Sometimes the Answer is Simple

There are people who look for deep spiritual or philosophical answers to justify their existence. However, sometimes the answers to those questions everyone has asked at some point in their lives, are very simple and common sense.

Here are the questions that many people ask:

#1. Where did I come from?

This question can be often asked by orphans or adoptees. They have no idea who their parents are or what their heritage is. The answer to this question depends on how well the questioner is at doing research and if the information is readily available.

Many people want to have a deeper answer here and we could say that everyone comes from God since he created the reproductive system. But that may be too glib for some people. Ultimately, God is your source of existence, but where you came from depends on who your parents were and where they were born.

#2. Who am I?

The answer to this question is derived from other questions you can ask to discover things about yourself. Those questions can include but may not be limited to: What are my motivations, Who are my friends, What are my values, What do I want out of life, What does my identity mean to me, What do I want out of life, What am I good at, What are my passions?

Or you can look at the Bible and get better answers. You are a creation of God and that will mean something as well.

#3. Why am I here?

Not to be glib or mocking, but you are here because either your parents decided they wanted another or a first child. Or your parents were not following romantic protocols and you were accidentally created.

Neither situations diminish who you are or your status in life Because if your parents did not want you, both God and Jesus do. You are a wanted person in the best sort of sense of that phrase.

How should I live?

The answer to this question is found in the Bible. Once you understand what God is saying by his many commands and instructions, and follow them correctly, then you know how to live in every situation.

The Bible is not something you turn on and off like a water faucet. Its instructions apply to all areas of life no matter how trivial or major. You have a great guide with the Bible and it helps you live a better life than you would if you ignored its content.

Where am I going?

This can be answered in two parts. The first part career and family-wise, what do you like to do? Is it feasible and can you support yourself and your family with that choice of job or career?

You do have some amount of freedom to choose what you would like to do, what you will pursue, and how important it is to you The second part will upset many unbelievers. For your eternal destination, it is either heaven or hell.

It all depends on if you accept Christ as your savior or not. There is no third location. Even if you deny this fact, your destination only changes if you accept Christ as your savior.

You do not need a host of theological degrees to answer these questions. You just need to be honest with yourself. Some of the answers can change and guess what, the answers are the same for believers and unbelievers.


We saw a comment made over at another website and it goes like this– “There are no atheist churches, mosques, or synagogues.” we can’t link to it because we are using a VPN right now.

It would behoove the owner of that website to do some research before he answers though. it took about 2 seconds to find these two links. We will only link to two of the results to give you the evidence that the statement quoted above is wrong.

Link #1

Link #2

The second link is from 2013 and most of the examples are dated to that year as well. We found another one from 2017 but the Seattle link is from 2023. There are atheist churches around.