The Rise of Drag Queens, II

When people do not accept sin as God defines it, instead of addressing their sins, they attack the messenger. As if these attacks will change the message God has sent to the world. It won’t, and while unbelievers cannot bully God, they do their best to attack, bully, and insult the messenger sent to provide the truth to the world.

We knew one of the two owners of the 2 websites we use for examples was going to provide a response and we did not have to wait long.

#1. …ssen is a certified homophobe

The term ‘phobe’ used in the manner it is in that sentence comes from the Greek word Phobos. This word means ‘fearing’. Well, as far as I know, no one is fearing any LGBTQ preference, especially us.

Telling the truth to someone and stating that their preference is wrong is not fearing any LGBTQ preference. It is informing them of their perilous position in life not quaking in one’s boots that the LGBTQ preference will take over the world and force everyone to pick one of those preferences.

Nor is it fearing that the ones wanting tolerance who have become the most intolerant people around will try to do some physical harm to anyone. Presenting the truth to an LGBTQ community member has nothing to do with fear.

It does have everything to do with love and not wanting them to go to hell. Love does not keep people in their sins. Love tries to get sinners out of sin so that they can enjoy eternal life with God.

Allowing LGBTQ members to hold onto their sins and continue practicing them, is not love. It is hatred. If those people who were declared homophobes were really afraid of the LGBTQ community, then they would not do anything but sit back and watch them destroy themselves.

Jesus said, he came to save those who are sick and lost, Jesus did not let anyone remain in their sins if they wanted eternal life with him. They had to repent and follow him if they wanted to make it to heaven. The thief on the cross gave up all his sins, why can’t the LGBTQ community members do the same?

#2. Such people say they believe in salvation by grace, but when it comes to gay people, transgender people, drag queens, and the like, all of a sudden, salvation by grace is abandoned. 

It is the same story here. Salvation is by faith through grace lest any should boast. In other words, one still has to repent of their sins, give up all of their sins to receive the grace of God, and be saved.

If you remember Ananias and Sapphira, they lied to the Holy Spirit and paid dearly for it. If you are trying to hang onto some sin yet saying to Jesus you are repenting of your sins, then you are lying to the Holy Spirit and will pay dearly for those lies.

When it comes to drag queens, and LGBTQ members, the rules are the same for them as it is for everyone else. All sins must be repented from to be saved. This is a great example of why we write to believers only.

Unbelievers do not understand the words of God and distort everything a Christian says. They do not have the truth nor are the unbelievers the light unto the world. Do not expect them to comprehend what you are writing just as the Ethiopian in Acts did not understand the scriptures and God sent Phillip to him to explain it all.

Instead of mouthing off like unbelievers tend to do, they should ask clarifying questions so that they will understand and see the difference between truth and error. The unbeliever thinks they have great clarity, rational and logical thinking but that is a mistake.

What they have is deception clouding their minds blocking the truth from getting through. They cannot see the forest for the trees.

#3. …adds terms to the gospel, terms that are not found in the Bible. 

No such thing was done. If you go to that website and read that post, you will notice that the author did not mention one term that was added to the gospel. We may have clarified certain things so that there is no misunderstanding but nothing was added to the gospel.

Many specific terms may not be in the Bible exactly as the unbeliever wants. The Bible is written God’s way and it is up to humans to lean on the Spirit of Truth to get the truth even though certain terms are worded in different ways.

#4. This reveals that what is really going on here is bigotry, not concern over the spiritual welfare of LGBTQ people and drag queens

This is nothing but a lie. No bigotry took place as the post in question is for everyone. Just because drag queens were the focal point of the topic does not mean they are being excluded or given more requirements to gain salvation.

The post was letting them know that they cannot hang onto any of their sins if they want to be saved. Those words do show concern over the spiritual welfare of the LGBTQ community and drag queens. Again, love does not leave people in their sins.

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, John Macarthur, and other top preachers provide a lot more detail in their sermons and books. They are not adding anything to the gospel but merely providing the extra details so that everyone understands what God is saying to the world.

#5. Either … has latent homosexual desires he is rebelling against, or he finds LGBTQ people sickening and revolting. Unable to just let people live, he condemns them using a bigot turd covered in a golden patina of religious verbiage. 

That author cannot miss an opportunity to insult and speak more lies. People are free to live their lives because God has given them free choice. We have just made the information available and those people still in their sins get to make their own choice.

14 How then are they to call on Him in whom they have not believed? How are they to believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher? (Romans 10)

It is not a matter of letting the LGBTQ community and drag queens live their lives. They can do that without any problem. We are not leading an inquisition. However, how can they know they are in error and in need of a Savior if someone does not tell them?

They have been told and now they must make a choice, give up their sins or not. Each path has a final destination, one which no one wants but refuses to detour from and one that everyone wants but is too scared, etc., to do what it takes to get to be saved.

It is their choice, their responsibility. Only they can choose for themselves and no one is going to force them to make the choice. It is all on them.