Who Died…

We checked the Defending Ravi website and there was a new post there. The name of the website has the link and in that article was some disturbing news:

Big news for you apologists out there, as you’ve all been unionized by Sean McDowell, Mike & Debbie Licona, Paul Copan, and William Lane Craig. Those 5 people have now declared themselves your governing committee. So despite the fact that they are not a church or organization that anyone agreed to submit to, they can now publicly deem people unfit for ministry.

Of course, their first act was to again revisit the Ravi Zacharias issue as well as RZIM. Why they did is answered by their own statement:

The statement, signed by Paul Copan, William Lane Craig, Debbie Licona, Michael Licona, and Sean McDowell, comes after the committee independently investigated and inquired about claims of abuse made against the senior leadership team by former RZIM employees…

…The committee of well-known apologists justified its investigation because of the position RZIM held in the apologetics world. The statement read, “Since no apologetics governing body exists that is responsible for such an inquiry, it was our conviction that as apologists committed to truth and the integrity of the apologetics community and the global church, we are responsible. Therefore, we believe that we had both a spiritual and moral obligation to set up a committee to make an inquiry and follow the evidence wherever it led.” (source)

What is missing here is true leading from God. We have found no place so far that these people were acting under god’s orders or that they had spiritual support from the wide body of Christ to assume those positions.

The funny thing is, they are not responsible as they did not give any orders for any alleged sinful behavior they claim took place at RZIM or by Mr. Zacharias. They are not leaders of any sort except over their own organizations. Those positions do not give them automatic promotions to govern the entire church body or even independent ministries.

This reminds us of when Napolean crowned himself. it did not go well for him in the end (source). We have run into this situation in South Korea as a group of Native English Teachers appointed themselves the head of a ‘union’ and decided to take over the English teaching industry in that country, where it pertains to NETS.

That self-appointment did not end well for that group of people either. Nor do we see this one ending well for those 5 people. It is the height of arrogance to self-appoint oneself to stand in judgment of others. Especially people who died some time ago.

Nor do we see it ending well for the Roy Report which is run by a woman who self-appointed herself to, in her words ‘to restore the church.’ We find none of these actions by the 5 and Ms. Roy of God or biblical in nature or obedience.

Our wish is that Nathaniel Zacharias (Defending Ravi) did not write in such an emotional manner as he left out many details that would have helped process not only his side of the issue but also this ‘council’.

His article was too generic and led to some confusion over what was really taking place. But read his article as it makes some very good points. Our problem is that this gang of 5 with other self-appointed supporters is dangerous and not a move to make in the church.

We wonder who died and left them in charge. It certainly wasn’t God.