There Was Only One: Ancient Earth Supporters Are Not Always Honest

This will be the final segment in this series and it is only going to focus on 1 statement made on page 29 of the book ‘Grand Canyon: A Monument to an Ancient Earth. This statement is found in a little side-by-side comparison at the bottom of the page. That statement reads:

There is no surviving record of the flood

We wonder how the authors of that book came to that conclusion. Were they expecting ancient scientists to document the flood in a modern scientific manner? Were these records supposed to be found in vast libraries many ancient civilizations had built?

How were they supposed to be written and by whom? These are just some of the questions that are raised when one reads that statement. Besides the Bible, Genesis 6 to 9,  we have, as we documented in our Noah’s Flood book, over 500 ancient flood stories.

Then there is this website that lists all of the flood stories the people behind that website know about. We have more than enough extra-biblical documentation of the flood to know that it was real and global.

In our chapter on the literary evidence for the flood, we discuss this issue in some depth. We also documented other sources that provided real physical evidence for the flood. The sheer number of ancient records proves that there was surviving evidence for Noah’s Flood.

No one puts a local flood in their religious writings. It may get mentioned in the news but is soon forgotten when everyone has recovered from its tragic effects. Then to have over 500 ancient civilizations and societies recording a flood, is more than coincidence and a matter of copying by one nation from another.

The similarities alone add literary proof to the validity of the Biblical flood. Just so you know, there is no other ancient calamity that produced this type of literary response. No, the supporters of ancient and old earth ideas are not honest when it comes to the past.

They ignore the physical and extra-biblical evidence when it suits them. What is without written record is their old earth or ancient earth hypothesis. Not one ancient society documents one thing that these ancient earth supporters claim. Let alone over 500 of them.

As the authors of the Dismantling of the Big Bang stated on pg. 14 of their book, science cannot see into the past. Scientists can only observe how things are today. These scientists do not have a clue how the things they observe came about.

All their theories are mere guesses and not based on observable or verifiable facts. What we have in those flood stories that do verify the biblical flood account are all the similarities between them and Genesis 6-9. (source).

We can verify the flood account unlike those who promote and support ancient earth ideas. In our book, we explain how this came to be. For the ancient earth theories, everything has to be read into what those scientists have claimed to be evidence.

With the Bible, we do not have to read into anything as the information is there waiting to be exegeted out. We just have to be honest enough to listen to the Spirit of Truth to get the correct information.

The problem for the protestant religious ancient earth supporters is not the fact they cannot verify one thing about their model. It is the fact that they are contradicting the God they claim to follow, believe and serve.

They are telling everyone that they do not believe their God and that makes it hard to evangelize anyone. There is no command or instruction found anywhere in the Bible from either God or Jesus to use nature or science to answer the question about our origins.

We do not have to study either because the Bible already tells us about our origins. We have the facts and the truth and the physical evidence backs up the Bible, not science.