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We have been busy the past few days and have not had time to get to this website. To catch up, here are a few comments on different topics, some are points to ponder

#1. Wyoming becomes 19th state to ban boys from competing in girls’ sports

We are glad more and more states are taking this type of action but what we really want to point out is one brief comment made by the governor of the state:

he insisted in a letter that the law “is overly draconian … and pays little attention to fundamental principles of equality.”

We put the most important words in bold to illustrate our point- How can you have ‘fundamentals of equality’ when those exact fundamentals create inequality?

This so-called drive for equality and equity does nothing but create more inequality and denies equity.

#2. Monday Grind: Are you really an Atheist…or just “A-Christian-ist”?

We will quote the whole blog in a minute but we want to point out something that really should get your mind going. It is an interesting observation: We have to do a little editing to make the point really clear

Most atheists…aren’t really Atheists as much as “A-Christian-ists”

{The whole sentence goes like this- Most atheists who comment on my blog or on other well meaning Christian blogs on WP aren’t really Atheists as much as “A-Christian-ists”. We didn’t change anything just took out extraneous words}

He does make a great point. Most atheists we know do not spend the time criticizing other religions as they do Christianity. We forget who mentioned it, maybe it was Mr. Zacharias, but it has been pointed out that Dr. Dawkins does not attack Islam like he attacks Christianity.

From our recollections, the majority of all atheists we run into only attack the Bible, Christianity, Jesus, and God. They do not insult any god of any other religion. Here is the rest of the post:

I’ve noticed a trend on WP blogs and in certain WP Bloggers. People who claim to be atheists, but seem to only confront and counter and bash Christians and Christian posts. Their articles are “against God or gods” but seem to only have the Biblical/JudeoChristian God in their conception of the God they’re against.

They don’t argue with or post about Hindus or Buddhists. They don’t create articles bashing or debunking the Upanishads or the Vedas. Their invective and spite is aimed only at Monotheistic concepts of the divine when there are so many other flavors to choose from.

I guess it could be chalked up to what they grew up with and denounced personally, but why would you call it Atheism if it’s really Anti-Christianism? Let’s be honest here…

{The first line we quoted goes at the end of thiis quote}

Just one minor detail we would like to mention to the owner of the website we just quoted. he says in his about me page the following words- “My name is Barabbas, the one set free by Christ.” Jesus did not set Barabbas free. Pilate did that to appease the Jewish religious leaders who cried out his name when given a choice between Jesus and Barabbas.

#3. False Accusations, P4- MM website

We get tired of this guy and his website. I doubt we ever met a person like him as he does back flips to make himself look innocent when he is one of the worst offenders. This latest post is no exception. But the words we are concerned about here are:

From a legal standpoint, it is often difficult to prove wrongdoing. So, we generally don’t take someone to court without good reason and evidence

Why would you take them to court? If our website is so bad as he and the owner of BG website have claimed and that no one reads our content, why would they be worried about what we said? We do not libel them in any way nor do we slander them.

Those activities are their strategy and we know they have done so as well as stolen copyrighted material and altered it. We do not sue nor do we threaten to sue anyone. What is the point? It is a waste of time and money even though he continues to slander us by saying we lie and misrepresent

On several occasions, David has misrepresented evidence, which is a form of dishonesty. In discussions on abortion rates, he has repeatedly omitted links to evidence showing that abortion decrease when abortion is legal.

What he doesn’t know is that we wrote a book on abortion too many years ago. We know that statement is not true and we documented that fact. If the abortion rate goes down, he cannot prove it was due to making abortion legal.

It could be due to the fact that there were fewer women seeking an abortion that year. Or more women left their child bearing years than entering them. The real misrepresentation is made by the owner of that website as he is the one who leaves out facts to ensure that his point looks true when all he is doing is misrepresenting the reality by omitting other factors.

This is why we got tired of talking with him and refused to continue answering his false statements. he does not discuss honestly nor does he present facts as he claims. he has written 4 posts with those titles and every time, he tries to make himself look innocent and blameless, but he is worse than those he accuses.

#4. Bible college fires theologian for tweet against homosexuality, threatens to report as terrorist: lawyers

While there is a lot to discuss in that article, we will limit our comments to one key sentence:

Edwards’ tweets reportedly caused “distress” among members of the Methodist Church in Britain, with one senior staff member saying they “could be extremely damaging” and “impact the college’s core work” and “business plan,”

We have read similar comments by others n reference to how the LGBTQ community feels by being labeled as sinners, wrong, perverted, not Christian, and so on. We do not care if the truth causes distress at any level.

One, the Methodist Church should not be using a business plan for its operation. Two, how can the truth be damaging? If that causes distress, so be it. If the LGBTQ community feels distressed about being told the truth, so be it.

They need to be distressed so that they re-think their views and hopefully change their lives around and truly follow Christ. Jesus did not support sin nor did he keep people in their sins. Nor should we.

We must continually speak the truth even if LGBTQ people get ‘offended’. They have become far worse bullies and more intolerant than the people they have accused over the years and they need to be woken up and honestly analyze their life’s position.

Nowhere in the Bible is LGBTQ preferences been accepted by God or Jesus nor are they supported. They are not Christian till they give up all of their sins and all of their alternative preferences. Those that support the LGBTQ community need to stop as they are supporting and encouraging sin.

They are also the ones that will be under the woe that Isaiah wrote about when he warned everyone about calling evil good, etc The LGTBQ preferences are evil, wrong, and abnormal. But remember to tell them this news with true Christian love.

#5. The best sermon we have heard on Worship Music

This is a YouTube video and you have to click on the title to get to the video.