More on Infallibility & Inerrancy 2

There are still subsections in this topic to talk about. In the book The Battle for the Bible, we read the following words:

The problem is compounded by the students in these institutions too. They come for instruction without sufficient background or training, having been raised often in evangelical churches that have not provided the kind of biblical training they needed. Exposed to non-Christian or anti-Christian teaching in the secular high schools of America, they hit the Christian college campuses illiterate, with a kind of mental grid thatmakes them easy prey to abberrant beliefs.

They are not helped by teacher sin biblical disciplines who either do not believe in an infallible Scripture, or who teach it without passion and ocnviction just because it is part of the institution’s doctrinal commitment. They are given no help from teachers outside the biblical disciplines, either because they have nothing to offer their students since they are theologically deficient, or they are damaged further by attitudes that subject Scripture to the conclusions of the secula rsubjects rather than testing the conclusions of the secular subjects on the basis of what Scripture teaches (page 134)

This is a situation that has gotten worse since this book was written, not better. We are not going to point any fingers at any one position in the church. We could say that most are guilty for failing their charges no matter where they are in the Christian faith.

We could say that the pastor is at fault but he alone is not at fault. He could have been taught a certain way at the Bible school he attended,(or the seminary). It is a vicious circle as we need pastors to sufficiently teach the flock the truth and that the Bible is infallible as well as inerrant.

But like Moses, he cannot teach everyone and God may have him preaching on other important topics in the Sunday services. it would be nice if he could teach the Sunday School teachers at all levels in one class during the week. That way, those Sunday School teachers who did not attend Bible College would get the knowledge they need to properly answer their students’ questions.

But part of the problem lies with the Bible colleges and seminaries as well/ When they let in those professors who do not accept nor believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible then the pastors do not get the knowledge they need to stand firm with God and his word.

Dr. Lindsell provides many examples of this problem in his book, including the one he co-founded, Fuller Seminary. We know that our own alma mater has strayed on this issue as well. Many former academic institutions have strayed from this position over the years and have allowed unbelievers to teach believers about God’s word.

We call them unbelievers because they do not believe God and his word even though they claim to be Christians. But bible colleges and seminaries, as well as their professors are not the sole problems here.

We also have to include the parents who do not teach their kids properly in the home. The command to teach in the OT went to parents and grandparents not professors, priests, and so on. Parents and grandparents have a duty to teach their children.

When you read Deut. chapters 4 and following you will see God giving a direct mandate to them and they are responsible for teaching their children about God, his ways, and his word. As a former educator, we also know that part of this blame lies with the students.

If they do not want to learn then no matter who is teaching them, the student will not learn. It is also the students’ responsibility to aid their learning by doing their own research and pursuing topics that they have questions about.

Some families just do not help their children learn at all, so the student must take the lead and educate themselves or find someone to educate them. But as long as they are going for the truth. We know that many teens seek out others for their education.

It is just unfortunate that that effort is usually after information that is sinful, wrong, and illegal. In all of these cases, each person should be asking God to help them learn what he wants them to learn.

Then they need to be dedicated, disciplined and close their ears to those who wish to deter or end that education. In reality, the fault of this existing problem is with all of those who say they are a Christian and follow God or Jesus.

When you look at Jesus, he never said that the OT was fallible, in error, or wrong at any point. If you are going to follow Jesus, then you need to do the same with the OT and the NT. There is no other way. Read what Peter said when some of the disciples left him:

66 As a result of this many of His disciples left, and would no longer walk with Him. 67 So Jesus said to the twelve, “You do not want to leave also, do you?” 68 Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life. 69 And we have already believed and have come to know that You are the Holy One of God.” (John 6).

Only Jesus has words of eternal life. and Jesus did not undermine any portion of scripture. He said later,  ‘if it were NOT so, I would have told you’ (John 14:2) and Jesus was talking about homes in heaven. But if the OT and other scriptures were in error or not of his Father, do you not think Jesus would have told us before now?

The Bible is infallible and inerrant, there is no doubt about that. When science and other research fields conflict, why is it always the Bible that is to be blamed and found at fault? Why is there not something wrong with the science or research?

Look who is conducting the scientific and other research– unbelievers who have been deceived and blind. How would they know? They do not have the Spirit of Truth helping them find the truth, Christians do though.

Too many Christians at all levels in the church do not follow the Spirit of Truth to the truth. Thus we have the source of our problem for this topic. They do not go for the truth because they are caught up in this ‘we need to interpret’ or ‘that is your interpretation’ mentality concerning the Bible.

They do not want to know the truth, they want to know what they can live with. Or they just do not stop listening to the unbeliever who rejects the truth and keeps the truth out of their work.

We do need a change and it starts at all levels of the church at the same time. We need to get back to the basics of Christianity and those basics start with accepting the fact that the Bible is infallible and inerrant.

Without those, we open up the church and faith to what we have now- perversions in and outside of the church creating confusion in the hearts of unbelievers who do not know whom to believe.

There is only 1 truth and it starts with believing God and Jesus, as well as the Bible, being without errors and sin.