should not be treated as a natural sexual preference. But one reason ‘conversion therapy’ does not work is that it does not recognize the fact that God gives some people over to their sins and after that happens we do not know if they can be saved from that decision.

When people create these therapies they really should work with God and fully understand what is involved in the issue they are trying to overturn.

#3. Battling Anointed Politicians

Copeland and other word of faith preachers, such as Jerry Saville and Keith Moore, laid hands on Cruz and prayed for strength and boldness for the preacher. Copeland’s son-in-law George Pearsons then prayed that prophesies of a “new birth” of the nation would come to pass, where prayer would return to schools and abortion abolished.

First Hillary Clinton, now Ted Cruz. It doesn’t get better than this and Hollywood soap opera writers could not produce a better t.v. script. I will let the late night talk show hosts make the jokes but I am having a very good chuckle over the circus that is called the American political primaries. My only questions are: How low will they go and what will they do next to ensure their victory? Inquiring minds want to know.

#4. Too Many Too Mention Here

There are some very encouraging mission stories at that link. Read them to lift your spirits and be encouraged in your faith.

#5. Power Goes To Their Heads

he president of Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland on Monday fired two faculty members without any faculty review of his action or advance notice. One was a tenured professor who had recently criticized some of the president’s policies. The other was the adviser to the student newspaper that revealed the president recently told faculty members concerned about his retention plans that they needed to change the way they view struggling students. “This is hard for you because you think of the students as cuddly bunnies, but you can’t. You just have to drown the bunnies … put a Glock to their heads,” the president said.

Many believe a third faculty member may also be fired, as he also has criticized the president’s policies. Administrators were seen trying to find that faculty member today for an urgent meeting, which is how the two who were fired were dismissed. It is unclear whether they were able to locate the third faculty member

It doesn’t matter if it is a school or a church, power should never go to the heads of those who are placed in charge. If there is any characteristic that should rise, it is complete humbleness because God deemed a person worthy to lead his people.

#6. A Little Over The Top

A Southern Baptist Convention seminary is giving away guns and an African safari to lure hunting enthusiasts to an outreach event open only to men and boys.

Door prizes to the Feb. 20 Men’s Game Banquet on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, include rifles and shotguns from Winchester, Savage, Benelli, Henry, Remington and Marlin and a Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun signed by presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

I think people really need to stop and learn what it really means to follow the Holy Spirit.



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