Observable Evidence

The words in the title are found on a website we have visited from time to time. The context is as quoted:

When dealing with observable facts, and evidence-driven conclusions, what conclusions should we reach? (source)

Mirriam-Webster defines the term observe as “capable of being observed” In other words, what can be seen. The same dictionary defines the term evidence as “something that furnishes proof”.

Putting the two words together we get something that furnishes proof and can be seen. Unbelievers often use this term ‘observable evidence’ as an escape route to ignore the truth. They say that many acts of the Bible cannot be observed thus it is of no value, myth, legend, and a fairy tale.

But this term presents a problem for the unbeliever. While they in the modern world cannot observe the events recorded in the Bible, they are not supposed to observe them. Those events are done and will not be repeated by the people living at that time.

However, the events in the Bible have been observed and not just by the biblical authors. There are ancient, secular historians who have observed them, and there are unbelieving eye witnesses to the events in the Bible.

Many of those historians recorded what they had observed, and for the most part only the Bible has stayed extant. We have scant extra-biblical records of those events. But that doesn’t mean that they were not observed by unbelievers.

Are the modern unbelievers going to call the ancient unbelievers liars and frauds? They saw what took place and just because most of their works do not survive does not mean those events did not take place.

Are modern unbelievers supposed to be able to see what took place before something is declared observable evidence? We know that many evolutionary scientists declare they have observed evolution in action but since those alleged evolutionary experiments are witnessed by a minute number of people who are not believers, how is it that evolutionary evidence is declared observed evidence?

Fewer people have witnessed those experiments than have witnessed the acts in the Old and the New Testaments. Supporters of evolution would declare that modern scientists published their observations. But then so have the Biblical authors.

But here is the catch. The Biblical miracles that Jesus and his disciples did in the first century are repeated by true believers throughout history. Every century has had observable evidence proving the Bible true. The evolutionary experiments do not have that track record.

They are lucky to have 150+ years of experiments and they still have people who disagree with how the mechanisms of evolution operate. There is no such division with the observable evidence that has taken place in support of the Bible.

Every true Christian knows exactly how those miracles were done and they were witnessed by both unbelievers and believers. We are not talking about the fake faith healers. We are talking about the true miracle workers who do not make a show of it or use it to get rich.

They do it all the time and it is witnessed by whoever wants to see it. The Christian has observable evidence for the existence of God, Jesus, and creation. The question is will they believe it or not?

You see, it is not really about observable evidence but about the unbeliever hiding from the truth. There is more than enough observable evidence to show the Bible is true. It boils down to the fact that unbelievers do not want to humble themselves and be servants of God.

They like their lives as they are and do not want to change. That is the power of deception in their lives. Ex-Christians can whine and moan all they want about Christ not being real but they are just trying to convince themselves that they did not throw their lives away for nothing.

The Bible should be enough evidence for everyone as it fits the dictionary definition of the term ‘evidence’ it furnishes proof of creation, why we are here, and more. Then the true followers of Jesus furnish even more proof through their changed lives, their healing of others, and more.

The proof is in the action, not the experiment. Experiments can be faked, rigged, manipulated, and so on. But the real thing cannot be faked, etc. rigged, and so on. While you find testimonials exposing fraudulent healers, you do not find that with the true ones.

We have observable evidence that can’t be denied. It is just that the unbeliever will change their rules so they can hide from the truth.