“We Will Follow the Science”

Those are the words written by World Athletics in an article over at the Christian Post. The title of the article isWorld Athletics considering stricter rules for biological men competing as womenThat phrase is written in the following paragraph:

“As we have always said all regulations are subject to review at any time,” World Athletics wrote in a Tuesday statement to The Christian Post. “In terms of including our female eligibility regulations, we will follow the science and the decade and more of the research we have in this area in order to protect the female category, maintain fairness in our competitions and remain as inclusive as possible.”

But that is the unbelieving world’s way of living. it has allowed science and scientists to gain authority it and they should not have. Many or almost all, unbelievers seem to live by the word of science. Their go-to defense is ‘that is not scientific’ or something similar.

They believe that if science can’t prove it, then it did not happen. That is a wrong position to take as science is subjective, does not come up with the truth, and is always changing but not for the better. Scientists just exchange one explanation with another whether either explanation is true or not.

That is not a very good system to live by and the Christian is NOT to live by the word of science or scientists. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 4 the following words:

4 But He answered and said, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’”

Many people have lost their Christian faith simply by disobeying this one verse. Instead of living by the word of God, they listened to and lived by the words of those who are deceived, blind, and lost.

They take scientists’ and unbelieving Bible scholars’ words over God’s word and then chuck their faith because their professors told them the Bible is not true or something similar.If you are wondering where the words are that came from God’s mouth, they are in the Bible NOT science.

There is no such thing as the book of nature. That is the one that says our origins came from an alternative to Genesis 1 and 2. We have a book of nature but it is only describing the results of what God did during creation.

When you look at the last line in that quoted verse you will see the word ‘every’. The word is defined as:

used when referring to all the members of a group of three or more: (source)

The Bible is certainly more than 3 words. What that word ‘every’ is telling you is that from Genesis to Revelation every word of the Bible came from the mouth of God. It did not come from the human writers God used but from God himself.

That means that the believer is to live by Genesis 1 all the way to Revelation 22. Those are the words that God has spoken to us. Those are the words we are to live by not what unbelieving science or scientists say but by what God told us in his divine book.

This also removes the option of living by interpretation. As Peter has told us, the word of God is not by private interpretation. We are to find the truth of what God is saying and live by that truth.

We have often asked people who choose science over God’s word, to quote the passage of scripture where it says both God and Jesus gave permission to take science over their word. So far no one has provided that passage of scripture.

As you can see by Matthew 4 above, we are NOT to live by science’s word over God’s word but vice versa. It does not matter what science has discovered, it is still not an authority over God’s word. If it disagrees with the bible, then it is wrong or something was done wrong.

This one verse should put an end to many debates on controversial topics. Private interpretation is not allowed with scriptures. That is one of the reasons why we have over 40,000 ‘Christian’ denominations.

They do not live by every word that comes from God’s mouth. Instead, they live by their own private interpretation or the words of unbelievers. It is time to change and get back to the truth of the Bible and get rid of all alternatives to what God has told us in the Bible.

We are to live by the words of God while we can still do science, archaeology, and study other fields of interest, those are mere tools and have no authority over God or his words. if you want to live for eternity with God, then live correctly by his words.